Give it to me straight: Why am I an incel? Sure I am awkward but I am successful in other areas of my life

Give it to me straight: Why am I an incel? Sure I am awkward but I am successful in other areas of my life.

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Do you talk to girls?

Probably not enough exposure. I have same problem. Living in a small town, all friends (males and females) in different cities and only occasionally meeting. Don't know how to meet people and all advices are shit.
>just add a random girl on FB
or when I ask where to meet women because I don't really have anywhere to go
>you can meet women everywhere


How many? How often? How is your relationship with them?

Because you chose to be one.

do you talk to women without consideration for them as people, and just see them as a tool to sate your sexual desires?

I met women at work everyday. I usually go to some kind of social gathering (after work or party) twice a month.

Did you have more in-depth conversations with any of them? Ever asked one out somewhere, just you and her?


You can always rape one. Remember, even if she goes to the gym, an average man will be able to overpower her.

Because you can't have sex

If you never bother to do the work and learn the basics you will never be able to play the guitar.

What are the basics and what work are you referring to?

This. I was overweight during my teen years and never fooled around with the girls like the other boys.

Women don't find you sexually attractive, or specifically the women you've met haven't. Idk if you've met "weird" people but you can tell when a guy is weird. It's hard to look at yourself that way but I assume you and I are probably also weird.
You know, like those guys that stare at someone in a weird way. We must be like that.

Lots of weird girls are sexually attractive. So it is different for men?

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Of course it is! Duh!

Fellow incel here so unable to give advice. All I know is that if she's into you and you're into her then it just sort if happens.
You don't have to make the conversation sexual or romantic. If she's into you it's naturally heading that way anyway. All that's left is for someone (usually the man) to make a move.
Unfortunately we never get that opportunity

Is this true though? I thought it was something Hollywood made up.

>but I am successful in other areas of my life.
Sounds unlikely. Unless you count having some wagecuck job you hate as success.

Given how little basic info you gave and expect anons to do the work, add extreme passivity on the list of reasons too.

Weird man can be sexually attractive … if it's the good kind of weird and not the "all I do is jerk off to 2d waifus" weird.

Are you hideous? Are you weird in a bad way?

No and yes.

Women at work have unironically made fun of me for how quiet and shy I am. But I am ignoring the vicious cunts and keep putting myself out there.

You do need to speak when necessary. The best man or woman is the one who speaks only when it's needed.
Being quiet all the time means you won't stand for yourself when due. And that's unattractive because it's not manly.

nope. It's true. If she's into you it's fairly obvious.

More than likely, you're just a bit too shy and need to just take a "leap of faith."

By this I mean, you are going to have to start talking to girls about shit that you might be too afraid to talk about. Get out of your comfort zone and begin socializing intently. Ask a girl to come with you to do something together in a date-like setting, though I wouldn't always call it a date directly unless you've really spent a lot of time with her and you can tell things are developing well enough. Compliment her on her looks. Be playful and flirty (while not taking it too far of course).

Once a relationship with a girl has begun to develop someone (not dating yet, but there is an obvious and attainable and possible future with this girl), don't become too available for them. This means you shouldn't bend over backwards 24/7 for her every need or want, nor should you constantly be asking her to do things with you. Let her do some of the work too. Give her a chance to actually want you.

Hopefully this helped some.

How many women have you asked on date this year? You literally cant have sex (or relationship) as a man unless you innitiate it.

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Hey I am a minority! My SO is my neighbor

You're ugly and it's over for men in 2019.
Go away, Jow Forumseddit


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