Should I have kids with an asian girl? I'm a white (scottish descent) guy. I'm 5'9 and she's 5'3...

Should I have kids with an asian girl? I'm a white (scottish descent) guy. I'm 5'9 and she's 5'3, so our children will likely be about or shorter than my height. I'd like them to be taller than me so I'm not so sure about having kids with her. I also know mixed kids tend to be uglier, especially considering she's originally from asia herself making her full. She has a number of allergies (borderline asmatic as well) while I have none. She's adopted so I don't know anything about her biological parents, considered the alergies might just be from a weakened immune system due to the lack of genetic diversity. If I have kids with her, will they be fucked? Should I back out now, or am I over thinking this? We're really compatible, she's had two sexual partners before me and has no stds either.

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My cousins are half white half chinese and the males look nice but my female cousins are like supermodel tier beautiful.

Asian is a good mix to throw in.

Thanks for the anecdote user. Eased me a bit. Doubtful, but do you know about the allergies? I'm hoping my immunity is more dominant than her vulnerability and can thus make them not suffer it. Height is still kind of a downer though, increased intelligence will be worth it I hope

>our children will likely be shorter than my height
That's called incel science (ie that's not how it actually works irl)

It kind of is actual science.
Height is correlated to the height of the parents and good health (mainly sleep and nutrition). There might be the odd one who is a lot taller or shorter than his parents, but normally if your parents are 5'6" you won't grow to be 6 foot tall.

I know it's still a lottery depending on a whole bunch of stuff like our grandparents, but I'm basing mine on average of our heights plus 2.5in for males and minus that for females, making my sons 5'8.5 and my daughters 5'6

Mixing genetics is a good way to improve the health of your offspring. Sort of how if you keep mating with other Scots you'll increase risk of disease. Enjoy your babymaking.

Hapas are a chocolate box of genes. There's no saying how they will turn out. Some have black hair and are tan, some have light hair and are pale, hair can be wavy or straight, features can be more asian or white or inbetween. Height too, my dad is super tall and my mom short and I came out in the middle. I've met tons of hapas who don't even look related to their siblings.

Also if she is Korean adopted she can trace her family, or just do a allergy test and dna genealogy test.

You really don't know a hell of a lot about genetics, do you? Inherited traits can skip a generation or two and still pop up, so your children may very well be taller than you. Mixed children can look 100% like one race or the other, or any proportion in between. And that you think mixed children are ugly tells us more about you than them

If you’re worried about your kids looks maybe move to Asia? Half white kids are worshipped there even if they’re short or unattractive. If you have a daughter she’ll be fine cause most half Asian half white girls are cute. With boys it’s more of a mixed bag, but he could always go for Asian girls especially fobs cause they like the half look, or koreaboos/weeaboos.

>should I racemix
No. Don't rob your kids of an identity just because she tickles your pickle.

>muh healthy mutts
That's literal bullshit and you know it. Hybrid vigor only applies to already-inbred populations, not perfectly stable ones. Founding populations in the low thousands are generally fine as far as inbreeding is concerned, you'd need to get down to just a few hundred for disorders to become apparent and for outbreeding to make any sense at all. Even there, racemixing is totally unnecessary--all you need is a healthy set of genes, which you can get from much more closely related groups. I.e. for an "inbred" Scot, just find someone Irish or Welsh.

>mixed kids tend to be uglier
It's more of a 50/50 chance that your kid will be ugly or gorgeous. Sometimes they'll take the worst features of a race or the most attractive features.

Look at Zendaya. She's very pretty but her parents are ugly af. She obviously took the best features from both her parents' races

> mixed kids tend to be uglier
Like with any human being, they can be born ugly, plain or beautiful.

This is Ursula Mayes, she is half Korean.

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I am Asian but I think it will be good you meet white girls.

Yes, it’s the future

Keep rubbing those hands, Mordechai

With jews, you win.

Had a son with a japanese woman and he is a fucking dumbass in three different languages.

You can't really know how tall your kids could be. My aunt married a dude that's almost 6'4" and his whole family is about over 6' and yet her two kids didn't grow beyond 5'10". Her family is pretty short and yet I'm one of the only guys in my family that's about 5'10" despite my mom being nearly 5' and my dad 4" shorter than me. I'm an outlier in my family I guess, I was just blessed with the right genes.

>I'm 5'9"

Race isn't an issue here. Your height is more of a problem then her being Asian

I mean yeah, I know I'm not tall by any means myself, but I know I can't change this but wished for my children to be an inch or two taller than me to get a leg up and improve my line

Then why are you even considering having kids with an Asian women? They're generally short and it's in her genetics. Being non-white in a white country is setting your children back a lot more than being short. Being non-white is okay if you're 6'4" or rich but if you're not then life is going to be shitty. And Asian mixed with white will always look non-white. If you mix with other Caucasian that are darker like Indians, arabs or Mexican they would come out white compared to a hapa

Feeding your kids a healthy and plentiful diet when they're growing should supposedly make them reach their genetic height potential.

Possibly this. My family is kinda short, my sister didn't eat much growing up and is short, but I ate like a horse and am a head taller or more.

>I also know mixed kids tend to be uglier
what the fuck are you talking about like half the hottest people ever are mixed races

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My blood is pure.

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That's the result of centuries of consanguinity within a few families. But let's go with that. All they would need to fix those kinds of deformities is a healthy set of genes, and for such a specific type of inbreeding, that just means finding another Austrian who isn't a descendant of nonstop cousinfucking (even another inbreed would be likely to help, since they would have different defects).
Church doctrine was extremely autistic about preventing consanguinity--in the middle ages, they banned any unions between people related by up to seven degrees of separation, i.e. even sixth cousins couldn't get married.