I'm two months I'll be 27 and it'll be 5 years since I started working full-time. I've gone through college...

I'm two months I'll be 27 and it'll be 5 years since I started working full-time. I've gone through college, a master's and 5 years of 40 hours weekly of work without a girl even giving me a second glance. Realistically what hope is there for me? Is life even worth living if you will never know how it feels for someone who isn't your parents to love you? Should I just end myself?

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How many girls have you asked out in the last year?

Does it even matter? It wouldn't change anything. It takes a completely fucked up person to even get to this point, harassing some girls by asking them out wouldn't change anything.

So zero. You are not a woman. Nobody is gonna throw at you. Put effort and trust me I know it is hard. But not trying will make it only worse. More depression, self-hatred etc.

It does matter you sperg, if you aren't a retard or deformed then you have to ask the girls and one will eventually say yes. Dont shoot above your waist.

Unless you are a 10/10 then dont expect girls to ask u out ever. I got used to this in High school and College and now as an adult I got no game. Just saying.

Yes life is worth living even without love. Relationships are overrated

But you guys don't understand. Even my most socially awkward friends managed to land relationships just going through their lives. It hasn't happened to me. If I were to start asking out random girls i would just pile a lot of "ew no get out creep".

You usually meet women naturally but in order to get into relationship you have to be proactive. No one is telling you to hit on random women.
Just remember Elliot Rodger, proclaiming no woman ever wanted him despite never interacting with one.

That's what I meant. I interact with women. Why was I left behind? Everyone else had some girl they hit it off with and started dating, but this has never happened to me with all the girls I've known. Just what is so fucking repulsive about me? I just can't understand.

Perhaps but it will be a very limited life.

Yeah, you interact with women but do you actually ask them out on a date?

Most people I'm talking about didn't need to. They had chemistry, they could tell they liked each other and just had to make it formal. I can tell not a single girl I've met in my life has looked at me as a potential romantic prospect, and the only way one would accept for a date is if she had a completely wrong idea of who I am, in which case I'd be deceiving her.

>the only way one would accept for a date is if she had a completely wrong idea of who I am, in which case I'd be deceiving her.
Well, you have already decided to not try. No need for this thread then.

I mean I can try to fail but it's pretty likely that I won't grow wings if I jump off a cliff
To be fair I am being dramatic, but I don't even know where to even start. I'm almost 27 and I have literally not even kissed a girl. Most people around this age are getting engaged. I'm so behind it's almost impossible to catch up.

Former wizard here (until 31, what a waste of time), take it from me, nothing will happen at all unless you do something about it. Men must do. Passivity is for women. Don't worry about catching up, just focus on your own life. I got better at talking to girls at meetups, failed several attempts with different girls and ended up banging one from an anxiety group, so she knew my deal and didn't care. None of that would have ever happened if I didn't put myself in the situation and try. I'm no Don Juan, either.

>if she had a completely wrong idea of who I am,
That's how dating works. Sorry. When you meet a girl while kayaking on the weekend they will think differently of you compared to meeting you in your office cubicle. Who you are is who you present yourself to be.

The thing is who the hell do I even ask out? I can tell they're going to say no, I never get to that level where I can kind of induce they do want to go out with me.

Just focus on meeting women while doing activities you like and seeing who you like as a person. If they're friendly with you then ask them to go to a movie or get drinks or coffee or lunch or something. If she wants to spend more time with you one on one she'll say yes. You can also try making a smaller group of 4-5 people of both sexes and making plans to go out and do something. This will also put her in a smaller group with you. Literally just try harder to be social and make friends by doing literally anything outside of the house that interests you. I found my relationship by playing DnD online through roll20 so I guess you could try online too. But it's less intimate so it will take much longer to establish a friendship or anything more.

I know what you mean. The cards just weren't in our favor.

>I can tell they're going to say no
You don't actually know that. Are you a mind reader? You're rejecting yourself before the girl even gets a chance to decide. It's true though, most of them don't want to fuck you, but some will. I guarantee some woman will sit on your Master's degree 9-5 dick.

Anyway, if I managed to not kill myself after attaining wizardhood, you better not fucking kill yourself at 27 with a job and nothing but time to make your life better.

It's so hard to find girls in the things I like, though. I tried doing some summer sports to meet people but I just kinda fell into a depression and spent the summer going to the gym and swimming at the pool.

You're right but I can kinda tell that girls just aren't really interested in me as anything more than a friendly acquaintance. I actually am decent at smalltalk, it simply never gets nowhere

Also I guess I might get a girl simply off landing a decent job but I'd really rather have someone who likes me for me, if that even exists.

Your self esteem is so obviously low in this post that I guarantee women pick up on it. You need to do whatever you need to in order to see yourself as a catch, and a man women would want to date. Plenty of people have jobs and degrees. What makes you unique? Put yourself in social situations that exemplify that.

You have your masters and work full time but are still ready to suicide about not having some whore girlfriend? Get your money. The cunt will eventually come.

Don’t be so hard on yourself OP, sure you’re a little behind on woman, but you’re way ahead in other aspects. I’m 25 and in my 2nd year of uni. Clearly you’re a smart guy, you’ve got a job, a degree, lots of things going for you. How foward are you being with these girls, have you ever actually tried to kiss one, or hold their hand, or even just say “I like you”?

It's just that I've been so lonely for so long it has really taken a toll on my self esteem. I would love to see myself as a catch but I don't really see what I have going for me. I just try to be a decent and nice person but not much else. I like doing sports and trekking

I'm not really very smart, I just went through college and that's that. My job is decent and has good prospects but that's just because my line of work has a lot of opportunities.

I held hands with a girl once or twice when I was like 16, and never again after that. Didn't ever work up the courage to ask her out or tell her I liked her either. I'd love to but just being alone with a girl I like gives me anxiety.

What's worse I'm really not a social media guy so I'm very behind on all this Snapchat tinder stuff, I'm bad enough in person but I'm even worse through text.

Sounds like you need to work on yourself for quite a bit. Instead of acting like a victim, do shrooms, dmt, or LSD at least once. This will let you look at yourself from an outsiders perspective. It sounds horrifying, but you need to face yourself. The biggest fears hold the greatest treasures. It requires bravery to do this, like a warrior faces their enemy. Only then can you change.