Feeling emasculated

Dunno guys, I feel shame and embarrassment that my gf has had more sex than I have in my freaking life. I feel downright emasculated.

Picture unrelated.

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Sex partners I mean....

I feel it user, but make sure you figure it out before too much time has passed, or you’ll poison your relationship.

I feel that it has already poisoned it ...

Am I cretinous for feeling as such?

No, I think it’s a pretty natural feeling. But you gotta decide if it’s a deal-breaker or not, and head firmly down that path. Staying in the middle for too long is what will ruin it in the end.

Don't- it isn't a measure of success by any means. If anything it may be a measure of failure on your girl's part and you should indeed feel weary about being #134 on her list.

But if there were any positives, I suppose she is ridiculous in bed and would make you feel happy. But for some guys, a girl with a long history isn't a girl worth keeping.

go mgtow

I just feel disgusted thinking about it. She has been wonderful to me and absolutely loving but I'm afraid it's a deal breaker....

You have every right to- no self-respecting woman would have that many partners and you really should start considering and pondering your future with her. That many partners is indeed confounding and you may very well suffer the same fate as those other men.

Make sure she doesn't have mental problems or deficiencies because these type of women bombard you with love, affection and attention in the beginning to try and win you over. Once you develops the feels, she'll get rid of you like the others.

The number isn't astronomical. She has had about 3-4 boyfriends and I had only 1 serious gf. Unlike her I treat all my relationships like they would be my last.

But everytime I look at her, despite her love and affection. It feels rotten and I just don't feel comfortable about it.

Then listen to yourself and go with it. Go after life with honesty. If you aren't feeling good about it because of that issue- be honest. Then let her know about your concern. Then break up. Face the consequences of your choices in life and you'll be happier.

Don't let it drag on or pretend it isn't bothering you. You're just wasting time if it's a major issue. But like I mentioned, having that many partners signals mental problems. Make sure she isn't an abuser or a chronic user of men like narcissists or borderline personality disorder women.

I will try to take our relationship back a notch. If she agrees that we should be just friends then I guess she's alright but if she goes beserk then yeah - She's nuts.

You know how easy it is for girls to get sex? How can they not

>I demand sex from my gf and am upset she gave sex to others
Smoothbrains like you should all be killed.
You chose this, OP.

In a row?

What's so wrong about it?

Give her an anger fuck. Consensually wreck her pussy.

Lmao, 3-4 boyfriends? That's what you're worried about?

Well, given my overly conservative background - it is and it does bother me a great deal.

See when you have a set of morals and your partner doesn't, it can be a tad worrying.

You fucking her? And you fucked your ex? You have no morals, you demand sex from women you aren't married to. No virgin deserves you, you've already disrespected yourself, not sure why you think your current gf shouldn't disrespect you too.

I never said I wanted a virgin. It's just that having a too rich history can be a bit too much for my liking.

Are you feeling like less of a man than your gf because she has taken more dicks than you?

She had more dicks than I had pussy. Yeah it does bother me.

Cheat relentlessly. It'll make the relationship stronger.

What the fuck?

>shitty platitudes
OP, you need another partner, as you're clearly incompatible with this one

Its hard just to drop her like that you know...

you seem to be feeling really bad about this which makes this relationship sound pretty doomed to be honest - this feeling isn't going to just vanish in a year or two, you will probably only be able to make peace with this long down the road. You have the choice of continuing with her and repressing this feeling deep down for now, or dumping her.

If you do dump her please realise that the next girl you get with will probably have had more than 3-4 previous boyfriends, that number is kind of low really for the wonder that is the modern woman, unless she is early 20s, i'm assuming she's mid to late 20's here. Personally say you should stick with it, no relationship is perfect and she will probably have her own weird little niggling feelings towards you too

PLOT TWIST: OP has only sexed his current gf, she was with one other guy before, when they had sex once.
>she's had double the partners i have! It's a deal breaker!

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I feel bad about as it should have been me who was more experienced...

Really I am this pathetic but what can I do when it's eating me inside...