Anybody have an idea what this is?

I got a bite here over a week ago and thought nothing of it but within the last couple days it has flared up to a ridiculous size. It’s extremely painful and itchy, and just yesterday there was no purple, only some pink/red coloration.

Any help is much appreciated

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Could be a staph infection. You need medical attention.

Go to the ER immediately.

If you wait further, this could develop past the point of repair.

To put it simply: get to a doctor

I’ve heard staph, infected bite, poison ivy... no solid answer, I guess that’s what a medical professional is for but I would treat it myself if I could

>but I would treat it myself if I could

You can't treat staph yourself - and yes bites from spiders and the like can result in a staph infection. Go to a doctor before you lose your fucking foot.

Is this something I could go to a walk in clinic for?

Yeah. Anywhere where they can look at it and give antibiotics.

Stop touching it meanwhile. Wash your hands like you're scrubbing in for surgery if you do. If you've got any kind of wound dressings now would be a good time to apply one.

I’m not convinced that it’s staph as there’s no pus, only a clear, yellowish liquid that comes out from the small blisters around the area. Is it possible that it’s very inconveniently placed poison ivy reaction over a spider bite?

Either way, I’ll go to a clinic in the morning

Pus doesn't form immediately in infections. The fact that it's inflamed and painful is all you need to know. Honestly I would not be waiting until morning for an infection like that.

This is also on my arm but it looks to be a poison ivy reaction

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Have you actually had any poison ivy contact?

Friendly reminder that any open wound, such as one you might develop from ivy, can get infected. Friendly reminder that any infection you do have can be spread simply by you touching the infected area and then touching another spot on your body where the bacteria can enter.

I believe so. I was tearing down bushes and plants from the side of a building just over a week ago, then the bumps first showed up

I'm looking at pictures of poison ivy rash and none of those red spots match up with what I'm seeing here, which is more of a spread out, small blistering.

You definitely have at least one major infection, whether or not it's ivy related you need powerful antibiotics yesterday.

Remember that people still die from infections. It's not some relic of the past that we've eradicated through vaccination. That placement on your ankles means that they'd be likely to take everything from the knee down if it came to amputation. Would you rather visit a doctor now, and probably a few more times for check ups in the next couple of weeks, or have half your leg taken off?

Aye, and it’s a stupid way to lose a perfectly good leg.

The walk in clinic opens at 8am, it’s about all I can afford but hopefully they give me steroids and antibiotics

So that’s under 6 hours from now, I think I can make it that long

>open wound
>no healing over a week
>extreme pain
>spreading erythema
>dusky skin indicating possible hypoxia

holy fuck go see a doctor

You better have your tetaus shots

Looks like cankles too so risk of hypoxia is even worse.

Staph infection. Get to the er or a clinic immediately.