Where to find casual dating?

30 yo guy with an open relationship.

Tried dating apps but I get a lot of hostility and aggressive messages when I try them. I post that I'm in a relationship, looking for something casual, even that we're open to both dating the same person. But I've never had a successful encounter.

Here's a sample of the messages I've gotten in the past two weeks on Bumble. Keep in mind, these are the first messages I've gotten, because they have to message first:

>lol why you even on this app? gtfo w your cheating ass
>Hey there, sorry I matched you without realizing you're in a relationship. I'm not looking for something casual, I'm looking for someone who wants commitment, so it would be a waste of my time and energy talking with you. Cheers!
>Not interested.

Two times I met people from there were miserable. One kept making snide comments about my girlfriend, the other had a fine time out with me but then messaged me on her way home saying I'm toxic and that she needs "to put up healthy boundaries to keep unhealthy people away".

So if Bumble and Tinder aren't where I should be, where do I go?

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pic related, its you

>open relationship
Kill yourself

This. I hope your partner leaves you for a guy who is actually serious and puts a ring on her finger.

wow you guys are that against open relationships?

It's usually a sign that the relationship is about to end, if it started strictly monogamous.

stop looking for additional open relationships, start looking for friendships

if you can't make a new friend in this stage of your life without demanding that it's sexual, you're fucked

and if it didnt?

>open relationship
>where can i find more degenerates like myself to copulate in huge orgies
Swinger parties
Certain subreddits on reddit
Pornhub has also "dating" section
And probably "secret" discord servers. If they can host pedophilia gangs, i imagine your kind will be there as well. The key word will mostlikely be polygamy, polyamory and so on.

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>Open relationship
What is wrong with you lad


When did Jow Forums become /trad/

Man, this was a shitshow. No more advice from foreveralones.

OP, if not LARPing, you are a pimp. Ignore the rest of the bitches and betas that have replied.
Have you tried not telling them from the start that you are in an open relationship, and only telling them if it somehow comes up?
Whatever the case, it will be extremely hard for you to find a second open-minded woman with ego that isn't off the fucking charts.

Sorry dude, most girls don’t want to date a guy in a relationship even if it’s an open relationship. Even if it’s casual. Because even if he’s telling the truth about it being an open relationship, it means there’s someone else taking up his time and emotional energy/focus. It’s not fun unless she wants you purely for sex, and most girls don’t.

Its because what youre looking for is a unicorn, and you're over 30 years old.
A woman that age is not looking for a casual relationship. If they're single at that age, they're dried up husks looking for someone to carry them over their mistakes. Case in point:
Sorry, but unless you pay, I don't think you're going to find anyone willing to pay.

Also, if they’re under 30, they can find dudes who aren’t already attached on complicated strings.

I am Open with my GF OP and have not had too much trouble with tindr. Bumble sucks, most girls don't want to ever message you first, so the fact that they have to hurts even more. I don't know how left leaning you are, but maybe try feeld, it has a focus on finding people for threesomes or group sex, but the people there are inherently ok with an open relationship. Outside of that try bars, clubs and stuff around collages unless you are 40 or something. Even then some people are into that. It is all about jumping on opertunaty when you see it. Keep your dick wrapped up tho.

then it's a sign that neither really wants to commit and just doesn't want to be alone/have sex regularly without worrying too much
either it's always people society could do well without, granted that goes for many other people as well and there are rare exceptions

Because you are a shining bastion of light that makes the world a better place with your backwards opinions, and lack of imagination. News flash most people die and "society" won't give a fuck. Wine about how people have sex you don't like somewhere else.

when did you become the authority on what society needs you fucking incel?