Parents kick me out of the house because Im a 22 year old loser working dead end physical labor jobs and not "advancing...

>parents kick me out of the house because Im a 22 year old loser working dead end physical labor jobs and not "advancing my career"(as if I dont want to)
>mom cries and says I am "ruining the family and wasting my potential" I just got home from 3 years in the army and chose not to go to college because im 2 stupid
>tell me "you can't be a part of this family if your wasting your life like this"
>say "ok" move out, making it on my own just fine in another town
>a month later they are guilt tripping me and trying to make me feel bad, as if I was the one who turned my back on them, as if THEY didnt tell ME to fuck off
lmao the worst part is it actually works, I already feel like shit and hate myself, and now I just feel worse

What the fuck do I do?

Also is it gay to do rear delt flys on a machine??

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lmao you told me to get lost not the other way around

How to i stop feeling guilty and depressed and improve my mental health?

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There is never a reason to use a machine

I just feel weird going face down on a bench in front of the mirror so all the gays in the gym can check out my butt

Being a man is accepting your suffering and using it to make yourself better. Get an education, lift, develop a passion for something and find a woman that wants to share her life with you and you the same. Last one is up to you. The first three are mandatory. You have a lot to do so start now.

Your parents are dumb, but they love you man and they just want you to do what they think's best for you. Try your best to put up with them

When I moved out at 23 my parents begged me to stay. I was also working shitty manual labor jobs but they thought I wasn’t smart enough to do anything else and we’re happy I was doing that. Weird maybe

define phyiscal labor. Have you thought of going into a trade: welding, electrician, plumbing, etc?

are you asian?

Tell them to chill or they won't be getting any calls or texts

I work in a factory 9-5 and as a bouncer at a bar a few nights a week

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The fact youre doing this means you arent as dumb as you think you are

just explain it to them the way you you just explained it here

Pisses me of some peoples mothers wouldn't do anything for them, makes me appreciate mine so much more. Sorry to hear it brother, sounds awful : (

its too late m8, my mother was literally sobbing and screaming at me and I just left and now live about 20 hours away, ive been here about a month and think its better for me mentally

Tell them to fuck off. You’re better off without them

Machine rear self fly’s are great, I also do bent over unilateral cable flys with a fat grip
This guy just wants to look at ur ass while you lay face down on a bench lmao

Your self esteem is in the gutter with regard to your intelligence. Don't take your high school results into account with your current state of mind. I did barely passed high school, but did well in university and got my bachelors.

Your brain is more developed right now and you can focus better with your studies, if you were to attend university for some degree.

this is actually pretty good for someone in their early 20s

OP, if you got an honorable discharge you really should use your GI bill even if it ain’t for college. Trade school or apprenticeship are solid calls for a young guy.

You've done everything right in that conversation so far (although it's old). She's clearly upset by it whether you're at home or not. If you tell them where you live, they might come try to find you and bitch, but at the same time she's worried, so just lie and say you're in the next town over from where you actually are.

You have textbook shit parents sorry

You probably aren't that stupid. I dropped out of high-school, went back to school when I was 28 and got a degree in Math/CS from a decent-ranked school.

Your parents sound like scummy boomers though.

am curious about if you are white or asian and whats dads part in this.

Dude just pick an easy major and go to college, its a no brainer. You're literally passing up the opportunity to get paid to bang out college sluts with daddy issues and pursue the gym + literally any other leisurely activities you want for 4 years. And all you have to do is go to class sometimes and half ass study some bullshit major, my school literally had a recreation major where people learned about rock climbing/zip lining/white water rafting and dumb shit like that. Any retard can go to college its pretty easy.

I would say that in some ways, them kicking you out (though the way they did it seems awful) was actually good for you.

whatever they did, they did from a place of love, wanting you to have the tools to live the best life you can (and the most important tool is money).

Seeing this you're already clearly smarter than most dumbfuck college graduates out there. That doesn't mean you should go to college and get 50k into debt on some stupid major, but don't ever think you're too stupid to go to college. The average normie getting a stupid-ass degree in a state school is like a third of your IQ.

I don't even approach that level of effort and diligence into my personal finances. but let me tell you, making more money (up to a point) really does solve some problems. look into CS bootcamps, software engineering is really not that hard and pays an unreasonable amount if you're in the top half

but I'd say you're probably not ready yet to make good with your family after they unceremoniously ejected you even if it was your own good. make it clear that you aren't fuming mad at them any more but it's going to take some time and space

and that you can love someone and still not be ready to talk to them for a while, just like you can love someone (as your parents do) and still kick them out of your house

you're making it bro

/ blogpost

I'm sure everything will pan out user, hang on in there

>Re-enlist in natty girls as intel
>contract for CIA
>make 100k+ a year

OP you are a fucking idiot. Your parents wanted nothing more but to see you succeed in your life. Did they overreact by saying you're "ruining the family and wasting my potential"? I'd say a little bit yes, but I don't blame them. They saw their son essentially not give a shit about trying to use his potential to the fullest of his ability.

>You just made my day! Are you ok? Need anything?
There is nothing wrong with moving out, but you pulled the ultimate pussy faggot move by pretty much cutting contact with your parents. How fucking selfish do you have to be to do this to the people who raised you? They did absolutely NOTHING wrong other than want you to be the best man for yourself that you could be. Reading the texts it is extremely obvious that your parents love and care about you deeply, and they just want to know that you do too.

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Just give'em a call, mate. if you can't stand that you are not addressing the problem you are just hiding it under the rug.
You shouldn't give'em your address tho, lmao.

and then you graduate after 4 years of not making money and not growing your career and tens of thousands of dollars in debt and for what?

some shitty HR job?

OP don't go to college for the sake of going to college, major in STEM-med or at least econ or don't bother

Nah bro not gay...damn dude stay strong. Whatever decision you make you will live with it for the rest of your life. There is no right choice. Do what you have to do. Keep your head up king your crown is falling.

do NOT tell them where you are living
not even the goddamn city
they wanted you independent and now you are

Don't lose your family but set boundaries. Don't tell them where you are but tell them you're ok. Text your dad don't call him. Give it all some time. It'll be ok bro. It's like this sometimes.


Get yourself a girl


It's never too late put your honest thoughts into words bro and send that texy

yeah not even the mods care faggot fuck off nigga lmao

You sound like a dipshit who doesn't have a degree. He literally is going to get PAID to get a DEBT FREE bachelors degree, which would offset whatever 4 years of growing his "career" at a factory would net him

They kicked him out, he's justified to be upset.

>tens of thousands of dollars in debt and for what?
OP said he was in the army, stupid. l2 GI bill.

Living with overbearing parents for 22 years is going to take its toll.
Sometimes it's good to get a bit of space and clear your head for a bit, it's not necessarily ghosting.

It can be hard for young people to know what they want to do career-wise and having people put pressure on you (especially parents) can just make the situation worse.
Moving out and working a few shitty jobs really helped me to develop as a person, now I'm working a job I like that pays well.
I think OP is doing the right thing, he just needs to keep it together and realize parenting is a difficult job too.

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He's justified to get upset, but the correct actrion would be to forget and forgive. You never turn your back on family.

Cutting out family is a mistake, unless they are GROSSLY abusive, stealing from you etc. You hit rough patch every once and again but they are still family.

I'm not telling you to roll over or anything like that, but at least tell them that them booting you out hurt would at least put a bit of perspective to them. I find being honest with my folks works the best, but i got lucky with mines.

mom sounds guilty

>He's justified to get upset, but the correct actrion would be to forget and forgive. You never turn your back on family.
Cuck mentality. They treated him like garbage, why does he have an olbigation to give them the time of day? Because they're "blood"? Lol

He's not turning his back, they told him to move out so he did now they're upset he's not constantly calling them and is living his own life.

lmao look at this cuckboi

This shit right here, even with a meme studies degree you can get a job because americlaps love the military. I’m using mine right now to crank it for another three years before I have to reenter the workforce

That's fine. Give them a call and say everything is fine. Give them peace of mind. Nothing wrong with that.

You sound like a fucking WHITE person

Sounds like they got in a fight where they told him to take action or take his shit and go. OPs autistic ass took it literal, didn't talk it through with them, did not even think fully about how he felt about it. Now he's mad, sad, but won't go back because he has already justified his choice to himself. A few more years of this and you will be even more depressed.


You shouldn't be 22 living at home. Also the texts seem complete different to the tome in your post. Maybe you should
Stop being an autistic little cunt and talk with your parents.

>You shouldn't be 22 living at home.
Boomer trash

back to twitter niggress

I wish I could move out but rental units are so fucking expensive here
t.22 year old in Ontario

your first mistake was being a fucking leaf

I didn't choose the leaf life, the leaf life chose me.

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You like Swiss chalet?

They kicked you out?
Well then, they basically disowned you so that's grounds for you disowning them.
Kicking you out, then saying "lol i stil luv u k" is fucking bullshit, love is shown with actions, not words.

not american here, this shit seems very common in anglo countries. Has it been always like this or is this just recent thing? I cant understand how parents could do that to their son.

Seriously. Live at home, give your parents some cash.

Most importantly: do whatever best advances your goals or is financially responsible.

Most civilizations have families cohabitate. Oh noes you're not following outdated American norms!!!

fuck 'em haven't talked to my mom in 5 years for the same reason, doing great on my own amd saving for college gonna enroll next year.
Its not always easy but where the fuck do they get off thinking putting a roof over your head and food in your stomach is wasting your life? Live how you wanna you're an adult dont let guilt send you on a one way ticket to cucksville.
Go to college its good, but if not you're still doing fine, especially at 22.
You're parents are on some bullshit crack just like mine fuck em all make a new family and let them rot imo.

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Yes, I like to put the sauce on the fries and let them get a little soggy before demolishing it.

Your family sounds Asian as fuck. Speaking from experience as Asian as fuck family perspective, you did nothig wrong. They won't live forever, so love them, but they won't live forever so live for yourself. You don't have to be under their control to love them, and you don't have to cut them off completely. Where that spot is, that's up to you to figure out I suppose. Every family is different. But you are not doing anything wrong. Have prode and confidence in your decision.

>come home from killing brown people in the interests of israel & multinational corporations
>only able to find dead end manual labor jobs, probably beat down after every day's work
>after all this, ur family thinks ur fucking trash for not going to college and getting 100k in debt and #GRINDING all day
fucking america lmfao

>Too dumb for school
Dude I was almost forced to repeat a year back in highschool and now Im about to graduate top of my class from EE.
If I can do it there's no reason you can't!

Nice I’m in

>London Ontario that is

i love with mom and dad im 22 year old and when dad is at work i have sex with mommy, if one day daddy finds out mommy and me will move out and she will work to pay the bills and buy whey protein for her muscly big guy, i dont go to college and never will, i dont need to work and never will work a day on my life,, my mom loves me ro the point she will do anything for me even sacrifice her happiness just to give me free time to me so i can lift and get big

got free sex with a hot mommy
got free food
free home
free creatine+whey
free gym
and free videogames

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post mom

Keep working on making your life better, try to figure out a career that works for you. Don't think you are too stupid for anything. Stay positive, but don't depend on others for the missing part in your life. Family bonds (parents, siblings) are important, but you find out as you get older, that it is much better to have a career that gives you what you need to start your own family.

i wont but she is 42 and looks like 30, slim body, and really good skin

sounds about white

this is the point where you decide whether or not you'll be your own man

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just let it go and talk to your family. life is too fucking short to get wound up over dumb shit and people's health is fragile, eventually someone is going to get sick/die, etc and you don't want to live with the regrets of what you didn't do or say

oh yeah, I know who your talking about now, and yeah I fucked her

>makes an excel spreadsheet
>"Yo bro you're like triple smarter than normies lol"

god I know you mean well but you come off as a fucking retard

Most millennials can't even run a budget, spend all their money on avocadoes and wonder why they can't buy a house. He's miles ahead of them.

based thats good money and ur keeping track of ur finances so ur smarter than 99% of normies
do not trust this man as he uses reddit spacing

>Most millennials can't even run a budget, spend all their money on avocadoes and wonder why they can't buy a house.
dont take the bait boys
I know its hard, but dont do it

butthurt zoomer detected

Found the hillbilly boomer

This isn't adv ou faggot

He is clearly some MSM watching brainlet. Gobbling corporate cocks as we speak.

>white people

k champ

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Don't you have some avocadoes to buy?

best flavor

low class people like your family should be genocided asap

what are you on about

Terrible advice. He should go to college but just do something to do with coding or business.
I was trapped in dead end 40k office jobs until a couple years ago. Now I'm halfway through a business degree at 27, already have a summer internship at a major data company and graduate position at a big 4 accounting firm. All i have to do is play my strategy effectively and I'll be at over 100k within 3 - 4 years of gradutating.
Doing pretty well at a decent college is piss easy if you're not totally dumb and you're coming in later. everyone undersetimates how much brain development happens after 18 and being a little older in college is a massive academic advantage. I don't consider myself exceptionally intelligent, but I'm mid 20s and I have a nearly perfect GPA 2 years into my degree and I skip half my classes ffs

in what major exercise do u lay face down on a bench???

the one where you get boy pregnant

Dude man up.

One day your parents aren't gonna be around anymore and you're gonna deeply regret this dumb faggot shit. I didn't bother to try and connect with my dad more when I became an adult and I'll never get the chance cause he died. You only get one life and your parents made sure you didn't die for years.

Get over it and make good with your family.

Lol, you are delusional and clearly you've never dealt with abusive family members. GOOD LORD YOU ARE NAIVE.

she sounds like an sweat heart. 10/10 would go mountain biking with your mom OP

but enough about this guy's dead faggot dad

His parents clearly aren't abusive.

You sound retarded