I have a huge black hole right on the top of my very back tooth

I have a huge black hole right on the top of my very back tooth.
It's been like that for possibly a year. I can move my tongue over and feel it and it just feels like a deep sharp crater. I think it's gradually been getting worse but last night I drank two sodas and fell asleep without brushing my teeth and when I woke up today it was just throbbing.

The weird thing is the throbbing isn't in my tooth it's in my jaw and neck.
I felt on my jaw and there's this hard little pebble feeling thing in the side with the tooth that's not on the other side.
I pushed on it and I got this weird feeling going through my jaw and neck and the pain went down somewhat and now the pebble is somewhat gone
What is all this

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Infected tooth
Go to the dentist

It originally was just a cavity, but because you did fuck all about getting it filled and treated now it sounds like you have an infection that has spread through your mouth and to your neck

for real go see a doctor asap, people can die from this

I honestly don't understand how you can let your teeth get like this. Go to a dentist.

>The weird thing is the throbbing isn't in my tooth it's in my jaw and neck.
I had something similar and I got SERIOUSLY painful once I bit on a gummybear, I panicked, went to sleep ... but weirdly enough the pain disappeared the next day. And half a year later, I never had anything like that.

If it's lasting, just see a fucking dentist.

Yeah... tooth pain doesn't always mean you'll need to have the tooth taken out, but at the first sign of tooth pain you need to see a dentist if you want to keep it because if the cavity gets much deeper you're either in for an extraction or root canal.

But that monstrous hole is well past the point of saving. The amount of tooth they'd have to take off to save it doesn't look doable. You'd need a crown at best, which will be expensive.

Go and get an xray, you could have a cracked tooth with a cavity under the surface and you won't know until the tooth falls apart.

Hey, I'm here to give obvious advice, not to follow it.

Dentists are just too fucking scary, man. I avoid them unless there is absolutely no other way. My mouth hygiene habits are probably worse than from OP (although I always drink water after eating/drinking something sweet) but smoking probably balances it out … and outside of that one thing, I had no issues in 5-6 years. It will probably catch up with me but I rather deal with the fallout. (Though not a Burger, so at least it's all free)

didn't have health insurance or money to fix it
now i have health insurance but no time.
guess i will just have to skip class or something and say good bye to As

>Dentists are just too fucking scary, man.
You can die from teeth infections of that degree. I was in the same boat as OP and you and also felt the same about doctors but the anticipation anxiety is always a million times worse than actually being at the dentist or doctor and actually getting the help and treatment you need. My eyes were always bloodshot and I had constant rashes and red flaky skin on my body and was losing all my hair because of health conditions related to my shitty teeth.

Love how people think just anyone can go to a dentist and afforde it... here just a single root canal is 900$ for a front tooth... my back tooth was 1400$ due to * harder service location* and I checked around... dental work isn’t cheap even getting teeth pulled is 280$ per tooth not counting the billing for novacaine and the dentist office fee....

What's weird is this is the only tooth I have a problem with and I haven't been to the dentist in fucking 10 years.
The last time I went they put a "composite" filling in that tooth, and just earlier I was reading that the material used in those fillings can actually eat away your enamel.
So ironically enough going to the dentist in the first place probably fucked me over. My guess is the filling ate away the tooth, fell out, and now I'm left with that giant hole.

I work in an ED... these people have it right. Go see a DENTIST!.

We see so many people with this complaint show up in our ED, and this is not what we're here for. We'll give you a shot of Toradol and maybe do a local block to relieve you of pain, but we can't fix it. We may do a CT to check the size of an abscess you might have, but we can't fix your tooth.

You need a dentist. If your insurance is crap or non-existent, look for dental schools in your area (treatment is free).

Yes, some amateurs may poke and prod and accomplish nothing, but they're overseen by a professional that will make sure you leave in the best possible condition.

So what's that weird lump on the side of my jaw?
Swollen lymph node or something?

Go pay for a dentist screen bro. That's not something to toy with- it could mean losing your face or getting life-threatening disease. It's no joke.

I'm not scared of death though. Don't mind other doctors either but just being in the dentists office, that shit is so stressful, I can't even explain it. And of course you're right that the anticipation anxiety is far, far worse than what's actually going to happen, and funnily enough, the last time I visited one, everything was fine; I don't even really recall my negative experiences, there is no reason resembling any sense but the fear is just too deep-seated to bother to overcome it unless pain forces me to.

>My eyes were always bloodshot and I had constant rashes and red flaky skin on my body and was losing all my hair
I'd prefer that to visiting one, as irrational and idiotic as it sounds. Come to think of, I did notice having quite a few rashes over the last 2-3 years. Thought the constant influx of sugar is the cause but oral health could also be the reason I guess. Congratz for overcoming your fear and sorting shit out though.

Except that death by sepsis is painful the whole time you're dying, and they'll hit you with hard antibiotics which might actually manage to save you except for the fact that they'll have to amputate dead tissue, and you might not be conscious to object.

Yeah I hate burgerland medicine too. I had similar to OP for a few years untill it got infected and my left cheek swollen with pus. Had to do an antibiotic treatment before the dentist would even touch me. And i gotta tell you the pain from a root canal felt absolutely heavenly compared to the pain i felt from the infection. Luckily many dental offices offer financing nowadays. I paid more in the long run of course but at least i was able to make affordable monthly payments

affording the procedure isn't the issue, what he is describing is an infection that can kill him if left untreated

Unlucky. My dental office has financing but there's no interest, which I thought was interesting.

Doesn't it take around one week to do the job though? Besides, in the end it's a "yeah, this could happen thing" and not something I perceive as vividly as a dentist visit.

Don't get me wrong, you're obviously in the right and my reasoning childish and irrational as fuck, but being perfectly aware of it doesn't do anything to convince my faggot brain. Hope OP is less of a pussy and will actually visit a dentist.

It's probably infected, which would make your lymph nodes become engorged, or it's an abscess, which would also make your lymph nodes swell. Either way, a trip to an ED won't help you much, unless you go to an ED (most likely a level 1 trauma center) that has 24 hour surgery services, and you actually have an abcess that is life threatening, in which case you'd be admitted and treated, and then receive the most astronomical bill after the fact.

jesus christ

reminder to brush and floss every day, anons


are you a trailer dwelling meth addict?
I paid 4k out of pocket for a dentist and it wasn't crippling. get a fucking job.

Are you fucking 12?

Infection, and your tooth is decaying or just decayed
t. dealt with that, it won't go away

why are people such pussies about going to the dentist?

idk but now i'm really wishing i had taken care of this
the pain has just gone from zero to 100
i've been up over 24 hours and i can't even sleep
called out from work and my sup didn't even reply so i'm pretty sure they are pissed and might be getting fired
then i won't even have health insurance to get it fixed

>4k out of pocket
t.rapper with gold grills

What did you think was going to happen? They'd say, "no, it's perfectly normal, just ignore it"? People would reveal "the one secret trick dentists don't want you to know", you'd take their home remedy, and never have to set foot in a dentist office? No, of course the advice you're going to get is "go to the dentist". What else were you expecting?

I had pretty much the same issue after not going to a dentist for 11 years because i didn't have insurance and couldn't afford it.
It's only going to get worse if you leave it. I had 5 appointments in the last 2 months to get my teeth fixed and save what could still be saved.
And yeah, they weren't pleasant but also no worse than uncomfortable. Well, except pulling the infected tooth. That shit hurt despite the painkillers. But not as bad as the infection did in the first place and the relief after was more than worth the pain.

it's expensive. Pulling a tooth is "surgery" now.
u get to get high on nitrus
get it taken care of. it can spread to your actual jaw and then be a body infection.

America would rather die then get basic medical treatment

What the fuck are you talking about retard? Lol

Well I went to the dentist today to get it fixed.
I called an endodontist and was surprised when they said they could fit me in.
But when I got there, I was so nervous that I bailed out.
I rescheduled for Thursday.
I don't know how I'm supposed to fight that gag reflex the whole time.
I wish I had just gotten it fixed today

Infections can K I L L Y O U

The difference between a serious infection being manageable and being deadly can be a matter of hours. The reason they managed to fit you in is that when you call a dentist and complain of tooth pain they will put you in the next available spot because it's important that you get it done right away.

Not sure why your gag reflex would be triggered by work on your first molar.

Your tooth is literally dying which is why the pain is so severe.
It's an emergency.

They can put you under to work on the tooth OP but you should just suck it up and stop being a faggot.

Cmon, skipping a class or two won't ruin your As. Just let the lecturer know beforehand and maybe he can hook you up with some material.

Because dentists are usually very evil money hungry retards

Typically, if you let your instructor know that you have an appointment during class, it's an excused absence. Ask the dentist for a note to verify.

You know, I feel like a retard very often. I make a lot of dumb mistakes and don't ask for help even when I need it.

Then I see posts like this. What other fucking answer to this is there other than going to see a fucking dentist? Are you fucking serious, dude? It's not a skin rash, it's not some weird growth on your body. It's your fucking TOOTH. DENTIST. YOU GO TO A FUCKING DENTIST WHEN YOUR TOOTH HAS A CAVITY AND SHAVE YOUR FUCKING SHITTY FACIAL HAIR AND MAYBE YOU'LL STOP CALLING YOURSELF AN INCEL DAMN IT

Go to a dentist retard

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See a dentist that specializes in patients with dental phobias. They can give you medicine before the appointment that you take at home to calm your nerves (an anti anxiety pill), they can give you laughing gas. Hell, some even put you under a little bit if you can afford that sort of thing.

>The weird thing is the throbbing isn't in my tooth it's in my jaw and neck.
That's worse than a simple toothache, you have a full blown infection. The little "pebble" is called an abscess and you should get it drained immediately.