This is a picture of the “ideal women’s body” in different countries. Which do you think is best and why...

This is a picture of the “ideal women’s body” in different countries. Which do you think is best and why? I’m OK with any of them except China, honestly.

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Yea, Columbia and China are a bit too extreme. I wouldn't call them unattractive, just not ideal for me

>Venezuela and Colombia
Those absolute Patricians......

Suffice it to say that most people on Jow Forums would realistically love to see any woman dote on them.

They want women who will survive the next famine/war. Smart.

All the bodies look pretty good except china but whats with the britbong ratface

They all have lunch lady arms to me

>whats with the britbong ratface
>britbong ratface

You've already answered your own question.

All are good except china and colombia. I would find egypt the most attractive if i had a choice

They like em thicc. They like em chunky.

This is some stupid shit.

>ideal women's body
Majority of them are simply plain
Peru egypt and Italy are nice


Ideal body based on what?, I am a Colombian user an that girl is fat, not even close to ideal

For me, it's Serbia

Eh. Place China and/or Italy in Ukraine, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and Spain, too, if you want to be accurate. Not sure about the UK though, guess they've gone "body positive" like their big cousin US of A. Especially in eastern Europe no one will bat an eye at fatter older ladies, but young girls being fat means they're public targets for laughter and teasing.

German and Dutch like 'em busty, but breasts-busty, not fat-belly-busty. Haven't seen many fat chicas on Spanish beaches either.

China and Italy are the only ones I'd be interested in, the rest are disgusting fatty fatty 2 by 4s.

everything but Spain, Columbia and vezuzsezuwayla are low 10

They surveyed hundreds of men from each country asking their preferences and that the image is an “average” based on the men surveyed. So even if you don’t feel that way, there are obviously men in Columbia who like bigger women.

I’m a Ukrainian gurl from Ukraine and the China girl would be considered way too skinny here. Our people survived a famine, we like having some meat on our bones.

based Columbia and Venezuela

Italy is based aside from face. Rest are fatties and Chinks are clearly pedos.

Heh, guess I'm too used to the opinion of Russians and Czechs (Czech girl here). Sticc, while not ideal, is still better than fat there. Ideal would be Italy from those pictures.

>Our people survived a famine
Like 70 years ago. I haven't visited Ukraine in decades but last time I lived there, most women considered attractive were skinnier. The hair color is surprising too, I recall most obsessing on blondes and dark haired ones.

I don't know if this is supposed to be trolling, or if you are just ignorant and/or stupid.

Number of men asked about their preferences to fabricate these images of a country's "ideal" appearance: 0

>haven’t visited in decades

yeah, sorry to tell you but things have changed. girls want to be “thick” now and some even get surgery to achieve that look.

So, the thicc meme didn't even stop at east europe? Sad. Given the development and constantly fatter getting world population, Colombia might count as skinny in a decade or two.

why are they all fat except china and italy?

also italy best taste, as expected.

That's fucking bullshit
I'm Spanish and even though I like a thicc bitch most chicks look like walking sacks of bones, and the worst part isn't guys fucking like that shit
Girls here love being skinny and guys here love skinny girls, fucking retards both of them

And the worst part IS*
Fuck autocorrect what is wrong with you

Because they're all the same picture of the same chunky girl, except photoshopped by 18 different women from different countries. The directions were to modify the pic to be what the photo-retoucher thought would be closer to the ideal body type. Supposedly the results would be representative of what everyone in that country thinks.

There's obviously a lot wrong with the whole concept that generated the picture in the OP, starting from the notion that there's some sort of meaningful concept of an ideal body type that an arbitrary group of people can agree upon, and then thinking you can discover what that ideal is by asking a single person.

Except it's not even asking a single person. Expecting that hiring random female "graphic artists" from a gig-employment website and thinking they'd have the skills to retouch the picture of some tubby girl to make her look not-fat is also pretty damn unrealistic. Who the fuck knows what these graphic artists actually think the ideal body type is. What these pictures really are is an attempt to make the original photo look less bad, within the skill limitations of the particular photo-retoucher.

Which is why aside from hilarious shit like the photoshop from the woman from China, most of these just look like someone's idea of what a more attractive fat girl would look like.

It's all just an exercise by a drugstore to publicize themselves with some fat-acceptance bullshit.

While this is all bullshit, do you happen to have a male version?

this girls face is so ugly
italy looks good tho

Venezuela and Colombia, but I'm Latino.

based china and italy

why are latinas so patrician though?

I'm not OP. I'm capable of using google, however. You should try to learn how to use a search engine yourself.

Same retarded shit, but a mix of male and female graphic artists this time.

What the fuck, Staya.

that's the worst methodology ive ever heard of. the study organizers should be shot.

Where the fuck did you pull that shit from this time, you mentally ill incel? It has nothing to do with reality. Fucking incels