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You know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

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I always have too much to handle. I need to ignore a lot of shit just to function properly.

Tomorrow I go in to get a fitted uniform as a United States Officer and all I can do tonight is drink and listen to Billie Ellish songs feeling nostalgic about young love and how I will never have that again.

I did all I could for a long time to save a friendship but still got ghosted anyway, I'm aware we both messed up so I'm trying to forgive them and let go of things but it will take some time. They were my best friend and I'll always treasure our good times together, too bad it didn't work out.

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I loved you. It's sad I have to carry on by myself, but I guess things wouldn't have worked out for the best if we stuck together just for the sake of it.

If it's true that I made you a better person than I am proud to have helped.

Always and Forever

You did help. You don't realize how much you changed my outlook. I truly am grateful for the experience and in the past while I have started to learn and grow. Though I am still figuring out what I want now, I hope to find it. You meant something to me and sill always hold a special place in my heart. I'm tearing up as i write this, but my number won't change. If you ever decide to talk to me, I'll always be there.

I hope to be a better person in the future and want to be the person you wanted me to ultimately be. I hate that I had to learn everything I have from you. I truly hate that you had to be the one i lost to find that out. So, you will always be there but not.

I love you. I always will.

One more time I will reach out- I will always wonder if you don't want me at my best. If you don't want me then. Then I know it truly was not meant to be.

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Inorder to move on as an adult, I have to stop being angry at a dead person.

Forgiveness for the self is hard, you know? She's dead, and she can never right the wrongs, but me holding onto the anger is so bad for my health.

I need to learn to let go, but it's hard

FUCK Monday.

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I'm an only girl in an all male friend group (3 other guys and me) and the problem is i caught feelings for one of them and i wanna die.
They're all on Jow Forums 24/7 and hate women but always tell me that i'm different and normal and not a whore like most other girls. They also always make degrading jokes about women but i dont really mind it at all.

The main problem is that i feel like i'll never be viewed as anything more than a friend by that one guy i like. It's like we're always going to be great friends, i'll always be there for him and he'll be there for me if i ever need it but i fucking hate that im just that. A friend.
And no matter how much i try to kinda get his attention or get him to like me it doesn't work and idk what to do anymore.

I'm not the type of girl to be all over guys or dress slutty to impress them or try hard to be with someone but now im contemplating it.

I don't know what to do. I can either let it go and try to suppress my feelings or just tell the guy i like him and potentially ruin the friendship i have with all of them

this site is a bit sexist

incels, schizos, racists, pointless memes can post all they want but they ban female users. I see right through you

why won't a guy just actually really fucking love me and not have a crush and suddenly decide I'm too good for him or whatever the fuck excuse they have and disappear, crying because he is dumping me so I feel guilty for getting dumped

I have no one in this world
I just want someone to love me

They ban pretty much any faggot that triggers them why do you think the *tink* *tink* Pepe's happened?

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I miss her, I miss her so fucking much. She left me because she "fell out of love" but still wanted to be best friends.

I told her off, and now she wanted nothing to do with me.

I'm confused but ok

my god i'm so fucking alone sometimes i just hug the air pretending there's an actual person, or maybe just leave some clothes around my neck to pretend it's someone's arms.
why can't i feel love for anyone i don't want sexual pleasing i just want to feel love why can't i find anyone

don't dress slutty or change what you are user, this can only potentially ruin everything. anything but this

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This board used to not be so infiltrated but it has been overrun this year. I think a lot of the posts are just bored, teenaged trolls but the constant stream has ruined the “atmosphere.” I don’t spend as much time here because of it.

Are you waiting for me?

Lol legbeard. Legit the female equivalent of a white knight kek

I am waiting for you still..

>if only this wasn't a coincidence

Today’s driving lesson was such a good distraction from my anxiety, feels weird to be back to that shit.

gf liked instagram posts of a fucker she used to have sex with. i hope I'll never see him irl. I'd simply want to punch him in the eye but would end up a shivering mess anyway. am i overreacting, should i talk this out or simply forget to prevent looking like the insecure I actually am

I'm in this newish long distance relationship, on the weekend i finally got to see her again after a couple months. The whole time leading up to us seeing each other we couldn't stop talking about how excited we were (literally up till the day before i arrived), when i finally got to see her and be with her, the first day went ok, we got to spend the night hanging out together but i could feel something was off, the second day i was with her and a group of friends of ours for lunch, and then bowling at night. I don't know what changed but on the second day she was acting cold, barely speaking to me, avoiding me, or even looking my way.
I'm back in my home city and am stressed tf out cause i really want to make this work but don't know what to do, or whats going on.
I've tried msg'ing her but she is isn't responding and its killing me.

I don't even know if you want to talk to me, quite honestly.
I am waiting for you this time.

you should be brave then, because fear gets you nowhere, and I don't have a way to contact you

>sorry for roleplaying, I feel like helping someone since I can't help myself, best of luck

That's the problem. I have been brave. They have not.

And I don't know what to think of that besides that I should give up. I don't want to give up, though.

I don't know the situation.
Have you made a thread about it?
Or asked in the q&a?


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Get off Jow Forums and meet other guys/healthy people while still maintaining your friendship with them. Ask dude to hang 1-on-1. You’ll quickly figure out he’s so fucking lazy and awful as a romantic partner he’s not worth your time.

t. befriends exclusively 4cha addicts for the initial hot sex

I think I may have made a friend in love with me, by being the straight version of her gay best friend.

I’m bitchy about others to no end, i make dirty jokes and we talk about sex. I broke my rules about never complimenting a woman’s looks when i told her that she looks sexy with her hair tied up.

Because i can. I can have absolutely zero filter with her and it’s great. I might love her for it.

She has a boyfriend though. That’s okay because the only reason i can open up to her this way is because i never got attached or attracted to her when we first met. I have one foot out the door like a cold emotionless robot, when I know i could like her.

There’s been a few hints here and there that she’d rather be with me.


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>like girl
>think she likes you too
>realize she's not that into you and is only really friends with you because "everybody needs a friend" like some pathetic pity project
It's like some being made of ice reached into my chest and squeezed my heart

Stupid irrational bitch. Every time you turn on a dime and go from happy to hysterical. You know if the tables were turned I would never place these expectations and blame on you. How can you feel so justified?

I actually want you to be happy, you just want me to feel miserable and small. And yet you're not faltering, you still want this relationship, in this state, forever. How? What are you gaining from this?

We were fine yesterday.


pic selected at random and completely unrelated

I really need some insight. I am in a graduate program for Information Technology, and I fucking hate it. I like some of my coursework, but everything pretty much borders on tedious and boring. It's not super difficult, but it's not sexy or exciting. The point is I would like a career that has flexible scheduling, the opportunity to telecommute or work from home, and ideally its not something that I may not be the greatest passion of my life, but it is at least something that I enjoy. IT appears to be good for the most of that, except that it's just not for me. Any advice or insights on this? A friend told me that life is a shit sandwich and all work sucks...what matters is the having the most bread. This jaded, cynical outlook...isn't true I hope, but if that's just how it is, please let me know. Any insights? Anyone struggling with vocations or careers or any of that? I have always thought it would be cool to go into writing or literary translation or education, but you hear nothing but horror stories.

forgot my fucking pic lol whoops

I'm just spending the says thinking about him. This guy, Jay, probably doesn't even know how much he is on my mind and my heart. He doesn't seem to feel the same or he would be in my life. Yet I can't seem to let go. So here I am, still waiting, like a fool.

>miss typo after submitted file
>co-worker says "you misspelled "x" but everything else is good
>send file back to me to make the change instead of just making the quick fix and telling me about it after
I realize I made the mistake but why the runaround? Just make the fix real fast so we can move on

Jays are asshole liars. The sooner you accept the truth, the better.

Again listening to unnecessary sex jokes from teacher ugh (I’m adult)

How do I prevent getting blushed when dealing with stuff like that? I hate that.

yikes tho what happened?
but you're right they are liars

The YouTube content in this timeline is terrible

i can literally not relate more

If she’d rather be with you, then she would be with you by now. Don’t flatter yourself user.

There's something that overemotional people that pisses me off, but I can't point out what. Even if I do admit that I can easilly sympathise with people in general, hanging out with those who talk as if everything is always against them just get on my nerves.

It's because they might not necessarily have the emotional understand/range that you do but what they do have they express very freely.

Don't blame them that's really all they know if they could see it from your perspective with the wisdom you have in emotions they would realize that dwelling upon them seems silly

How do you think does it mean that I unconsciously like him?

I’d like some feedback, man

God the energy in this timeline feels like we just went back a year

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I feel bad honestly. I wish I didn’t feel like this.

Y'all feel grose I'ma finna kill myself

Srsly tho I'm getting depressed now

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My 2 best friends recently stopped being my friends.

1st is a guy who I've known for the last 10 years. He used to give me the silent treatment for up to 2 years once, and its always over things I didn't even know about and he always expected me to apologize. Then I told him recently that if he has an issue, he has to bring it up rather than ignore me. He ignores me for about 7 months now and I still don't know whats going on and I asked him about it, but he said nothing. So I gave up on him and I feel guilty over that but I don't want to be treated like shit by him, its been 10 years of that.

2nd friend broke up with my first friend, and then started coming onto me, but then made it seem like I was just a rebound to her and I told her we need to go about our lives separately. She didn't seem to know why I would want that, and in her head she was just "friendly" but she never acted that way and it was too flirty to just be friendly and I didn't like the fact she was using me. I also feel bad about leaving her because its hard to think a friend would use you like that, but she did but she refuses to take any responsibility for it and claims that she "has no control over how I feel", but her words and actions do and if it wasn't for her initiating things I wouldn't even consider her romantically so she had to be doing something and I felt like she used me as a crutch to get over her ex and start dating around and that made me feel shitty.

Why do I blame myself for everything? if I knew there was something I did wrong, I'd confront them about it but it seems to me that I've been treated like shit all this time, and they take no responsibility for it and it makes me feel like I actually lost friends because of ME. Why do I feel so shitty?

I'm cheating trash, I'm so sorry

I guess I kinda liked him a bit

some people are sensitive, so are some animals, it's biological and that is proven.

I still don't have my driver's license and I'm a virgin at 19. It sucks being an average man, literally no support from anyone.

stay frosty dipshit


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Two shy people who cannot talk to each other. I don't know what to say or what to do. All I want to do is speak to him, get to know him. But I continue to doubt myself because I am always the one initiating. I'm leaving the country next year and if the feeling really is mutual, I want to at least see him and get to know him more before that happens. He has no idea I'm going anywhere. Whether he would care or not, I don't know. I don't know how to bring it up either. I don't want this person to be a passerby in my life. I never actually thought I would ever feel this way, as I'm someone who is perfectly content with solitude.

But this person....makes me not want to be alone. I don't know what it means...I don't know what love is yet...

>be skinny guy
>not Jow Forums, but I take care of myself
>the crush is a chubby chaser

Shit sucks.

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now I feel bad for that guy, what if he's serious

Buying me tickets for that show was nice hearty action of yours, but it's actually makes no sense. Honestly, you'd better not.

I will stop making bad decisions, I will maintain this path of life I am on - I will carry on and I will do well.

A cute girl sat next to me today on the bus. I believe she was interested in me, but I was too tired and too scared to make the first move. Kinda stupid from me, but I'm glad I saw her today, really lifted my mood.
I also managed to go running again after a two month hiatus. Something's wrong with the left shoe so I might get a blister tomorrow, but I'm sure I can fix it. And I'm proud for not losing too much of my cardio.

Today was a good day, frens.

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I’m scared of getting hurt too.


as a shy dude he probably really likes you and it’s really hard to open up! Like really really hard!
I hope everything works out anonette, tell him you’re leaving at least so he knows

I actually have really severe yellow fever.
I don't even have interest in other girls anymore.

Yeah, the bus approaches don't usually go well. The only girl I tried to talk to on the bus, got off one stop before the stop she told me she'd get off from. The bus didn't have that many people, so I didn't care much.
And I once sat next to a cute girl because I didn't see other empty seats and I didn't even say anything to her, but she got up to sit next to some old woman in front of me. I felt like killing myself, kek.

How much do you run btw? I need to start again also.

I'm hopeless

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In spite of being surrounded all weekend by loving friends who treat me with warmth and affection —- I instead crave the tiny crumbs of feeling I might elicit from an unavailable manchild.

I'm so tired of it all. Why did I have to be a creative person and not into maths or something. I'd make way more money and not want to an hero daily

I feel anxiety

That lady in wine shirt seems annoying

I won't survive dating a woman. It seemed okay as concept, but now I look at you and it feels too weird.

Why does it feel weird?

Just fucking do math then

I'm sick of Jow Forums

Happy birthday I guess. Not sure why you ghosted me, nothing even happened.

Well i'm sure you're at least okay so keep on keeping on?

It’s weird to talk about my future with college and work, because it’s difficult for me to believe that I’ll keep myself alive that long. It’s strange to think about the fact that my friends have no idea when they may be seeing me last. I should probably write something so everyone understands afterward. It’s probably not that big of a deal though, at most they’d grieve for about two weeks, life goes on.

And your parents?

I don’t want to think about that.

Well if that's your response then you obviously know that you should.
In regards to your friends, I don't know how your relationship is but you might be right. But considering your response that's very likely not the case with your family. In that case ending it will just transfer the pain, not stop it.
I don't think i'm giving you any revelation, you've probably thought of all of this. But should still be said.

how do you even find Jow Forums users irl?

He'll be back. You weren't his bff. He only made you think that. You were a tool. He'll use you again. He'll make you believe it was all your fault. Give it three to four months tops. And you'll still be dumb and take him back happy to be bff again. It's a cycle. It'll always be a cycle until you get off the ride.

I only keep going so long off the sake of my parents’ convenience.

>be female
>be aware of trying to eat foods that contain iron daily
>do this by having liverwurst almost everyday
>period comes
>still get anemic sleeps anyway

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How do I stop giving a fuck?

Life cereal has a decent amount of iron. You could also just take a gummy supplement if you're an anti pill child.

i (still) have a huge crush on my co-worker