Thinking about downloading tinder

Had one girlfriend before and it went well except she was certifiably insane
I learned what I could free it but she really did love me and I miss that feeling
Wondering if I might have hope on a dating app like tinder
I don't want to pay for anything (I don't know if tinder costs money, if so I'd just use an alternative)

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Tinder is free but it'll quickly shadow ban you and try to force you to pay. I'd join it but don't expect much. Facebook now has an app.

Just be yourself bro.

I've been thinking the same thing but for different reasons. I don't even care if I have to pay. If it could get me a gf then $10 out of the $500/month allowance my parents give me would be a pittance. My issue is the photos. I don't really have any good photos of myself because I hate having my picture taken and avoid it when possible. I'm pretty much the antithesis of the "take photos everywhere" selfie culture. How do I get good photos of myself? What do I take photos of myself doing, and when? I'd feel weird just asking my friend "hey bro, can you help me take pics for tinder?" Is that just what people do?

I mean yeah you totally could ask a friend
Or if you're somewhere cool you might ask for a photo

>be me
>physics major, engineering school in nowhere Missouri
>2 women are also physics majors
>one has a bf in the marines, even if she didn't hate me for some reason I still wouldn't wanna be the asshole that breaks that up
>the other is "not interested in making friends right now"
>one female engineering undecided friend, but she isn't interested and I think she hates me now for some reason
Tried it, didn't work

Get a buddy and make a day out of taking photos. Go to cool places in/around your city, and take a few photos there. Places you've always wanted to go, but put off. Bring changes of clothes so you don't look like it's all the same day.

No no no, no, no no. No no no no no no no no, no no no. No, no no, no. No.

Tinder is the worst thing I've ever done. It destroyed my confidence in multiple ways and I never even went on a 'date'. It's a meat market for teenagers and a commiseration for single mothers and epitomises female advantage in dating.

>Had one girlfriend before and it went well except she was certifiably insane

“Aside from the death of your husband, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

I think it depends on where you live and what settings you put in. If you’re 23, don’t go for people under 21.

only if pic related is set as your profile

>>physics major, engineering school in nowhere Missouri

Do you go to Rolla? I might actually know one of the girls you're talking about

Let me give you about 99% of what I've encountered on tinder

>90% of girls won't even respond
>those that do will have 1 word responses
>if you actually manage to get their numbers, same thing will happen only a few days later
>and if you get that 1/20 girls that make it to the first date, they either 100% do NOT look like their photos (usually obese) or for whatever reason it'll fizzle out

Tinder has been absolutely useless for me. And i'm a normalfag

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Weird, it has actually boosted my confidence. Have you tried actually getting dates?

So in my experience with tinder i got like 200 matches, talked to like 50, actually met 4. Banged 3. Its a whole lot of games bro.

this is important
50% of the women into you will be under the aoc for the area

What's her name?

So why do people here keep telling incels to "just download Tinder, bro XD"? I thought about getting my suit out to take a few pictures for Tinder also, but am I better off with just paying for a prostitute?

Not him but I went four months with 0 matches

I didnt say to download tinder, i was sayi ng my experience with it. But out of all the apps i tried thats the only one i met anyone on even though the rate was abysmal.

I see, I might as well try anyway and see for myself before giving completely up on women.

Yup, 100 matches, 5 dates, so it's not just me that gets 1/20. Tinder damaged my mental health. Shadow banning is real, once i didn't get any matches for a month and then got 10 in 2 days, it wasn't even subtle.

A prostitute is cheaper than tinder, but that is not what most people on tinder care about.

I have more sucesss on bumble but I’ve been laid on both


Bumping because I need to know now
Update, download bumble, gonna use OP pic as a pfp

What logic is that?
I never matched with someone older than me.

>she really did love me and I miss that feeling
You're not going to get that from tinder, user. Tinder is for hookups and easy pussy.