How do I make my farts smell as rancid as humanly possible?

How do I make my farts smell as rancid as humanly possible?

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You have to eat all the eggs

Taco bell, spicy cheetos, some beans

Eat Meijer brand granola. It smells really strong of molasses and comes out smelling exactly the same. Warning, you will be sharting in public, but learn how to throttle them down so you have something left to put in the toilet.

Anything with ranch dipping sauce makes my farts a convenient paint stripper. Absolutely chemical.

What do you plan to use this cursed knowledge for?

Eat expired cheese er dairy products
And don't wipe

Dairy (protien shakes or bars), Cruciferous Veggies, and High Carbs/Gluten.
Basically Anti FODMAP

Become lactose intolerant and eat cheese

Damn, you sound really fat

Bombing a crowded school hallway.

I want to Dutch oven my girlfriend

Sugar alcohol

Beer. Lots of it. I also heard raw yeast leads to smelly farts

eat lots of smoked salmon. found out about this yesterday. I mean they smell exactly like the fish mixed with methane, it's horrible.

Eat some Taco Bell or chipotle

Eggs, raw broccoli, and beans for the best braps.

This is for loud farts. Smelly you need eggs

I second the beer. Not intentionally, but whenever I'm drunk I always end up eating really sloppy greasy food too eg. bacon, burgers, fries, mcdonalds etc, and all of that combined with heavy beer swilling around creates some utterly fucking grotesque farts. And the shits are ungodly, utterly satanic in both sight and smell

This guy shits

eggs and kefir

>all health food terms
>ur fat
What is it like to have brain damage?

Protein shake (milk instead of water, almond milk if you're willing to risk a diarrhea marathon) for breakfast, two organic chicken pot pies (try Blake's brand- they're what I used) and a Rainbow Light brand multivitamin for lunch, and a ground beef burrito covered in queso with a side of beans for dinner. The next day you'll be farting often and their smells only grow more powerful as the day progresses.

Not that user but protein bars usually have a ton of sugar in them, and protein shakes (plus dairy in general) are incredibly fattening if you don't exercise enough. If you struggle with weight loss, drop the protein shakes and watch what happens when you keep up the routine. For building muscle, bulking, and/or having a fart fest, they're fine though.

Is that zoey from L4D?

I'm sure you know all about brain damage, tranny.

Once you get the smell sorted, a couple of those fiber one bars will keep you farting the biggest, longest farts all day.


are you a grill?