I'm a confused nibba

I'm a confused nibba.
I find it fucking hard to determine whether the things I proclaim to believe about the world are genuine beliefs of mine or just something I tell myself because it fits well into a certain lifestyle of mine or it's edgy and controversial and makes me look esoteric or what not.

This terrifies me. It's not the epistemological question of "how do I know that I know things" but rather "how do I know that I actually hold the things I tell myself I believe to be true?"

I can't look into my interior life and see if I actually assent to the propositions I claim to hold true.

How do I get over this existential crisis. It's freaking me out.

Beliefs include: religion (Christianity) and politics (right wing)

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You don’t know if you live via those tenets until they’re tested. Religion: do you follow whatever rules you’re supposed to? Do you really prioritize religious teaching over other schools of thought?

Politics: What do you identify with about being right wing? Overall lifestyle beliefs? Certain topics? Either get checked naturally or have a debate with yourself and explore whatever ideas you have.

If you mean how do you know if what you believe is actually worthwhile/smart/correct the answer is you don’t and being confident about your choice regardless of the fact it isn’t “objectively” truthful because otherwise you go crazy.

Actions, nigga. Ideally in stress situations when the choice is between something easy and something you supposedly belive in. Your beliefs don't mean shit when you don't act on them. And if you act on them, the stuff becomes what's real. Your reason wouldn't make them any less real.

Say you genuinely believe that cheating is wrong but then cheat and make excuses like "I was drunk/my wife didn't fuck me for two decades/it wasn't really cheating, I didn't even cum"; does it matter if one could somehow determine that you indeed 100% believe that cheating is wrong?

On the other hand, if it's something you just tell yourself to feel like a good person/Christian but still never cheat despite plenty of opportunities, would it matter that your reasoning wasn't pure?

I knew from the second line of your post before even skimming the rest that you would be some right-wing conservative teeny bopper.

Recognise that you are humiliating yourself by pursuing this path. You are a caricature. You're an alt-right, probably racist, probably misogynistic nerd who browses Jow Forums, and I bet you watch anime and play video games too. Everything about you is like it was constructed from a character preset. You are not an individual, you are a cookie cutter human. You have no original thoughts beyond what the internet told you to believe.

>everyone who doesn't have the set of beliefs which have been the socially acceptable default in Western countries for just the past 50 years is a cookie-cutter human with no original thoughts
>be an individual and think only what we want you to
Leftists are truly civilizational parasites. Kill yourself, dipshit.

Not him and don't really disagree with you but the post seems pointless without offering help HOW to see it for himself. The question in OP was pretty good, it'd be a shame to kill the thread for political dick waving.

You really don't have any self-awareness do you?

Please, enlighten me and say how disagreement with you must only come from "shallow ignorance".
In the meantime, take your unmerited smugness and shove it up your ass.

You totally missed the point if you interpreted my post as disagreeing with OP because I am left wing (I'm not a leftist)

What really is worrying is the high proportion of young socially maladjusted men who are developing their personal beliefs because of shit they have picked up from Jow Forums memes and board cultures. I can attempt to convince OP all I want of why it is wrong for him to do this and why he should try to broaden his horizons and engage with real world ideas, literature, philosophy, but chances are he will accuse me (as has) of being "a leftist cuck" simply because I criticised him.

If OP responds and has some willingness to change, I'm happy to help.

My point was more about
>why it is wrong for him to do this
Not being a good approach. And how the focus should be more on the HOW to broaden his horizons. And well, obviously mentioning his politics the way you did (whatever your own beliefs are) is suboptimal for genuine engagement and more likely than not attract brainlets like .

>Implying my sole or even primary source of information is Jow Forums
>Implying that a source of information invalidates conclusions drawn from said information

I also don't care what you call yourself, it's clear from what you espouse that you're firmly in the leftist camp of morality (or lack thereof). Your mannerisms are also distinctively leftist, in that you have a smug self-assurance of your own enlightenment contrasted with your opponent's supposed ineptitude. The other guy is doing the same thing, and from his posts he's also heavily implying he considers himself a leftist.

you assume this person had any interest in helping or changing the person they replied to

>Christian beliefs
>Right wing
One of the most toxic dehumanizing ways of seeing the world.
I recommend watching the conservative videos of Steven Bonnell (Destiny on twitch).
That's how i changed my political leaning.

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You're too far gone than even I thought. There is no saving someone like you. You need to go through some traumatic life events if you are ever going to grow up and start engaging with the real world.

>The other guy is doing the same thing, and from his posts he's also heavily implying he considers himself a leftist.
The other guy was slightly on your side, if not maybe just neutral in this argument. I can tell you have a tendency towards conspiracy theories, particularly ones involving blaming others for conspiring against you or plotting your downfall.

>a smug self-assurance of your own enlightenment contrasted with your opponent's supposed ineptitude. The other guy is doing the same thing
It's hard not to appear that way to insecure people when you're content with where you are and what you do and see people who are sperging out about stuff, mate. It's not really about politics either. I've seen tankies, centrists and hardcore nazis (not the pathetic nu Jow Forums tourists) who are comfy with who they are because they did actual self-reflection and choose their beliefs, they don't get panic attacks when someone said something negative about these because they aren't silly memers like you.

>Too far gone
From what? There's clearly a chasm between us in terms of beliefs, but how does that in and of itself say anything about how grounded either of us are?

>The other guy was slightly on your side
Absolutely not. He may not have been in it to "convert" OP like you are, but he still agrees with the sentiments behind your proselytizing.

>you're conspiratorial, you must blame others for your "failings"
Now where did I say that? You can paint a caricature of me all you like, but it won't be accurate and it certainly won't help you understand anything here.
I've heard this line innumerable times, and far from being based on observation as most would like to believe, it's just a convenient way to dismiss another viewpoint as unworthy of consideration. If you want to talk about "cookie-cutter humans", stuff like that is a pretty good example of mindless parroting of other's thoughts.

Oh, please. You came into this thread to call OP a child, a caricature, a character preset, and a non-individual with no original thoughts--and precisely because he said he was right-wing. That's not just self-assurance of whatever it is you believe, it's domineering arrogance. Don't pretend otherwise.

>You came into this thread to call OP a [...]
Yeah, no. Agreeing with the guy who did it was only my second post. Jumping to conclusions despite limited information … isn't helping your case. Specifically when I fucking disagreed with the guy about mentioning the politics, since these aren't the issue but HOW he got to these. OP himself is questioning whether he is full of shit, which is always a good thing thing do. Give it a try.

Christianity is an immigrant religion based on Judaism. If you are European it is no surprise that it feels alien to you. The "left vs. right" divide is controlled opposition. They are both degenerate, domesticated, Earth-killing retards.

>implying Jesus wasn't a red blooded American

>Agreeing with the guy who did it was only my second post
My bad, you're both "anonymous" and it's not exactly easy to tell you apart when you hold roughly the same positions.

You actually seemed to care about answering OP's question, though, which is why I was focusing on the other guy to begin with.

Brains are fucking weird. You should go read about cognitive biases. Confirmation bias, Focalism bias, Framing effect, Loss aversion, Negativity bias, fuck just read a bunch from wikipedia's list of cognitive biases.

When you're done studying this stuff:
Accept that your human brain isn't a perfect logic&fact machine, and it never will be.
The universe doesn't give a shit about your human experience. It just is what it is.
Humans brains always build their own internal realities, and it's always debatable how much it matches actual reality.

Your human experience is whatever you make it