Is this really it?

Is this really it?

Ive been socially retarded for so long.

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It teaches you how to be a people pleaser.

That book came out in the early 1900s dude I ordered it and was like the what the fuck dis nibba talking about “dinner parties and the Royal Navy and shieeet

Worth a read but antiquated. His other book "how to stop worrying and start living" is much more relevant today. I'd also recommend "the social skills guidebook" and "your erroneous zones" for mitigating your social autism.

I'm becoming a Chad lads

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Woahh bro that's so Chad

It's good to learn how to subtly and benignly manipulate people.
Balance it out with "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

>No Sun Tzu or Machiavelli

It did help me alot, and many of the things he's saying are true. Just yesterday, the gym receptionist asked me when will I be leaving for uni; one month ago, when renewing my membership, I randomly told her that I won't be fully using it since I'm leaving. Haven't talked to her in a month, yet she still remembered. When she said that I had this huge smile on my face, and many of the things in the book talk about similar situations.

And what about it? What does this mean?

Much of the book talks about how small pleasantries and sincere care for other people brings appreciation and makes people want to be friends to you. I think this is a good example of how what he is trying to illustrate holds true.

more like "about to become even more of a geek"
lol @ reading books on how to behave

Dated and quite bad.

It panders to normies by stating the obvious who then feel like mind=blown

>Exposing yourself to ideas is bad

maybe it's not bad, but it certainly isnt chad

next up: "the game, how to pick up girls" this is sooo chad!!!

I remember reading that when I was like 14 and thinking I had hacked life

This is a good book OP. Coming from a home with an antisocial father, I learned a lot about how to interact effectively with others. It won't teach you how to be a normie, but it will teach you how to make relationship and new friend gains. Now I'm never bored around people unless they're very low iq.

i remember reading ABOUT that on the internet at the same age and i immediately thought to myself "lol what a scam, if there is one thing you do not learn from books, it would be this!"

i was truly wise beyond my years

unironically, The Rational Male


books will teach you theory but you are not going to gain social skills by sitting alone at home reading books.

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these guys are fucking gay as fuck and on top of that they look dirty like they reek of shit

I lost my relationship because I was callous without realizing it. I wonder if this book could have saved me

How is talking about your life a small pleasantry that shows sincere care?

The Garden of Peace could, maybe it applies to girlfriends too instead of just wives

It's a decent book, knowing how to please people around you and play to their ego is 80% of success in society

Some people know this without books, other people need a nudge in the right direction

Eh. Cringy PUA garbage

How is it not?

Chads don't read

What part of it is a scam?

I googled it, it say something about Red Pill in the description. That alone sounds like major autism.

No. Everyone recognizes the tricks and tips that this book gives. They'll either think your pathetic, or they'll pity you for trying them (depending on whether they didn't or did like you before)

Written almost 100 years ago, it doesn't have all the answers for the modern world. But its basic principles are sound and a good place to start

i bought the newest version for "the digital age" and it's horrible. so much fucking filler, like why do i want to read about how great Abe Lincoln was for 20 pages at a time?

no one will buy a 10 page long book

second the recommendation of How to stop worrying and start living - I've had a bit of a tendancy to worry myself to the point of exhaustion over issues, but the way he logically lays out exactly why this is stupid and the wrong way to deal with issues has really helped me. It's sort of common sense stuff, but told in a palatable way