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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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girls, guys, whatever.

Girl I'm seeing likes to be fucked hard. Problem is that I can only last a couple of minutes in a good day and even then is just stopping every now and then when I'm feeling I can't hold it anymore. She is very disappointed about this, she even has mentioned it a couple of times saying that I'm selfish and I don't care about her.
Before you say so, yes I do plenty of foreplay, but she won't let me go too long before she begs me to just fuck her, and when I do and cum fast, it just ruins the mood for both of us. To make things worse, I have to wait for about 15 mins before I can go at it again, and that doesn't help me to last longer either.
Anything I can do to salvage this? A previous gf dumped me years ago for this very same reason.. not only that but she leaked it to our friends circle which made me a pariah among them, which in turn was a huge hit to my self-esteem and it took me over a decade to approach women in an intimate manner and the same thing is happening again..

Reposting from last thread.
This girl and i have been dating for a month and a half and I really like her and i want to compliment the little things i like about her like how she talks when she gets sleepy or how when she gets flustered she stammers a lot. This led me to ask the question do girls like it more when guys compliment the little quirks and not just physical appearance?

See a doctor. There are treatments for PE.

Compliment her choice of clothing more than her looks, which she had no control over and got from her parents (unless she works out). Sparingly compliment the little idiosyncrasies you love about her unless she brings it up first i.e. "oh gosh user I'm sorry for stammering," whereby you go in with the "I love that about you." Otherwise, a smile, a kiss, a small "you cutie" will do when she stammers or whatever.

What about things she doesnt necessarily like about her self, ex. She has brown eyes but thinks they are boring however I like her so i like her eyes

Just like wear a cockring that doesn't let you cum and fuck her for as long as you want.

Reposting too
How do I escalate into sex with the girl I am dating? Been going out 3 times now, kissed danced and stuff but I have no experience in taking it further. What do I do/say to have sex, and where? We both live with our parents so I can't bring her to my place.

>Sparingly compliment the little idiosyncrasies you love about her unless she brings it up first
>I think my eyes are boring
And then you move in.

What's the best way to prompt a guy to kiss you on a date without it seeming awkward and too lusty?

How do I meet women older than 27 willing to date a younger man?

There was a 29 year old woman dating an 18 year old in the last thread so obviously they exist.

As a guy in his twenties with no relationship experience, are my standards too unrealistic?
>doesn't have casual sex
>isn't slutty
>isn't immature
>takes responsibility for her actions
>is honest
>doesn't seek attention/validation of other guys whenever she can
>doesn't go clubbing/doesn't party every week
>is looking for a long term relationship, not something to occupy the time until an 'upgrade' comes long
as for looks, anything as long as isn't fat and I'm attracted to her. I feel like a woman like that doesn't exist, and if so, they're extremely rare or already taken and I haven't found a single one I could even ask out on a date

I know a lot of girls like that to be honest. Most of my friends would probably fit the bill.
A lot of my friends ended up single at 23-24 because they broke up with their college boyfriend, so maybe you have a chance.

Just kiss him. Boys like that stuff.

Well, you're gonna know the right moment (preferably when the two of you are alone). Get close to him, stare at his eyes and lips, visibly moisten your lips, he should get the hint, unless he's a total sperg. sperg who didn't get an obvious hint

how did you end up meeting them? I'm in college 4th year and I have dated a few girls and gotten to know even more but none were like that. Around here anyway.
Or if you're a femanon; how do I find girls like that? how to approach? maybe I just don't see them

What do you guys think of getting hickeys? A lot of people think they're gross and immature and I'm inclined to agree. I still like them though. I'd like to deliberately give a guy minor ones all over his neck but I don't think most men would go for this.

id love to but im khhv incel starved for human contact

As a sperg dating a sperg I can tell you it's an uphill battle but worth it

I'm from a rather conservative area, most people around here are like that. Church, volunteering, school activities, and school in general. Not at partying, duh.

I don't know. I fit your bill and I met my boyfriend through online dating. I messaged him first.
My friends all found their boyfriends through common friends or at their jobs.

i kinda want to ask out a chick from my sidejob,
"i feel like going for something good to eat after work, do you want to tag along?"
would that line work and not be creepy?
i think she likes me but theres big chance she has a boyfriend

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How common is it for guys to be into girls with unshaven armpits?

Just grab him and kiss him when the time is right. I dont know of any prompts i would pick up if i were him unless you asked to kiss directly

That seems like a casual proposition, not creepy. It might work, might not but I defunitely won't have any negative effects so feel free to try it.

It doesn't matter for most guys, but you should shave it just in case. If a guy does have a preference they will prefer shaven

I've known this girl for about 2 years now and whenever I talk to her she acts less comfortable, just more tense when around me compared to other guys she's friends with, and she never looks into my eyes, just around my face, like I can see her scanning everywhere but my eyes. Why is that?

I "dated" her after the first time we met but she kept leading me on and pushing me away and so on, until I gave up and decided to move on. We're still casual, but she acts the same way now as she did when we were seeing each other

Guys, would you find a 6'1 girl intimidating or off-putting?

I wouldn't date her but would love to dominate and fuck.
t. 5'9

Seconding this.
I'm a bisexual woman so feel free to disregard this. If you're cis, I think it's probably attractive. If you're trans, it's only attractive if you pass.

Why not date? Would there be gentleness and cuddling afterwards?

I'm cis. I'm kinda flat chested so that doesn't help though.

You're going to get a lot of refusals unless you're in Bosnia or something. You're not intimidating per se (unless you look like one of those bulldog bodybuilders, which is just gross), but it's going to mess with most guys if they're significantly shorter than you.

why do girls act nervous around me? i'm easy going and I joke around mostly so I'm not really sure what could be so intimidating about me

>Why not date?
Imagine a manlet next to a lanky girl. Hilarious.

When my boyfriend of 5 years tells me he loves me but is not as in love with me as he used to be, is that my cue to break up?

I have never seen a tall Bosnian woman, what are you talking about? She's taller than 80% of Bosnian guys too.

im not getting my hopes up since shes gorgeous, hardworking and has other qualities that would make her wife material but doesnt hurt to try
thats just below my height, lovely long legs

Guys, would you go for a married girl? She's cute and kinda nice to me and her husband isn't a threat but I don't feel comfortable enough to go any further with her.

ive spoke to my crush once years back, and she has friend thats 6'2 female.
also that girl is dating a 5'7 guy or something

for my crush it was extremely funny, but shortly after she got pumped and dumped by 6'3 chad so idk whos laughing now

Aren't people in the Dinaric alps really tall? A google search says that the average male height there is a little over 6'1".
A lot of Northern and Western Europe has male average heights almost reaching 6 feet, though.

No, it happens to everyone. When you grow together with someone your bond and emotions change. In stead of having a crush, you like him. Instead of liking him, you’re in love. Instead of just love you have built a deeper connection. The excitement might be gone because you guys know each other so well, but you may still care for each other deeply.
But seeing as all of this seem to be new for you, then yeah, break up. You need to get your head checked or meet someone new.

>5 years
Both of you are retarded for not seeing this coming

The Dinaric peeps are definitely the tallest in the general balkan region but they're still like just around 6'.
There are always exeptions of course my experience is not the law, I'm just telling you how I see it.

Na I'm 5 foot 3 let's do this

one girl in relationship and a child, had big hots on me for some reason at my previous work.
And i loved flirting with her and she was really hot.

but i never chased it further, i guess she just liked me for attention
probably same shit in your case

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As someone who is 5'10", I think I'd probably be a little intimidated, but that's only because I feel worried she'd think lesser of me due to being shorter. If I knew 100% that she would never judge me for being shorter, then I would absolutely be fine with it, probably even like it for whatever reason.

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i've had a crush on my co-worker for over 2 years
she just got married earlier this year and they're now expecting their first baby

i've never considered going for her even before i knew about her fiance (i'm socially retarded and she rarely wore her ring due to work conditions)

still, i can't stop admiring her and it's affecting my willingness to stay at this job

Based on height? I wouldn't care. I'm actually 6'1" myself. For a while I dated a woman who was (I think) 6'6". In heels she was a lot taller than me. We broke up because it turns out she was a shitty human being, not because of her height.

Maybe. It depends on what he means by "not as in love". The somewhat obsessive yearning and lust that occurs at the start of a relationship should calm down and shift in nature. If he doesn't feel like he cares about you all that much, and he's with you just because he's disinterested in the work of finding someone else to be with (and fuck), that would not be cool with me.

Sometimes people in a relationship drift apart because they aren't working to actively keep each other engaged in their lives. It's often something that's pretty easy to change, but it can take work. If that's what's going on, see if it's something he's willing to do.

It's a bad idea. Unless she's already in the process of divorce, this is just inviting a lot of drama into your life for a relationship that you can be pretty sure isn't going to go anywhere.

Change job.

Marry me plz

New guy here, sorry if this question is a bit inappropriate.

Long story short, the other day I was in a super crowded train to the point where I couldn't even turn around. People behind me were shoving me forward, causing me to unintentionally grind into this poor lady's buttocks. And much to my horror I got an erection, which probably mortified me more than it did her. Ladies, what do you prefer the guy does in such a situation of unintended physical contact? Does apologizing just make it more real / awkward than saying nothing?

funny story, she changed jobs then convinced me to apply at the same company

basically i was hired through second-hand nepotism and i don't think i'm good at the job

i can't think of a good way to reword the phrase "i wanna quit because i might sexually harass my friendo" to submit a proper resignation

also i get paid $5bux more than any other job i've had and i don't wanna go back to being poor

5'8 here, wouldn't care in the slightest. I'd be more concerned about her finding ME off-putting.

>tfw no volleyball 6'2 giraffe gf
>tfw no shortstacked 4'9" gf


Do girls notice or care when you don't give them attention? I've read online only if they're attracted to you, but does that mean just being good looking or having them like you?

I would also like to know. Bump

I'd probably never notice. In crowded trains my focus lies on not getting crushed.

Depends on the girl. If they're level-headed like me, they'll just think "OK, he isn't interested" and move on. If they're the batshit crazy type who won't take no for an answer, they will definitely care and you'll need a restraining order to keep them away.

>still shorter than me
I love being tall

>I'd probably never notice.
I was cursed with unfortunately large size down there, so I doubt it. Unless the butt has way fewer nerve endings than I believe it does.

Girls, if you were dating a guy and he never made any moves to kiss you (or anything beyond that), would you be hurt? I'm way too shy to initiate that sort of thing, and I worry this girl might think I'm just not into her.

>would you be hurt?
Yes. And what's worse is that they jump to the worst conclusions, like that you literally hate her or think she's butt ugly, so they wound their feelings even more and take it as the worst kind of rejection.

How to get the girlfriend. I am not quite an "introvert" in the sense that I just don't make the effort to make frens. But when I do make fren, I am very outgoing with them. I sometimes can't function or just refuse to without someone with me. When with friend I will try and do more things that I wouldn't if I was at school alone.

What do. My school is mainly composed of sporty kids and other "degenerate" types of kids that I don't really want to be around. I don't know if that's just pretentiousness or because I just can't deal with them. Also there are many foreign exchange students, could be possibility. What do (I know lot of questions)

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Find somebody you like and ask them out

Thick jeans numb most feeling back there actually.

To girls, or guys who knows:

How should one initiate a fwb relationship?
I'd really like the relationship to be completely secret, is this something a girl would get along with, or would she tell a friend or whatever before I know it?

Oh, didn't consider the possibility of pants cutting off feeling. I'm not sure what she was wearing because I couldn't actually see, but it felt pretty thin to me.

So, I've said a few sentences to a girl in class who's cute. I told her that an observation she made about a poem was good and stuff. She smiled at me, but like, a full smile with teeth (I don't know what you'd call that) and said thanks. She seemed genuinely happy and was giving me her full attention. I also told her as she was leaving class to have a nice day and she had a big smile and said thanks. Would it be weird to talk to her next class, you know, before class, maybe during the break, and as we're leaving, ask if she has another class after, and if not, if she wants to grab a soda and something to eat at the building next door or the cafeteria and talk more about the class? My friend said if a guy she only said a few sentences to asked her to hang out, she'd think it's weird.

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What steps should be take to allow me to utilize my propensity to attract women with graduate level education to execute the procurement of top level breeding stock to form ubermensch babbies and enter into a loving union with?

Good job dude, that's one step farther than I've gotten so pretty good. I'd say you should start having full conversations with her in class then get to know her a little there and then ask her to go hang at lunch or something. Idk, that seems like pretty good plan.

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Probably impossible. Keep dreaming, we will all reach that place soon.

just b urself

So I was at the bar with friends last night, one of my female friends got a bit too tipsy and grabbed my junk. Should I tell my SO about this happening?

I would say no. Just make sure it doesn't happen again.
If you tell them, they'll start an argument and every time you go out with this friend emotions will ensue.

Girl here, and I agree with your friend. The key here is to be patient, and let conversation gradually become longer and more relaxed, before asking her out. Don't stress, be genuine and talk more about poetry. She obviously liked that.

How did the myth that big dicks are good even start? If it's as long as a middle finger it's good enough, and anything over 6 inches is too big. The deepest parts of the vagina have very few nerve endings so there's no benefit to reaching there, plus chances are you'll just end up ramming the cervix.

Maybe the visuals? Larger dicks just look nicer IMO.
Think it started somewhere around the middle ages.

hey men:
>start dating guy, make it clear from early on that i don't want kids
>he agrees that he doesn't want kids either
>he lists a number of reasons he doesn't want kids and it's very convincing
>dating, all is well
>starts dropping terms like "if I had a child, [x]", "my child would be cute as hell," "i really came a lot. my body must really want to get you pregnant"
>reiterated that i don't want kids and don't want to spend several years with a guy just to find out he does want kids, he says he understands
>still says shit like this at least once a week

what the fuck should i make of this? i really like him so please don't say "break up lol." do normalfags talk like this or is he plotting to oopsies me? i already tried talking with him and he assures me he doesn't want any but the way he talks has me worried about what's really on his mind.

I'd say girth is the only important thing from a visual standpoint. Nobody likes a pencil dick.

see telling her means you think it's a problem
at least that's how it went with the one I had to deal with- "communication is key" but apparently communicating something means I'm up to something.

But even with good grit, a dick the size of 1.5 middle fingers looks better.

Gotcha, thanks for the advice. I do feel a bit bad lying to her, but I probably wouldn't be happy if I heard a similar story from her with a male friend, so I get it.

Genuine question, would a girl really see just getting a soda and talking about the class as a guy asking them out? Even if it's on campus? I just assumed it was just a hang out where you could talk more. But I get what you're saying. I'll try to talk to her more, not sure how, we sit in the same row, but at different ends, and it'd be weird to move, right?

You kidding? That's the pencil-iest dick ever. I've seen dicks that are wider than both thumbs combined.

>Think it started somewhere around the middle ages.
Priapus would like to have a word with you

He might just be dense. Just let him know nicely but bluntly that the kid jokes aren't jiving. Be firm about it.

I was talking about the length once the girth is fine, man.

Wasn't that more of an indicator about him being a horny brainlet? I recall Greeks having a pretty low opinion of big dicks.

Between men and women spending one on one time with someone you don't really know to just "hang out" has pretty explicit subtext.

As someone who doesn't want kids, I still do like to imagine the what-if's. If he assures you he still doesn't want any; maybe you just overthink it?

thank you. maybe he is just speaking casually without intending anything more.

I mean, sure, yes, I am interested in her, but the point is to get to know her. Would the better option just to be to tell her flat out that I think she's cute and that I would like to get to know her? I'm not shitposting or anything. I just feel like a soda is harmless, at least to me.

How stupid is it to worry about the circumference of your dick being too big? I definitely feel stupid for it, considering most people envy such things. Everybody I ask about it seems to think I'm joking.

Jesus you're going the totally wrong direction.

As you've already been told, spend a bit more time making her acquaintance. Yes getting a soda is harmless but yes it still has the romantic subtext. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but that implicit subtext will mean that a girl is more likely to agree to hang out and get to know you if she already likes you and is comfortable with you.

Talk to her more in class before trying to get her to hang out with you outside.

how do I find a therapist? I live in a small US town of 300 people. I have no idea how to proceed and I can't really ask people because you know how small rural people are.

Girls and boys,

So, I was fucking my coworkers like a month ago because she had broken up with her boyfriend. We like each other a lot, but we were pretty clear that it was just casual sex and nothing more. The thing is that she and her boyfriend made up and of course, we stopped having sex because I don't want to force her to do something that she's going to regret later. Anyway, last night at work, we were both horny as fuck. I gave her one hell of a shoulder massage and in one occasion while we were talking, she crossed her legs with mines and I started to touch her legs with my hands. She was giving me those "fuck me" eyes but I could also tell that she was afraid to make the first move. In the end, we didn't do anything but when we where texting today, she wrote me: "I almost lost control last night when we were alone".

What should I do? She has told me that she honestly made up with her boyfriend because of convenience and not because she loves him still. Still, I don't want to make the first move because it would feel like I forced her to cheat. Am I thinking this too much and I should just kiss her and see what happens? At worst, she's just going to say "please, let's not do that again" and we'll both just forget about it right?

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I think a lot of people really don't know whether or not they want kids when they're younger, and a lot of people ignore what they truly like or want to be in agreement with their partner. Especially if it's not a pressing desire or something they see as being an issue for the future.

Maybe he's just goofing around. I don't know anyone who jokes and makes comments like that about having kids though.

No one here can tell you what he's thinking though. You might want to point out to him that he's been saying a lot of pro-wanting kids comments, and that he should really think about what it is that he really wants. Because if he actually does want kids, the two of you are not compatible in the long run.

Because some men want to have kids with the woman they end up loving.

He's probably testing the waters.

Run the other way. At least she's self aware enough to know that she got back together with the boyfriend out of convenience but that doesn't change the fact she's doing that needs-a-boyfriend-to-validate-her-existence thing and will spend her life jumping from guy to guy with no time in between to think about who she is as a person.

Don't get involved with her, especially not while she's dating the other guy. If she wants you she has to leave him to do it and you shouldn't even nudge her in that direction.

That all said, there's no way this ends well for you no matter what. They broke up and she felt unwanted, so you two started fucking. You are a rebound and once the lust goes she'll resent you for coming between the relationship.

this, women do it a lot more, but it's typically not socially acceptable from men, so he's also kindof a dumbass for bringing it up.
I've had to hide my enthusiasm for that so I don't weird women out.

For any religious anons out there, how do you live your life?

yeah, my biggest fear is that she will resent me if I make the first move. I agree that we started fucking because she felt unwanted, but I felt unwanted too. We were both just two horny coworkers fucking each other and nothing more.