I will not meet any guys for my lifetime

I will not meet any guys

I will not have boyfriend

I will not sex

I will not marry

I will not have child

I will live alone for my whole life, and I will not try those things. But I will spend all my time to study or create or enjoy hobby

I had pen pal friend, and I liked him, but I didnt wrong and I am worry he end the relation, but I will not care.

I will not chat with him more, and I will spend my whole time to study. I will not care him anymore.

I am proud because I am incel. And many people will live as incel nowadays.

Please say me that it is right that I live for femcel. Of cause I will be lonely but I can solve it for other way.

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Shitty LARP, I have never seen an Asian type like this, it’s always LARP

This feels like (semi)elaborate bait.

You know all Asian type?Why do you think Asians are same type. I am nerd girl. Why dont you think I am Asian?

We Korea is now world's lowest birth rate. And in Korea there are many nerds. I am normal Asian.


you’ll die like this nigga

In Korea, now birth rate will less than 0.90 this year. It is normal that someone give up having bf.

Tits and timestamp

What's wrong OP, you can't find a guy you like?

Please somebody say that living alone is not bad pleaseeeee

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I liked my penpal friend and I ruined the relation. He was only my friend.

I ruined a lot of friendships in the past, I still hold on to the hope of making new ones. I'm speaking to a couple of dudes now and as long as I learn from past mistakes I should be ok. Don't give up on the possibility you can find a new friend too.

I will end the relation whatever he send to me. I promise with myself. I will only do study.

Thanks you T.T I will try 1 year after. After studying for 1 year, I will try.

Well if you really want to go that route I wish you the best OP, I hope you're as successful as you want to be.

Thanks you I will really do my best from today

It's ok OP, one day you will wake up and be ready to meet other people, just take care of yourself in the meantime.

except you could go on tinder in korea right now and and match with foreigners and have sex with them on the same day

Living alone ain’t bad

Op I can turn you from a lesbian to straight if you want