What does it mean when my boyfriend sleeps fully clothed in bed?

What does it mean when my boyfriend sleeps fully clothed in bed?

Do other men do this? Most men I know sleep naked or in boxers.

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That he's cold.

Are we talking normal clothed like sleeping shirt/pants or non-so normal clothed with socks and shoes and all? Does he live alone?

The former could be a cultural thing. I grew up in a house only with women (mom and sis), without locks, and anything related to sex or bodies were taboo subjects, so sleeping in boxers felt almost like sleeping naked. Though when I slept at friends or later when I moved out, it was a non issue.

I sleep fully clothed because I’m too lazy to put clothes on right when I wake up, I need coffee first

it doesn't mean much
>Most men I know sleep naked or in boxers.
you mean completely naked, with their junk out? who the fuck does this

I do, in the summer, it can get to 35° Celcius at night.
In the winter I may use boxers and a shirt.
Normally just boxers.
OP, it doesn't mean anything.

I do that it is more comfy

I sleep fully clothed, just don't see a reason to take clothes off unless changing. Shoes when im tired as hell and just pass out for a few days right after getting home.

Used to be in the military, would sleep in my ACUs, which, apparently is super uncomfortable but i don't know what they're talking about. Eventually they tasked me with bringing pajamas next time or i'd be punished. Did feel different, maybe comfy? But then you put your uniform back on and start to notice, hey, this actually isn't comfy lol. So i try to sleep clothed so i don't feel un-comfy later.

Other times i gotta take everything off tho, even rings, hat, socks, necklace, everything, the world has to stop touching me

he's either cold or he's insecure

Men sleeping clothed is not uncommon, to each their own

it doesn't mean anything, and frankly in my own experience it's sexier when a girl grabs your dick and balls by sticking her and inside your shorts

Does it have to mean anything?

I know that I sleep in pajamas, but all it really means is that I enjoy sleeping in pajamas. I guess I never really realized that sleeping in clothes was so perverted, so this actually might really help my dirty-talk game.

It means nothing.

If it's a pajama set or he just passed out after a hard work day that's normal but fully clothed is either peak efficiency or a sign of trauma.

I'm kinda feeling like I need to prepare for this eventuality now. Like buy a tuxedo specifically for sleeping in. Just so women know that they're worth it. Dry cleaning bill is going to be sky friggin high, but that's probably just one of the costs of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Probably was too drunk or tired to get undressed for bed.

As far as i go, i am pyjama master race. Consult with your bf and express your opinion to go buy him pajamas.

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Sounds unhygienic. All the dirt and shit on the clothes from outside will get on the sheets. Tell him to buy pajamas.

>you mean completely naked, with their junk out? who the fuck does this
regular fucking human beings

>35°c and needs to get naked to sleep
Drop your blanket and turn a fan on, Jesus.

I assume you're murrican, I have to admire our military just for their acronyms.

Anyway, if you feel you can't be naked, at night, alone in your own house then you got issues.

Who gives a shit.?? Really.who?

What are you, repressed? Fuck yeah I sleep naked, every night. Try it sometime, it's great. Also from a home security standpoint it's great, if I ever have a burglar during the night it'll be a real shocker when I pop out of the bedroom at full salute with the AR

in my country winter is in like a few months and colds have started from now. so i'd say he's cold.

Are there really people who strip or put on an entirely new setof clothes just to go to bed? I live in a tropical climate too.

If my gf wasted money on pjs for me i think id start an argument

Well, part of it might be that you're tropical. In the "are you sure this ain't arctic?" north, I tend to use pajamas. But location and temperature are just excuses, the fact of the matter is that pajamas are like the uniforms of sleep. Every night I march off to do battle with my dreams, and I want to look sharp when I do that. You should enlist, we're always looking for new recruits!

>Are there really people who strip or put on an entirely new setof clothes just to go to bed?
I do. I have entire pajama sets for different seasons.

I’m unable to sleep naked. It’s uncomfortable and feels wrong.

>he doesn't know the freedom of sleeping completely nude

user if you're not fucking filthy there's nothing to be disgusted about sleeping naked.

Sleeping naked is the best, I dont know how anyone does different. I sleep with a knife in my hand but no clothes. If someone comes in Ill kill them bare ass naked like a Celtic fucking barbarian.

I wish i could be naked all the time desu.

Shirts and pants from the day.

We live together, share a bed, etc

It's harder for my hand to reach in through the waistband of khakis and/or a belt tho :(

Believe me, I do all that and it's not enough

>in the summer, it can get to 35° Celcius at night
do you live in an oven what the hell

>Shirts and pants from the day.
That sounds autistic and not at all normal. Maybe he was molested and forced to dance naked by a group of a kids at a sleepover or something and so now he's a never-nude. T answer your question, no other men don't do this.

>etc all the other naked sleepers
I don't want to get cumstains or piss dribbles or whatever on my sheets or covers, and if something wakes me up in the middle of the night or I gotta use the toilet or something I don't want to be fumbling in the dark half-asleep around for my underwear.

Can you not wash yourself properly, are you still wetting the bed, why would you be getting piss and cum stains?
Also we don't all live with others so we can walk to the bathroom naked.

>Can you not wash yourself properly, are you still wetting the bed
I'm not talking about that. You know exactly what I'm talking about, some days you have a piss and shake and squeeze your dick and then you walk away and sit back down or lay back and then the tiniest of extra drop of pee happens to come out. You're a liar if you're gonna say that's never happened to you once.

>cum stains
Again I'm not talking full blown loads but same thing you get a a bit of post-jizz after-cum that comes out of your dick after you're done jerking off. Especially if you're jerking off in bed before going to sleep.

I may have exaggerated but in my country, summertime, temperature at shadow can arise to 36-38° Celsius. At night, lets say 00:00, it's still at 32-30°, so even completely naked, without blankets and a fan, it's terrible.

This. There's more likely a story for why he's like this particularly...

>in my country,
do you live in Malaysia or something? Get some air conditioning before you die from heat stroke

That's weird, I've only ever seen girls do that.
Does he like sleeping in day clothes or is it just that he doesn't give enough of a shit to take them off?

It must be nice, being congenitally incapable of sweating.

most men sleep in comfy shorts and a t shirt. Either that, or boxers as you said.

No haha, Santiago, Chile.
My country's capital is far from the sea and we have a mountain range that blocks the climatic screen produced by the sea winds. The results are those degrees at summer.
Air conditioning is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and not completely necessary. It can bump my electric bill by 300% easily.

No, wrong, pajamas exist, people do sleep clothed and it's normal.
What would be weird would be to sleep in daytime clothes, like jeans and sweater included.

>Air conditioning is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and not completely necessary. It can bump my electric bill by 300% easily.

Having a computer or driving a car is all of those things as well. I'm not saying you should run it all year round or when it's a degree above room temperature outside but on the days when it's 35 degrees then maybe you should consider running it.

If I'm super tired I'll just pass out on the couch in whatever I'm wearing. Most of the time when I've been out, when I get home I'll jump in the shower, change into clean shorts and a t-shirt, and that's what I'll sleep in.

>Having a computer or driving a car is all of those things as well.
You are completely right, that's why I use them exceptionally (computer being the less exceptional ofc). But I can manage with a fan, I can stand a little discomfort, I would feel worst if I used AC.

I thought she deadass said he goes to bed in the shirt and pants or whatever he wore that day
Like this isn't just rewearing pj pants or something, or like shorts to bed in lieu of pyjamas, this is someone wearing their daytime clothes straight to bed unless I'm retarded and can't read.

Sorry, you are correct, it was me who should have read better.

When I worked a lot i would often go to bed in my clothes so i could just jump out of bed and out the door before my brain spiraled into depression and my mouth ate a gun. And sometimes i would just pass out with my clothes on.
Other than that, naked.

No sweat hoss, it's an odd situation. It's one of those suspiciously specific things. I'd consider for OP to sit down in a nonthreatening situation to ask what's up with this and get it from his mouth personally.

I don't even have pyjamas. I just sleep in normal clothes every night.

I do that (unless the clothes are filthy of course)