Got a girl coming over

So look. I have a girl coming over and I've never even held a girls hand before. She's done a bit more than me. What do I do/how do i keep up

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Relax if you wanna last longer. Anxiety is the thing that will make you bust to early. Other than that make sure she gets a good time before you, so eat her out, there’s a vid of Nina Hartley on x vid talking about how to do it.


Sure bud

Just go with the flow.

Ok, I'll check out the video

Ok. So just let her lead me then?

If you're not comfortable with the leading why not let her set the tempo until you feel like you're comfortable and feel like you know what you're doing.

Ah yeah that does make sense. I'll just follow her lead then.

good idea, just take hints and see where it goes, don't try to force anything. also if she asks dont act like you have more experience than you do because it'll show. most girls would prefer that honesty anyway

Ok. So go with the flow and don't act like I know what I'm doing. Any other advice?

And just have fun and enjoy yourself, don't stress, that's the most important parts.

I'll make sure i enjoy myself. I'll try and stay calm

Also let us know how it goes.

Yep, just relax and don't psyche yourself out too much. plus, don't anticipate that it's going to end in sex because it'll be obvious that you're trying to direct it there. if it does end in sex, great, but just be aware that it might not, and be okay with that. if you try to make a move and she says/shows you that she doesn't want it to go that far, don't let that get to you either

dont fall in love, find a girl with less experience than you for that

I will don't worry

ignore this, being sensitive about a girl having more experience than you is a telltale sign that you're insecure about your own sexual experience (or lack thereof). view the experience with her as whether or not you both enjoy it rather than trying to compete with other guys

why not?

That's the plan. I do also like her in a romantic sense as well

Honestly I'd be happy if we just kissed so I'm not really worried about not banging.

sounds like you have a good attitude going into this, user. best of luck, i'll be rooting for you

Thanks man. I'll try and make a follow up post on /b/ next Sunday and I'll tell everyone how this goes

On what? Youtube?

He says its on x vids

Listen honestly it may seem spergy but if you ever feel super uncertain or like you are gonna mess something up just verbalize it and ask her out loud. Really simply like, Would you like to kiss? Were you thinking about making out? State how you feel. This feels really good doing this with you. How far did you want to go? Etc.

Yeah it does seem spergy but it does make a lot of sense. It'll be awkward but eh its safe

Nina’s vid hartley how to eat pussy
Also look at Johnny sins vids on YouTube about lasting longer.
Tbh anxiety is the thing that stops most people from enjoying sex, the second you start to get tense and feel your tip swell or fizz you need to tell yourself to relax And to breathe, slow down your stroke or just stop in her and wait till you cAlm down,
Good luck brahs

Sins made a video? I'll defo have to check that out. If i'm getting close do you think i should switch it up and do something else to help calm myself down?