Is having kids worth the trouble?

Is having kids worth the trouble?

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you can't trust the only people who would actually know (parents) to give you an honest answer


Jewish parents or in general?

this. admitting to hating your children is a taboo greater than the holocaust.

Not in current year.
The world is going to shit.

Hating your own children is hating half of yourself, so back at you.

It's not that hard to get a honest answer, especially if you read between the lines and consider how societal pressure or fear of being alone affected their choice.

At least base of my experience of knowing hundreds of parents … it seems very 50-50. Just like with most other choices, it depends less on the what you decided and more on the why.

Depends more on your financial situation. Sure, hundreds of millions will be fucked but richfags will be fine, and becoming rich in the first world isn't too hard if that's what you really want.


Though all of the ups and downs of life, I've always had my kids to love and they love me.
Now that they're adults, they are the people I trust the most and the ones I most enjoy doing things with.

Nah, children have their own personalities. At most people probably hate themselves for ever entertaining the idea of having children if they end up hating them.

Those are just the selfish reasons.
In the bigger scheme of things, my DNA and the Aryan race will continue at least one more generation.
Nothing makes me more proud than to see my sons succeed and to look at the beauty of my daughter.

It is an odd fact, but living with a purpose, like raising kids, makes you happier with your own life. I think this is why there are so many people desperately looking for a cause bandwagon, like global warming, to jump on to.

Scary, but true. Personally, I would have committed sudoku if I would have knocked up some skank when I was younger. Either that or fled somewhere that I'd never be found.

Never had kids and always am thankful of it.


the trouble? sure
the money and time? fuck no.

Eat her ass like an almond joy

If you ask questions like that then the answer for you would be no.

Agreed 100%. If you question it then just don't have kids, OP. It's not such a big deal. You don't hurt anyone else, importantly you don't hurt a child, by not having kids. Do what you want with your own life.

not true.
both my parents told me separately that having kids was the biggest mistake of their lives.

ONLY if you can afford it. it's a lottery ticket most of the time, but the quality all depends on the resources you put into it.

>she thinks her child will be a part of, or an extension of herself
just how fucking self-centered can you be holy shit?