Memes ruined my whole relationship

>be me big memelord
>have a memelord gf as big as me
>gf comes back home with her father after months of working aboard
>everything alright, we hugged and made out for some good hours
>she leaves to visit her mother
>she tells me she will come back
>she calls me that she is hungry and wants to eat together
>decide to get the best chinese food since she loves it a lot
>she gets back at my house
>she hugs me
>once we get into the living room she starts to burst into tears and slaps me
>runs out crying from my house
>the chinese girls we supposed "to eat" stares at me and gives me back the money then leaves
>i remain all alone in my house crying for ruining my relationship with a stupid joke
Is there any way to bring her back and make her understand it was just a joke?

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*honk honk*

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so you brought chinese hookers home as a joke?

How is that a meme? Did you also have a bowl of eggs or what?

Yes, in the joke their asses supposed to be like the food, of course we weren't going to eat them out, I just paid them half of their price just to be present here.

This can't be real....

Wait, what?
You were gonna pay ladies-of-the-night for a practical joke instead of a nice reunion meal with your girlfriend?

Homeboy, I...

You are retarded. No wonder she left crying.

It's not even clever.

what the fuck
are you retarded

Are you autistic

this is too retarded to be real

Apply for disability.
Or maybe you'll die very quickly from that brain eating amoeba.

Did you really expect your gf to be okay with hiring a bunch of Asian hookers for some shitty meme?

I mean, I don't know what else to tell you except talk to her? This would be the dumbest reason to break up I've ever hear of but it just might happen

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This is spectacular levels of sperg

Just leave Jow Forums. Maybe it's not too late.

Nice fanfiction

If real, seek therapy.

Goddamn im dying laughing right now

post pics or gtfo
here from Jow Forums btw, thx