Gf wants to do it raw for my first time

I am 18, my gf 19, I don't have any sexual experience because I was keeping my virginity for the "right one" while she does have some. I feel like she is the one, and she told me she wants to do it raw when I lose my virginity. Idk what to say, what do you guys think?

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Do it


Why not

Idk what if I get her pregnant

>what do you guys think?
Your gf is a fornicating whore and you will be too, if you go along with this.
The "right one" is your spouse, i.e someone you've already decided to commit to. Not someone you convince yourself you'll be with after you just met them--that's just you being a horny retard.

Do NOT have raw sex with a woman who tells you she wants it raw.

You should only be doing that after you know her well enough to know that she's not at risk for STDs (i.e. she's not banging other men without a condom!) and you know that she had an IUD (birth control pills are sensitive to timing, and 19 year old girls who want to fuck raw the first time are not responsible enough to trust with them)

gf is trying to get pregnant

Tell her that you want to have something to look forward to in the future. You’ll start with condom sex then one day down the line when you guys have more experience with eachother and have discussed contraception, you can comfortably enjoy no condom sex without any anxiety about pregnancy.

Plus the condom will help with the first time, could help you last longer. If she has experience she can put it on you, could be hot.

Nothing’s as big of a deal as it seems, so don’t let her talk you into shit that you’re not comfortable with. She clearly wants your dick either way.

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Have you not seen condoms commercials?
You have to use one with everyone whenever no matter what because that it's the only way to be safe.

Or don't, see you in a week later on your STD's/pregnancy worry thread.

if you're not comfortable having unprotected sex then don't. it's really simple.

if you're afraid of STDs then you two should go get tested together.

if you're afraid of unwanted pregnancy then find a method of contraception that both of you can manage.

if you want to wait till marriage or whatever then wait. just don't hold it against your gf (or any future partners) if she's not comfortable with putting sex on hold and/or she doesn't view you as a long-term partner and decides to leave.

if you can be honest in your introspection and come to the conclusion that you're simply nervous about sex in general then voice that to your partner and try to ease into sex. utilize a step-by-step exposure approach and lead up to full penetrative sex once you've become comfortable with the steps leading up to it. step one can be heavy kissing with over the clothes contact, step two can be the same deal with less clothes/naked, step three can be mutual masturbation, etc etc. work at your own pace.

I actually am not comfortable with the idea of sex but I really want it with her. I come from a religious background where sex was really frowned upon, while she comes from a really liberal background. We've done really heavy kissing/fingering to orgasm multiple times, but she actually asked me to take things slow because she too wants to have a proper relationship with me. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign, but I truly love her so I can only trust her to want the best for me.

>she actually asked me to take things slow because she too wants to have a proper relationship with me.

She's a ho who's jumped into bed too quickly with too many other guys and is using you to try something different. There is a pretty good chance that she's had sex with at least one other man during the time you've been dating. She's already shown that she's lax about using protection. I'm not trying to scare you or insult her. Sex is fun and you should go enjoy it. I'm just trying to help you understand why you need to use a condom.

Do NOT have raw sex with her! Use a condom until she shows you an STD test AND you are CONFIDENT that she is being faithful to you.

I have strong reason to believe she's been faithful to me. Me being a virgin doesn't mean I don't have a lot of experience in relationships, and I've seen what pure love looks like, and I'm pretty sure she's in love with me, even if she's made mistakes in the past. She's alsp demonstrated the inability to lie to me admitting some pretty embarassing things to me, and also confessing her love to me very convincingly. If she is this good at lying, props to her.I don't really care though, because I do not think love is about posession, which I might be wrong about.

Also might just be my god complex speaking, but if she was going off purely looks, she could not get someone better than me.

she wants to take things slow, you want to take things slower, have a conversation about it.

if she views moving too quickly/having sex as somehow cheapening a romantic relationship then i would imagine your opinions on sex are far more similar than you're fearing. you two have already established that foreplay and such are on the table and there are certainly people out there that can get by without penetrative sex and still meet sexual/physical needs for their partner.

are you referring to her past sexual experiences as "mistakes?" also, you'd be an idiot to think people can't deceive you. you're a kid at 18 but you need to grow up fast and drop the naivety. you're not nearly as smart as you think you are.

not nearly as irreplaceable either.

I just don't see what the point of lying to me would be, especially about the things she's told me. She comes from a much wealthier family, so it can not be about money. She's been really open about her past relationship and I actually was the one who lied to her. She's not lied to me, and actually asked me to be completely open, and has demonstrated that she is jealous quite often.

Enjoy your baby

I think a woman demanding it raw is a fucken trap, but that's just me.

Don't do it, I did it and kind of regret it
Because now I don't feel anything using condoms

Enjoy your herpes faggot