What age do women get desperate at?

What age do women get desperate at?

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Never. Men need women more than women need men.

>doesn't know about the wall

The going rate is 45-50 at cougar clubs
They'll fuck anything with a pulse that isn't 300lbs

The wall is an incel revenge fantasy. Newsflash, both sexes hit the wall, you're not going to be a millionaire silver fox, women can have their cake and eat it, and it will only get better as the current generation ages and more and more women get in leadership positions and benefit other women due to feminism


You can’t be serious? You’re in pure denial. Women hit the wall around age 30 dude.

Cope is thinking that every woman is as miserable as you are, anons. Cope is thinking all these girls who don't give you the time of day will suddenly end with their lives in the dumpster after they hit a magical age where suddenly noone wants them anymore.

The truth is that that shit doesn't happen and you'd be healthier if you stopped masturbating to the equivalent of the "when I'm old I'll have a company and dent my bully employment" revenge fantasy

33 if they are not in a relationship, 30 if they're in a relationship but not yet married.

>women stop being hot after 30
You might just have shit taste dude.

she cant accept her fate user

Yeah but after 30 some of them start to put in extra effort to make up for it. I dated a 42 year old for about 18 months a year or so back and in the first place she looked 35 at most, but she also put in heaps of effort for her appearance. Gym 4 days a week, zero body hair below her eyelashes, didn't own a single pair of underwear that wasn't a thong. Plus she would pay for stuff sometimes and was super affectionate without being incredibly needy. It was great.

>made myself sad remembering

Mid to late 20's, over 30 and roasty stacies are all over people like us. Chads win the battle, we win the war.

She left you for a black dude didn't she

She left me for her ex husband. He's white.

Why do you keep believing women need a provider
Your average young woman is way better off financially and career wise than your average young man

Well im 28, banging a 32 year old who 2 years ago woukdnt give me the time of day, and she makes more money than me so it isnt for money. She just went through all the fuckboys in town and i was the last one left

Could've been worse. You could've been that ex husband

>my incel cuck fantasy is totally real guise

There are other things that women need from a man other than money. Things like charisma, smarts, being funny, social status, and so on. They need a Chad.
But Chad doesn't pay attention to them anymore when they are in their 30s and drying up, because Chad, even when he's in his 40s, can still get 20 something pussy, and is trying to find one that is just smart enough to be worth keeping (and is hot, obviously).
So all 30+ roasties have left is to settle with a beta, because no Chad picked them up when they were in their 20s.

The thing is that women don't need a man whatsoever, user. Everyone becomes ugly after 40. They can live by themselves just fine, they only want a guy as icing on top.

You have your whole revenge fantasy very well rehearsed but that is just not what happens in real life no matter just how much you want to believe every woman is miserable in later life to feel better about how much you hate yourself

Yes, yes it is real. Although Jow Forums is dominated by incels and larping nazis. Some of us live semi normal lives.

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Oh and heres a timestamp pic of me last week so u know its me. Want one from right now too?

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>women get in leadership positions and benefit other women
>he akshually believes this crap
By turning women into tokens they ruined it for all that were serious about it
Do you also think meetoo in the end did good for their cause?

Also feminist are the female version of incels. They literally believe the system is rigged against them + its always someone else fault.
>they are denying me my CEO position REeeeeeee

t. ugly whale

IDK dude, women I know are aging and it's not hitting them well, but that's because they have nothing going on for them now, let alone in their future. They still cling on to young early to mid-20's "cute" guys, not realizing those dudes aren't interested in a (sorry) overweight woman nearly 30 who still lives at home with her parents.

It's not believing user. You see, I'm just talking about factual shit. Your average young female is:

More educated than your average young male
Has a better salary than your average young male
Has better career prospects due to the previous two than your average make

In 10-20 year's time career women will start outnumbering men simply because they're better educated.

Everybody ages and no one ages well. My point is that this fantasy that these women will be in deep shit once their looks fade is bullshit. These women you laugh at because they focus on their career instead of finding a man and then "hit the wall" aren't going to need a man to provide themselves because they'll be making really good salaries due to spending their 20s focusing on bettering their career.

Late-20s/early-30s seems to be when it kicks in. Hell, I've seen women develop the cynicism necessary for it in their mid-20s.

It varies at what precise age they become desperate to settle down. But it's always when they come to the conscious realization that their window to become pregnant and give birth to healthy children, starts to become smaller and smaller.

For most women, it's anywhere between age 25-30. Some roasties however continue screwing around until well into their 30's before they realize: ''oh shit, i better find and lock down some dude quickly before i can't have children anymore''.

Do you actually believe any of that retarded bile you parrot? You can't actually believe that incel revenge fantasies are true.

>once I turn 30 I will finally get a desperate woman who will settle for a fat neckbeard NEET

if they're all over you why are you here

the cope is strong

The only times I ever see a woman desperate is after falling in love, marrying, having a child and after trying and trying and trying have to admit the guy is never going to grow up and become responsible.

this is also my experience

>More educated than your average young male
>Has a better salary than your average young male
>My point is that this fantasy that these women will be in deep shit once their looks fade is bullshit.
It's bullshit to you because you have no actual knowledge of what women want. If you think financial independence is a woman's end game, you are an absolute fucking retard.

25-30 when the eggs start drying up and their looks begin depreciating
25 is when a lot of people get married

And men hit the wall by their mid 20's. Seriously, look in the mirror. They start balding, out of shape, usually dropped out of college if they went at all. Barely getting by and living with their parents.


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all this shows is that guys are trying to sex teenage girls

These are all bait posts. It is not possible for someone to be this fucking retarded.

>They start balding, out of shape,
That's, at least on average, mid-30s at the earliest. Usually 40s or 50s.
>usually dropped out of college if they went at all. Barely getting by and living with their parents.
Now that's just cherry-picking fallacious and inaccurate details that are only vaguely correlated at best.


>It is not possible for someone to be this fucking retarded.
You are so painfully young and naive.

Not sure if retarded or cope.

It shows that feminine beauty is linked with youthfulness, while masculinity beauty is linked with older age.

Do you think all the articles about men failing in school and being broke have no impact? Female graduates already outnumber male graduates, and tertiary education is the best predictor for future income.

And what do you want, oh all knowing incel that truly understands women? Financial independence is an important part of anyone's life, and career evolution is important for a ton of people.

This always makes me feel better about getting older.

The graph shows attractiveness not how men look in real life. Teenage guys act and look like big boys and a girl wants a man. But men want teen girls and the farther you get away from a jr high and hs girls it doesn't turn a male on. Society knows this preference of males so there are laws that attempt to protect the girls.

Yeah. A woman finds mature men attractive while men want a teenage girl to manipulate for sex and then hit on the next crop of 9th grade girls.

What does that have to do with anything? The "wall" refers to attractiveness.

>looks begin depreciating
Lel. You are so obviously 15 years old.
>25 is when a lot of people get married
False. The average age for getting married is about 30.

Seething roastie. If modern women weren't used up sluts then you'd probably see higher figures for the older ages.

only in dying north western european countries

>Society knows this preference of males so there are laws that attempt to protect the girls.
Not sure if that's a positive, since many first world countries have age of consent laws as low as 14, because their culture thinks people that age are capable of adequate consent. While sexually repressed countries (ex.: USA) tend to have the AoC higher, and still somehow have more problems with it than the rest of the first world.

>Society knows this preference of males so there are laws that attempt to protect the girls.
lmao maybe in muttmurica

age of consent is between 14 and 16 in europe

Which countries in northwest Europe are dying? I have never heard of this.

No fool. Men have always gone for young girls its not new. The girls start to get boobs and every male between 13 and 35 are on her.

The average age in all developed nations is around 30. Why do you deny facts? Because they destroy your fragile incel narrative?

uhh all of them? all white countries have a birthrate below replacement

those cunts have below replacement birthrates you mentally inferior subhuman retard, they're literally dying

A complete misuse of the concept of maturity in this context (which the chart is based on physicality -- not emotional or mental maturity), but whatever.

That's because the older a woman is (and still single), the more likely she's a broken roastie like you.

As someone who have only had sex with 16-17 year old girls, that is not accurate.
Young girls are fun to be around. They aren't jaded old whores who have seen too much to like men for who they are.

Its an ideal not matched by most guys after 25. Rare but highly sought after is a 30+ MAN that has his shit together and stays in shape. However most of you are still wearing shorts and t-shirts to cover your fat stomach and never shaving.

imagine being this much of a seething broken roastie lmao

different user but tell you what
make a video talking about this showing your face and put it in YouTube
that way I know you're serious

>if incels are right then why are there any anons here when they could be out with all the young hot 18 year olds they keep saying are all over them?
>either they're wrong
>or they're 12 and retarded

you just want them tender and naive so you can manipulate for sex and once you are done you go on to the next young crop of 9th grade girls. You're just trying to justify statutory rape. Try using that jaded whore defense when a girls parents finally discover what you are doing and have you arrested.

I swear, guys may mature physically but they keep their 13 yo boy brain

Oh I guarantee he's serious but as I suggested to another user. When some young girls parents catch him sniffing around their daughter and call the police I want him to use the used up roastie excuse for driving him to fuck a teenager.

A guy can be mature physically, may even look good but its not attractive when he acts like a stupid boy.

And that means they are dying? Is that really your argument? You must be trolling, nobody can be this stupid.

Again, not at all what that post meant. But nice try.

>age of consent is between 14 and 16 in europe
just wait till more women hold political office, those laws have been passed by dirty old men.

birthrate below replacement literally means that

fuck off you non-human new worlder scum

>nobody can be this stupid
Y'know, if we're going to bitch about maturity, then it should be noted that truly mature people realise there's no limit to human stupidity.

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And who passed those age of consent laws? Hmmm. Dirty old men did. Thankfully more women are being elected as lawmakers and we'll see how long your access to young girls last.

no you fuck off sexual pervert. its your days that are numbered not mine

women of those countries played a large part in their consent laws being as low as they are, because those cultures have more liberalised views on sexuality

t. /his/

>And who passed those age of consent laws?
/his/ here (again), women a lot of the time. Once more, it's because those cultures have more relaxed views on sexuality than what you have in the States.

When will they die then?

No they didn't it was all men. Its changing creep and not a thing you can do about it. What are you going to do when you can no longer legally slither into a young girls bed?

Keep on with your delusion. My guess you believe we want to be raped since its the only way we can orgasm. You men will not always be in charge.

I'll wait a few years, no problem, since I'm a man and age like wine, not like milk.
Or you plan on raising the AoC to 30?

>itt: seething roasties behaving like children as always

>t. /his/
That doesn't inspire confidence, now does it.

Again, not true. The modern European views on age of consent is more on the women side, because of the desires to focus more on the sex positive side of the issue, instead of sex negative like in the US. And because different cultures and better handling on consent than others (the US obviously being incapable of handling consent). And mainly, and this key by the way, it's the cultural views that are defining criteria for sexuality. Not the legal or the political side.
>It's also mostly men who try to impose harsh laws on sexuality and age of consent.

>My guess you believe we want to be raped since its the only way we can orgasm.
That's disturbing if you actually believe this...

I admire your patience in dealing with that dumb fat whale
>pic related is her

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>12 year old confirmed

Jow Forums needs flags.

This. If you've ever seen the level of desperation men exhibit compared to the level of total non-need by women, it's painfully obvious which gender is holding the cards. Men are goddamn thirst monsters.

To filter out Burgers?

Please. You are the top 1% most desperate man and projecting your desperation on the top 99%. What you said is simply wrong.

All the better if you think so I guess

It's not.


desu I was on your side for a while but they make a good point. My mom has been mateless for over 30 years. My sister makes more money than her husband and continues to advance in her career. And we're barely a middle class family. Meanwhile guys need women so much they stare at a bunch of pics of them on a screen.
Life is complex.

lmao fucking look at this 28y/o roastie

give it a rest, do your homework, brush your teeth, and go to bed

>tfw 29y/o male and probably not much better
I also molest house cats.

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Stay away from the cats pls

Lol the wall is real. Women become much less desirable at a certain age and it only snowballs from there. And I'd say that age is in the range of like 45-55 years old on average. The most important things they have to offer (looks, fertility, a stable mental state) start to vanish.
Yes men get old and get gross and disgusting too, but they generally hold up quite better than women.