Do I have any right to be upset?

>20th birthday
>weeks leading up to bday gf asks what I wanna do
>I'm not a big birthday person so I just tell her all I want is pizza and sex
>she agrees
>birthday rolls around
>its the morning and I'm horny as fuck
>we're both awake and laying in bed
>try to initiate sex
>she says she was planning on doing it later
>evening comes around
>get closer, managed to finger her for 5 minutes but then we had to go out for dinner with friends
>night time comes around
>she now complains she's too "sick" to have sex
>agrees to have sex early morning
>early morning comes around and she is still "too sick" to have sex
>yet somehow isn't sick enough to go into work

Honestly cannot stand this behavior, I love this girl so much, but this makes me so fucking angry

If you're well enough for 8 hours of work, you're well enough for 15 minutes of fucking.

am I wrong?

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m8 you're being too whiny and it's unattractive as fuck.
>agrees to have sex early morning
I mean wtf? If she doesn't wanna have sex, act like it ain't no fucking thang. Don't make it a routine. Don't you got shit to do, with or without her?

You're over thinking the length and complexity of these agreements.
And yes, I'm at work now, sexually frustrated and pissed off.

This bitch is awful sexually, I have no choice to try and arrange it, cause she never acts on a whim.

>This bitch is awful sexually, I have no choice to try and arrange it, cause she never acts on a whim.
Sounds like the seams are coming apart. Maybe she was molested man, who knows. Time to have a talk with her about needs and wants.

>If she doesn't wanna have sex, act like it ain't no fucking thang. Don't make it a routine.
Don't get married, then.

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Maybe she doesn’t like sex. Maybe she feels bad. Maybe you do something wrong.

If you're sexually unfulfilled talk to her like an adult. If that doesn't work out break up. Don't resent her for something that's completely normal and don't go whining online behind her back.

If you are old enough to have sex you should be mature enough to get this. Jesus christ dude.

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I immediately read the title, followed by the first words that appeared which were "Too sick to have sex", and I don't need to read the rest to know you 100% without a doubt have zero right to be upset.

Not everything is about sex, and sometimes you have to consider how other people feel and what they want. Your timing is terrible, and if you were patient she would've had sex with you, but you were busy trying to stick your fingers in her puss every 60 seconds. Slow the fuck down lol she's obviously uncomfortable because you keep pressuring her and she just wants a boyfriend to do stuff other than fuck which she could find any bum to do it with.

And by the way, I bet you that entire day she hinted at wanting to do something with people (Birthday party, dinner with friends) and just get to have a nice normal day, she had you in the back of her mind, bothering her by being a total dumb ass.

>ask for nothing more than a quickie and some pizza on your birthday
>people on Jow Forums call you entitled
lmao this site

Was with you until here. If I don't want to do much on my birthday that's my business. If my SO has a problem with that, that's really fucking weird.

I mean, yeah, I think so.

I think it's about the same as flaking anything.
Your relationship with your girlfriend is important, and she disrespected a desire that you made vocal and she agreed to.
So, I mean, that's kinda fucked up.
I'd say to disrespect it a little more. Call her out. Tell her you think this is bullshit.

Like "too sick to have sex"? Seriously? All you do is lay there anyway.
Or like, OK fine, let's go to the doctor, man. Too sick to have sex sounds pretty bad. It's not like you're running a marathon.

Like yeah, you could be too sick to flake on me, but I don't believe you. You said we could do this, it's important to me, and you're like, nah, actually the way I feel right now is more important.

Obviously you shouldn't try to get her to have sex with you at this point. You shouldn't bully her into fucking you. She has the right to say no at any point.
but that definitely doesn't mean you have to be OK with her turning you down after you had made arrangements. In fact, you shouldn't be. You're entitled to your own feelings as much as she's entitled to sexual autonomy.

But anyway, I think this kind of thing happens to guys all the time.
Marriage counselors say it's in bad taste to flake on sex. They're kinda pro "sex appointments", which end up being pretty solid for marriages, even though it might sound awkward.

Sorry I meant "yeah, I think you're right to be upset".

Whatever you do, don't do this

I can already tell you are bad in bed and bad at being a boyfriend hence the rejection

Pushing her will get you rightfully dumped

>15 minutes of fucking
Do you have a shrimp dick, or is that all you can manage?

I think the issue may be that you gave her 2 options and neither of them are unpredictable or particularly hard for her to do. You both can figgity fuck any night of the week so why does your birthday have to be special. Also, if she wasn't really in the mood, the sex would have been lackluster anyways.

I think you are in the wrong on this one. This is because of your out-of-proportion birthday desires. Can you not just have pizza and sex on nonbirthdays? What makes it so special? I guess it'd be the social equivalent of me just saying "I want to do what I normally do but I ESPECIALLY want to do it on my birthday and also I'm not big on birthdays!" No offense user but it seems like you were just using your birthday as an excuse for sex.

t. 23 year old who also doesn't celebrate his own birthday

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Good read user

We just don't have sex much, and I wanted a guaranteed day of relaxing (as it was Sunday) and sex.

I don't get it often at all, and its something I feel incredibly unfulfilled on.
I think you got the wrong impression, cause despite reading what you said, I don't really agree that sex with your partner is really a burden.

>a quickie and pizza
I usually get dinner and dessert from the missus, plus or minus lunch (though we usually go out for at least one of those meals).
I usually don't have to ask for the sex. Or the head. I just get it. It's one day of the year, we usually both work to have it off, and it's not like I'm especially demanding about the sex that day in particular.

Considering all the pretext for it, maybe OP's girl isn't interested in sex any more (or at all).

Asking for pizza and sex for your birthday does not make you entitled.

Throwing a fit because you didn't get what you want for your birthday is childish as fuck, and yeah, kind of entitled.

What an exaggeration, I've just asked for advice lol
Not like I confronted my gf about it

Look, you're gonna get a lot of rage just cuz that's what happens here on Jow Forums.

The fact is that you had an agreement and she annulled, so you're at least owed some sort of explanation beyond two or three words. (I was denied sex when my girlfriend was dealing with a rash caused by some allergy for instance, because, that could make us both sicker. Fair explanation, better than "I'm sick.")

The thing about a relationship is both sides make compromises. So it may be time to address the ugly elephant in the room OP: why is your girlfriend so sexually averse compared to you?

My girlfriend and I are sexual equals, in libido and demand and sense of equity. It's important to establish those as sexual compatibility is very serious in adult relationships. Even if that's both of you simply agreeing you don't want it, you have to make that step of agreeing.

I think you need to talk to your girlfriend about whether your needs are going to be met, and what to do about them not being met currently.

Could be worse, you could be a 19-year-old virgin man like me.

Sex is only about 15% better than using your hand so don't worry too much about it

Easy to say, but I don't know the difference from my hand.

In what way is it an exaggeration? You're on here, pissed off that you didn't get what you want.

Listen, I'm not saying you're a bad guy. I'm saying this one reaction is an entitled one, and you're coming off as childish in this instance. It doesn't say anything about you as a person in general. We all have those moments.

If all you want is someone to tell you that you're right, just say so. Until then, I'm just telling you what it looks like from the outside.

If you want advice, ask for advice. I'll gladly give whatever advice I can. But you asked if you were wrong. When you do that, don't get pissed if someone tells you that you are.

If sex is only 15% better than you're hand, you're either having really shitty sex, or you're masturbation savant.

I'm going to give you the hard truth right now. She is no longer attracted to you than she once was. Skip the "she's not in the mood", "it's not only about sex". The reason why she gives every excuse under the sun and pushes it back is beacuse she doesn't like you that much anymore.

A girl who actually likes you will want to do anything for you. Hell she would have have sex first then get the pizza then sex again. All this with out even ASKING. She would do it automatically. I know this will sound weird to you that some girl would do that but it's true. At this point I would stand back and really think if this girl would be worth still being with. If your relationship with her has ran its course.

Yeah I see you love her, but what it seems to me is that you love her more than she loves you. The excuse that she was too sick and then still goes to work means she lied so it wouldn't seem she didn't care about you on your birthday.


One of the biggest turn-offs for anyone is planning sex ahead of time like it's a trip to the dentist or you're a couple of 53 year olds who finally got a hold of some viagra and lube and the kids are out of town.

>try to initiate sex
you make it sound like a computer program


Go to a strip club and put it on social media where she can see it, then after she gets mad start yelling at her that it's her fault because she wouldn't sex you.

yeah that'll make the relationship better

You should have an adult conversation about your needs and her needs. These things can usually be reconciled by talking about your expectations vs hers. If you spend your time sexually frustrated she should obviously do something about that if she values you. On the other hand, if she only agrees to sex once a month, you will have to decide if pursuing a further relation with her is worth it.

PS. Yes, you are right to be angry, she reneged on her word and didn't care enough to even make up for it. Anger is the proper response to such disrespect.

Honestly, and I'm not trying to demoralize you or anything, this tends to be a sign that she's lost interest to some degree. You can reinvigorate the interest, but you have to figure out how to do that for yourself.

>I don't get it often at all, and its something I feel incredibly unfulfilled on.

You just explained your problem. You're unhappy in your relationship and using this specific day to overreact to something that's consistently bothering you. People have different sex drives. Tell her you're unfulfilled, and allow her the chance to fix it. If she doesn't, you have incompatible sex drives. Leave her or get over it. It's as simple as that. None of this has anything to do with your birthday.

Sex drives are impacted by a lot more than just sexual attraction. Stress, medications, etc can all play a role. Attraction does too. And sometimes people just have different drives. It doesn't inherently mean one of them loves the other more. It's an adult, long term relationship. It happens. The problem comes in if he expresses his want for more sex in a calm, controlled, mature manner and she continues to reject him or doesn't give a valid excuse that she's actively trying to fix so the sex drive comes back.

I feel like this is gonna be my birthday tomorrow

>be me turning 29
>bust my ass for 6 days straight at work
>off day on my bday yay.jpeg
>gf wants to stay over, no big deal
>agree thinking its gonna be nice sleep in/cuddle time
>gf asks me to take her to some work bullshit early morning
>has her own car, can take herself
>gets mad cause I'm not too keen on waking up early on my only off day and birthday to take this bitch to work and wait for an hour for her to finish paperwork

I'm so fucking sick of women guys, I know your pain OP

This is the main thing keeping me from fully committing. My gf sex game is garbage

OP straight up said he wanted sex for his bday. If the bitch doesnt pike sex then she should of said so from the jump rather than making OP waste his fucking time. But let me guess, you consider all the time wasted to lead this bitch to sex is part of the process, 16hrs of trying for 30 mins must be a ok in your book.

Nigga what? It's his birthday! I can tell you're a roastie because only a bitch would think of herself like this even though her bf straight up ASKED for sex on his BIRTHDAY. Jesus fucking christ am I not to expect anything anymore?

This comes off as very pro cheating, but desu I wouldnt even be mad if ya did dude

This. My gf rejects often due to stress and her meds, but at the same time I've expressed to her that sex is something important to me and that I need it on some level. Us living together is the ultimate test though cause I refuse to marry and live with a woman i cant fuck atleast twice a week.

U want seckz before marriage huh?

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>am I wrong?
Yes, you were wrong for letting her make excuses and constantly delay. This productive since it won't solve the issue she clearly has and will only frustrate you more as time goes on. Confront her about this asap, be blunt and just straight up ask her if she has any psychological or other issues she hasn't shared with you. How long have you been together?

how, in any way, is he childish. It's a simple matter
guy asks for present from girl
girl says yes
girl doesn't do it
guy complains
how in any way is it childish?

your relationship is going to fall apart
if she cared about you she'd give you the sex you need
but she knows it just as well as you do
she got you by the balls, for now

>Needing sex
This is why it will fall apart. Be patient

This, but unironically.

Scheduled sex is the worst. I know it’s your bday, but that was a mistake. And if she makes you do things you’re not interested in, tell her.

>>try to initiate sex
>she says she was planning on doing it later

She probably already wasn't feeling well on the morning of your birthday, thought(hoped) it would clear up by later in the day and it just never did.

>>yet somehow isn't sick enough to go into work
Sex is something that's supposed to be enjoyable and doing it while you feel sick ruins it. There's an emotional weight to it.
Work is a drag anyway. Nothing sacred is being ruined if you slog through it while feeling like shit.

Agreed 100%
Also agreed 100%