My wife just got a radically different hair cut. Does this mean she wants a divorce?

My wife just got a radically different hair cut. Does this mean she wants a divorce?

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without asking you?

Yes. Should she have asked me?

It literally means she just wanted to change up her hair.

well, she should at least have told you and if it's actually drastically different, asked for your opinion...
doesn't mean she wants a divorce or anything, but your communication seems to be in need of some work
Here you go

my ex told me once that she wanted to change her hairstyle to a shorter one, and wondered if i think i would find her attractive that way. i told her no, so she didn't cut her hair.
so i'm thinking she would've asked you if she cared about being attractive to you.
fuck do i know anyway

she's hanging out with some married women on the prowl for side dick or single women fucking a different man weekly and she's ready to go with the group

My GF gets big hairstyle changes after she does something big. She had a psycho transmale friend she cut out of her life and thus changed her hair color, and style. But that is just my girl. Ideally you should know enough about your wife to tell if she means something by this.

Well she changed her style to something specifically which I advised her against in the past because I didn't think it would suit her hair type. So her concern is not to look attractive to me as such, but "screw you, I'll do what I want".

>"screw you, I'll do what I want"
yeah that but also she knows there is a guy out there that does think it attractive and its him shes doing it for

You should also pay attention if she's buying new sexy bras and panties and dressing up more.

You can't exactly control that user. She will either get bored of you because you are trying to make her something you like, or she is get bored of the hair, and go back to something else. As long as she isn't doing something stupid like running around in assless chaps don't fight it.

No. It means she wanted a different haircut

Don’t keep the goods op, before and after? Does she look bad?

>being married

she probably just wanted to experiment and see for herself if that style suits her. perhaps she just wants attention from you. so long as there are no problems in your relationship, and shes not trying to be ugly for ugliness' sake, theres nothing to worry about.

Dunno, open communication even on small things is something I consider integral to any successful relationship. Romantic or otherwise really.

I just want more people who struggle to find someone to see this. Even the most retarded of guys can get a girl. You got nothing to worry about so get out there

when a woman decides to change her look, it's because something has changed

in my experience, it goes

clothes -> hair style -> hair color -> tattoos -> bangs -> hair length (not a trim or maintenance cut)

in significance of life change from least to most

might not mean divorce, but it is a sure sign of change

I really dont understand why women who have gone through significant (traumatic) change do this? I have seen it happen a lot and noticed the correlation too.

the face and silhouette are the most important things to a woman's image, they are expressive beings and they will show you when something is wrong even if they never say

Yes but why bangs though? I mean most asian women have bangs but there it is not linked with being "shaken", while in the west most molested girls have weird coloured hair, bangs and/or tattoo's. I know girls that were raped recently and did a 180 style wise. But why bangs?