Thoughts on this subreddit?

Thoughts on this subreddit?

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I think if nobody displayed their behavior like this nobody would learn anything.

However, I also think readily that anyone unironically posting in that Reddit would be fucking mortified to end up in a similar state with their shit posted online.

Just another group of white knights who rant about how all men should worship women. I feel sorry for them for not having the masculinity to stand up for themselves or other men and it's slightly embarrassing to see what they do.
Then again incels are the same. They don't have the masculinity to stand up for themselves but I feel more sympathy for them because for some of them life just gave them shit genes which is unfortunate but shouldn't stop them from being able to find women equal to them. We just live in a shit version of society at the moment where women have the upper hand in the dating scene instead of things being equal. Hey ho, life goes on.

did you want advice about something?

>I feel more sympathy for them because for some of them life just gave them shit genes
fat girl logic "muh genes"

Other than the maybe one or two super rare medical conditions that can cause obesity, either from making you bedridden or just whatever. If you're fat, you're a fucking monstrosity regardless of if you're male or female. I'd sooner kill myself than let myself reach that point in life.

Full of losers trying to feel better about how shitty they are by looking at other losers.

The only thing more pathetic than incels is people stalking and harassing them to make themselves feel better.

My point is that incels operate on the same logic as fat girls who always talk about how it's their genes' fault that they're fat. Or they'll blame the internet and social media and society and whatever. Blame the entire universe except for themselves.

Like you said, there are super rare medical conditions that can legitimately cause obesity - and there are very rare instances where people are born with extremely misshapen faces or bodies. Incels that always go off about how they're ugly or whatever aren't freaks of nature with a dick growing out of their nose. What's unappealing about them is their personality and outlook on life.

Seems redundant when Jow Forums already exists

Oh yeah, I definitely agree that if you're not particularly bad looking then if you complain about genes you're a pathetic fuck. In my original comment I was more just saying that I do feel sorry for the small number of incels who have just been dealt a terrible hand in life and look like they've been kicked in the face by a horse and no amount of personality will change it. Someone like the supreme gentleman Elliot however, he didn't look horrendous, he was just a bit of a poof.
Like hell I'm not particularly good looking, I got hit by a car and lost a lot of my face and it's still regrowing, my personality also isn't A grade or anything. Doesn't change anything though, I'm still with a beautiful girl.


Incels getting mad about incels

I dislike incels as much as any decent person should but making a fucking subreddit about them, following their crap and actively laughing about losers just doesn't seem like a great use of your time.

If they handle the advice and discussion well, there might be some merit to the shit though. I guess for a certain kind of person who isn't deep into the brainwashing, seeing how incels appear to non incels can be a push not to fall for the shit; and if the subreddit also offers some support and advice…

What? This board is totally dominated by incels and their warped mindset.

>This board is totally dominated by incels
I'd say it's half normies and half incels

it's just posting advice without filter because of the anonymity. are you fucking retarded?

A bunch of fat unattractive women talking shit about a bunch of fat unattractive men for hating fat unattractive women yet they hate fat unattractive men enough to make subreddit about them. It’s so hypocritical it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

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>we're not hear to mock virgins, just if they're racist or don't like women for x,y, or z reasons
They're pretty much just dehumanizing people on an ideological basis while trying to claim moral superiority because they "don't target all of them"

At least Coontown and Fatpeoplehate didn't pretend to be moral heroes when they made fun of people they didn't like lmao

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That is not what (or at least all) this board is.

the person coming to Jow Forums expecting good advice from unfiltered degenerates is the one that has something wrong with them. you've got this all twisted up

More like CuckTears

oh, I agree
you hadn't stated that was your stance though.
but like most of this board is flat bait my guy

Sounds like a bunch of losers looking to make themselves feel good by shitting on other people they don't like. So pretty much the same as the people they want to humiliate. Pathetic.