Cheated on gf

I cheated on my gf, what do I do now? My gf is the sweetest person I know; she's very compassionate, caring and always there for me. When I met her she was in a dark place, commiting self harm and worse. Now that we've spent a fair amount of time together, she's become much better, we're both always there for each other, I'm all she has now. What should I do now?

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suck it up and tell her. If she leaves you, you've got no one to blame for your failure.

no one to blame but yourself*

so you just went and fucked some other bitch because she had big tiddies or something that your gf doesn't have? if that's the case, it's not a big deal, and if your girlfriend knows what's good for her, she won't make a big deal about it, as long as you are honest.

Leave her so she can date someone who isn't a piece of shit.
Cheating is the worst thing you could do.

is it tho? If she didn't know she'd continue being happy.

>haha there's no problem being in a relationship built on lies! That'll never backfire!

Kill yourself for being a scumbag. Seriously. Kill yourself. You deserve it. Filth.

>OP literally explains how their relationship was built over time, how he helped her pull herself out of a dark spot, they support each other and he still very much appears to love her
>he wants to get his dick wet once in some other bitch that is, supposedly, of little to no importance

the mind of a beta/woman

Yeah, if you cheat, it means you care more about getting your dick wet than you care about your actual relationship

>Cheated on my girlfriend
>What do i do now
You slice your wrists like the human trash that you are.
The post you made reeks of "I'm bored, maybe i'll make this post about cheating on my loving girlfriend no biggie".
There should've been laws in place so that anyone could justify beating people like you.
Imagine raising your son only to realize he turned into subhuman trash.

hey retard, where does OP say the other woman is of little importance? You're not making baseless assumptions are you? That's a bad habit.

On the other end, you have no idea how long "a fair amount of time" is. it could be a couple months for all you know. which is more than enough to push the girl off into the deep end.

She will find out eventually. No matter what.

>where does OP say the other woman is of little importance
somewhat a fair point faggot, i'll give you that, but my assumption is not baseless - if the other woman was of importance, he would've said something about her, but he didn't and talked only about his GF. indeed though, he could be having a relationship with the other girl.
also nowhere did i say they've been together for a "long time", but apparently they've been through some tough shit together (or is that also an assumption, based on OPs post?), which has to have taken some time in any case. i doubt you are this retarded to think that the number of months/years spent together is more important than the actual content of the relationship.

you are infinitely stupid

>The mind of a beta/woman.
People like you makes me wish it was legal to kill someone.
Holy shit.

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I think we can both agree that faggot OP was too vague in his post, and is probably a beta cuck who just wanted to boast to someone that he's had sex with more than one miserable woman to brush his ego.

eh, i can agree with that, yeah
fucking sociopath lmao

I could've cheated on my gf with a hot woman from college. We were both drunk and she sat on my lap and told me that she wanted me etc. I simply stood silent and told her I shouldn't be doing that stuff, because I have a GF. She insisted. I said "I really shouldn't". And then I left so I could drink some water.

That's how you resist. That's when you love someone. And dude, I liked that girl and she's hot, but I like my gf more because she makes me feel loved.

If you did that horrible thing to your gf, it can only either mean that you don't care as much for her or that you're a hothead. Either way, tell her. It will end up backfiring or destroying your relationship and being worse.

If I was you I would never mention it if you want to keep your gf if that’s what you mean

Break up with her.

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why does this trigger you people so much? are all of you women who have been cheated on and it hurts? maybe date better men. or are you soya boys whiteknighting women? get a grip

Why did you do it?

>we're both always there for each other
Except for when you're there for another woman's twat.
>What should I do now?
Get your toxic meatstick tested. Condoms only protect against herpes 65% of the time. Have a face-to-face chat with your gf and let her know what you've done. Then take a swan dive off an overpass.

>people with basic morals must be women
whew lad

Kill yourself and rid the world of a tiny portion of its cheating scum

People here are acting like it's literal genocide or mass shooting being committed. Even those are glorified here. But cheat and it's actually bad

Cheating is the breaking of an implicit contractual relationship agreement. You now have a moral obligation to inform your girlfriend that you have broken this agreement, so she can be on equal terms to renegotiate your relationship, including ending it, which is well within her right.

From this point on, anything else is just the exploitation and profit of her faith in you. The man she thinks she is dating no longer exists. You are not the man she thinks you are.

Why are you acting like this is some legal case? They're dating, they aren't married so who cares. If OP cheats on her then clearly she wasn't the one

>They're dating, they aren't married so who cares.
Not him, but it's because continuing a relationship you are one-sidedly disrespecting is analogous to fraud, should it ever continue onto marriage. I.e. if OP cheats on her it means he's a piece of shit, which he is obligated to disclose lest she sign for a good man and end up with him instead.

>make post about being a piece of shit
>get called out for being a piece of shit
>"Jeeze people with standards and morals are either women or basedboys"

OP you are genuinely a horrible person and you need to tell her because she clearly deserves better. You're too childish to have a meaningful relationship.