Pregnant girlfriend

I’ve been with this girl for not even 2 months and she’s pregnant. She doesn’t want to have an abortion. I have no idea how to deal with this. I’m barely an adult myself.

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think of how she feels. don't be selfish.

It is sure that it is your baby?If you didnt with her less than 2 mounths, I think it will be difficult you make her pregnant

Just leave her. Men do this all the time. Do not let her ruin your life

Shouldn't have nutted in her bro. You've been had. gg

Stupid normie just call the baby Richard so everyone calls him Dick and he kills himself if its a girl THEN FUCK YOU

Dumb fornicator

if you cannot convince her to get an abortion then you're fucked. miscarriages are a lot more common than people are led to believe but you're just gambling.

if you're okay with not being a part of this kid's life then you should be straight with her.

>i think it would be a mistake to have a child when neither of us are in a position to properly take care of one. it will negatively impact both of our lives in irreparable ways and though an abortion isn't easy either, i truly think it would be the lesser of two evils. ultimately, it's your decision to go through with the pregnancy and it's my decision to not be a part of the kid's life moving forward. i will be here to support you till the baby is born and will support you financially to whatever level the law requires me to but i will not help you raise the baby.

the real goal here is to scare her into an abortion. the idea that she's going to be a single mom, raising a kid on her own should scare her unless she's an idiot. if she's going to go through with the pregnancy then speak to a lawyer to figure out what you're on the hook for, be self-less in your support for her as she goes through the pregnancy (cause it is your kid and you're responsible for this happening as much as her), and obviously verify that it's even yours when such testing is plausible.

i would challenge you to step up and adapt to the situation, to "be a man" and accept the consequences of the situation, but you're dumb enough to knock up a girl despite the plethora of contraceptive options which leads me to believe you'd be a shit dad anyway.

be a man and raise your kid

fucking retard why didnt you use birth control or a condom?


do the deed, raise the seed.

you can try to convince her not to have it. on paper, calculate the cost of raising a kid for a YEAR. write down all the risks of going through a pregancy. do you both work? did you finish school?


are you stupid? women can get pregnant from a one night stand, 2 months of having sex even semi regularly is more than enough time to get pregnant.

grow the fuck up. you are about to make another single mother in the world. do the world a favour and get neutered

maybe next time think before you act, also, this advice is still useful because you could end up with another kid if you keep being a retard

It’s a tripfag what do you expect

If you're old enough to fuck then you're old enough to raise a kid. Embrace it and be a good father.

She used birth control and still ended up pregnant for everyone saying i’m dumb

Keep it an be fucking proud of yourself, cockhead. You are going to be a father. Abortion, damn how can you even think about that you irresponsible fucktard.


>banging outside of marriage
>trusting she actually was using birth control
You deserve this desu

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the real issue is how do you screw up putting a condom on.

ahahaha you're fucked

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The big costs to raising a kid aren't even in the first year. It's college, the need for a bigger house and everything that entails, paying for childcare or loss of one parents potential income if one person stays at home to raise it, extra health-care costs (a lot, becomes even more if there is ANYTHING wrong with the kid at all even bad eyesight or allergies), gas and car and time of your life driving the kid to school and activities, and THEN all the small shit like diapers and toys and formula and equipment, and of course kids these days expect iPhones and Macbooks and top game systems or they flip their shit, imagine the kind of expensive gadgets kids will have in 12+ years when OP's hypothetical brat goes to middle school and sees all the kids with their fancy toys. Of course you may be able to raise them to not care about this stuff, but it will isolate them from their peers for sure.

Basically, going from 0 kids to 1 kid is a HUGE sacrifice and change of lifestyle. Your entire life has to be set up for it and it costs money to raise an independent adult that won't sit in your basement and demand tendies at age 30.

It's way easier than most people realize. If you don't pinch the tip as you roll it on, if you don't use lube, if you keep the condom in your wallet or in your car, if you use the wrong kind of lube, if it's old, if it's the wrong size...

You believed her when she said she was on birth control? Even if she was she was probably using it wrong like most dumb whores. You need to take the pill at the same hour every day and NEVER forget one or the effectiveness goes down drastically. I mean look it can happen, getting pregnant when using it perfectly, but the chances are like one percent over a whole year of sex. If you just got unlucky then yeah I feel bad for you, but you did take the risk of having sex. I bet you two didn't even talk about if you were on the same page about what to do in case of pregnancy. This is why you need to ask shit like this before fucking someone. Don't be an idiot again and learn your lesson at least.

Even if you want nothing to do with the kid they'll still come looking for you eventually. And if one person in your family does 23andme they'll find you one day. You can't run from this. Try to convince her to have an abortion I guess, like said, maybe you can induce one somehow by sneaking the proper pills into her before 9 weeks, but if you get caught you go to jail as it is a crime.

I had birth control fail on me. Shit sucks, bro. If you two are not in a reasonable position to keep the kid, you need to bring this up. It's better to have a kid when you're secure enough to safely raise one, and it can fuck a kid up a lot if they are and are treated as unwanted. But I don't have to tell you this.

Unless you have DNA proof (I can't stress this enough) *and* want to be held legally responsible, whatever happens, don't sign birth certificate, nor publicize your situation with your family/acquaintances in any way. Keep this under wraps at all times.
Do seek legal advice with a lawyer immediately. A good place to start would be local men's rights organizations.

>She used birth control
You trusted a woman with birth control. That was your main mistake.
If she's pregnant, then the most likely possibility (sorry to say, it's just how it is, hard numbers and all) is that she lied about being on birth control.
If she really lied about birth control (again, most likely possibility, sorry), then she's a liar. You can't know how many other guys she's been with. It can even be that she KNEW was pregnant before even doing it with you. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Marry her

Nope, not in this case. It was an IUD; I was there when it was put in by a doctor, and I was there when it was removed by a doctor. You can't fake that.

It frankly pretty shitty that your opinion of women is so low that you assume that's how it went down. I know the kid is mine, I know the IUD was there. Our marriage is going great and my son is going to be ten soon.

Have hope, anons. Life may not go as planned but there are decent women out there. Be a decent guy yourself and you'll find one.

And double up on birth control methods. Just a tip.

>Nope, not in this case. It was an IUD;
Yet, we can't make assumptions about the OP.
>I know the kid is mine,
By "I know" you mean DNA tested, I hope.
>It frankly pretty shitty that your opinion of women is so low
People, not women. You might have been fortunate, but it's wild out there.
>that you assume that's how it went down.
If you read carefully, you'll see I never assumed anything. I just tell it as it is. Even if it's unpleasant, that's unfortunately very common.
>And double up on birth control methods. Just a tip.

>People, not women. You might have been fortunate, but it's wild out there.

When you say "trust a woman" instead of "trust a person", you tend to imply a certain level of misogyny over misanthropy.

What do you want me to do, apologize for using the word woman when talking about a woman?
Seriously, cut it.

No, I just won't accept someone clearly being an presumptive asshole.

Innocent until proven guilty.

>Innocent until proven guilty.
You're unironically saying this while accusing him?

how does it feel user
you have created another creature and there's no way to stop it from coming into this world. I hope the sex was worth it, because now you're in for a life of child care or child support

yeah user that’s shit. but being candid and coming to terms with it. also check to make sure it is yours. that always helps. but at the end of the day regardless of your political stance if she doesn’t want the abortion at this moment in time she has that right and really just be clear with her and tell her your intentions

>I want to sire many children and raise them myself
>still a KV at 21
>then this faggot appears

The grass may be greener on the other side user, but make no mistake, OP's grass is about be lit on fire and then shat upon by a million dogs and homeless men.

It is noble to want to have and raise children, but in the right context of a stable and positive environment. OP does not have this at all. That kid and both parents' lives may all very well turn out horrible, like so many others. These situations make it very easy for everything to go to shit.