Would you love a girl just because she loves you?

Would you overlook a lot of mistakes, defects and a dark past for a girl who actually loves you?

But not like she likes you or see you as a boyfriend; she actually loves you

She actually loves you and see the father of her kids and a beautiful future with you

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>Would you love a girl just because she loves you?

I would. If she commits to me before I commit to her then sure. That means she won't leave and that's all I really want.

I don't i'm that desperate user.

Fuck no. I would never, ever fall for some bullshit like that.

Even if you could "overlook" it, you will never forget it.

Actions have consequences. Women forget this. Don't be guy #37.

Do you love her back? I think people can change, and a lot of mistakes can be forgiven if a person demonstrates they've really learned and grown in the time since those things happen. So it really depends on how distant that "dark past" is, if she figured it out before she got together with you, or if she's just telling you she'll change for you when she was still doing that stuff a week before you got together. People can change, but not easily, and habits don't break overnight. Forgive peoples' mistakes, but don't forget them or overlook them

a lot of women say the exact same thing, mean it, truly mean it, then change their mind years later to the absolute heartbreak and confusion of a man

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To be fair though, a lot of men are exactly the same

i fell for that 3 times with 3 diff chicks. 2 of them tricked me more than once or twice. one of them was asking me to propose to her in spite of the fact that she was a whore. i told her i would never marry her in her current state, and she told me if i can commit to her she will do the same and leave behind everything else. she is married now to someone else...she is still a whore. i believe in the thing that people can change but that doesnt apply to whoring. once a whore, always a whore. learned that the hard way.

In high school, I turned down a girl that absolutely loved me, everyone knew she did, was always sweet, voice got a bit higher when talking to me. I wasn’t interested, I still haven’t had a date in my life and I’m fine with it.

Imagine being so starved out of attention that you would actually consider this.
Are you retarded?

Not only, I guess.
Honestly, love isn't that amazing.

If I liked you, and you liked me, and I trusted you, and you trusted me, and you said like "hey I did some shitty stuff" or "hey some shitty stuff happened to me" I don't think I'd be like "I never want to talk to you again."

But it's a two way street man. Your feelings aren't the only ones that matter. Like this hypothetical guy is way more complicated than a box you can put love into and receive unconditional acceptance.

I'm not fucking Jesus.


Im assuming this is you we are talking about, so what kind of dark past, mistakes, etc. are we talking about?

>Would you overlook a lot of mistakes, defects and a dark past for a girl who actually loves you?
No, true love is another myth. All love is subjective. So if you have flaws that I am incapable of coping with, then I will not love you.

>Would you overlook a lot of mistakes, defects and a dark past
No, never. One way or another, they must be honestly presented and dealt with, and if something is unacceptable to begin with no amount of 'good behavior' will change that fact.

I might change some of how I react to a given bit of information based off of other factors, i.e. if there's any apparent remorse, whether there has been a significant change in behavior since the past actions occurred, and so on. But a girl's stated 'love' for me doesn't factor into that directly. It could intensify my response, since if they loved me they would presumably give my words that much more weight. For example, while I wouldn't go from being unforgiving to forgiving or vice versa, I would be more harsh or more comforting, respectively, in expressing what I feel.

That's not how it works. She still may leave you

No but I do firmly believe that whoever you pick as a long term partner should really love you.

>dark past
Why do we always have to do this silly little dance, the fact is that you were a slut and now realize that because of your actions you're lower on the scale than you'd like to be, hindering you from aiming as high as you'd like.
>B-but now I wanna have keedz
You're not getting anywhere close to my seed harlot.

Yes, without a doubt.

But I'd hate myself for being so weak-willed, and that would inevitably overshadow and sabotage any relationship I began with her as I constantly second-guessed my feelings for her and felt guilty about not being able to reciprocate the unconditionality of her love.

Thankfully, I'll never be in a relationship again, so this won't be a problem I'll ever have to face.

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there's a good chance
not being disgusted by me is a quality I look for in a woman

Women can't. Even if they think they 'love' something, they don't know what they want or feel and it would eventually or quickly fade with time. Only feelings women never let go of is spiteful shit. They don't know how to love. Not really. Requires a lot of things that women rarely obtain; self-respect, true communication, understanding, being trustworthy. Just not in their nature.

What a moron. You don’t know anything about love, I doubt you would be able to love because of your moronic belief.

Do you honestly think men are capable of love? So stupid


Know that the silent majority agrees with you.

This is exactly what im going through...really sweet girl, loves anime, plays pokemon and all that shit

But she only showers and brushes her teeth like once a week. Her pussy really stinks. Trying to bring this up a nice way and shit


Lol its nice being married. I just tell my wife to take a fucking shower.

Tbh I think shes nasty out of poorness.

I fall in love with girls if they are even somewhat nicer to me than normal, of course I would.

If she owns a shower and doesn’t use it it’s not because she’s poor lol