Have any of you guys ever dated a moderately ugly girl? Did you regret it?

Have any of you guys ever dated a moderately ugly girl? Did you regret it?

I haven't dated in a few years and I've got a girl I think is into me. Not very attractive at all in the face. Debating giving it a shot because I've been single for too long and "what's the worst that could happen".

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Yes it sucks. I got in a relationship with an ugly chick and knew from the beginning that she was ugly. Then that knowledge slowly nagged at me. I knew deep down that i was just settling because i was lonely. I didn't see anything in her. She was just nice to me. She wasn't pretty. She didn't have too much of a personality. It all went downhill fairly quickly. Don't "settle" for shit. Settle for someone you know in your heart you can spend the rest of your days with

I did. She started treating me like the ugly one. I told my bro’s that and they beat her up. Lol I shit you not I wasn’t expecting it black eye and all.

Nah, I could never have the motivation to date an ugly girl, like what’s even the point

How did it go downhill? What ended up happening? Were you the one to break it off?

I think I know you're right, it just sucks. I have an opportunity after so long and I want to take it. She does seem like a decent person. But yeah, I don't know if long term I could really see anything.

Why do you ask this question with the assumption that everyone here is also not moderately ugly

Always date in your league, OP. If you don't know what you are on a scale of 1-10, maybe ask /soc/.

If you date above your league, you'll either get cheated on, be paranoid about being cheated on, or both

If you date below your league, you'll feel massively underachieved, and will be probably be clung to

Stay strong OP. Don't sell yourself short

Give it to me straight coach. Nothing I can do about the bald but I've been losing weight

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5 or lower is your league. you might be able to get a girl with a prettier face if you’re willing to be with someone heavier. but good body and pretty face when you look like that? keep dreaming, buddy. unless you happen to have big money.

Just the baldness or generally speaking?

Could you take a side profile and a 45 degree pic? As in, 3/4rs turn if that makes sense?

I wouldn't go for anything you think you can do better than. If she's totally miles below your league; and there aren't any significant personality/interests factors, probably shouldn't go for it. In general, regardless of the looks of a girl, you shouldn't enter a relationship unless you find their personality attractive. Any relationship you enter seriously can end up in a more permanent situation. Therefore, when and if the looks fade, there should be something which makes it worthwhile. It's also the case that if you're in a relationship with a person you truly care about, and find fun to hang out with, things are a lot better.
Other than that, if it's just a date, go for it. You'll get to know them better and see if it's worth it. A date is no big deal.

Excuse the bleariness it's late here

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I don't think your looks stand out as ugly by any means, but I don't think you're attractive. I think you'd benefit greatly from experimenting with facial hair, seeing what works and what doesn't.

Don't let the opinion of one person on an image board determine your self worth and instill a limiting belief to the type of woman you are capable of getting.

You'd be surprised at what women are attracted to. Remember that they aren't us - they think differently.

In terms of optimizing your appearance, lose some weight. Do cardio everyday + intermittent fasting and you'll lose your baby fat face which will enhance your jawline and make you sexier.

In terms of ''dating'' someone you don't find attractive.. do I really need to outline why this is a bad idea? Are you so lonely you need the companionship of someone you don't even care about to feel better about yourself?

I recommend getting into self help, spirituality or religion to satiate your desires. I'm just speculating but it seems like you're coming from a place of seeking approval. In the context of asking others if it's ''Okay'' to date someone ugly.

Try growing a beard

Fair enough. I didn't want to do the bald bearded look every single bald guy does. But outside of seeing how much hair I can grow back, it's what I've got.

Getting fit #1 priority of course and I'm already doing that. Used to be much fatter. Getting thin will go a long way.

Unlike some here, I think you are very attractive OP, but now fat/chubby are you? Because you got a very found face, also try growing a stubble or a beard

Also I would urge you not to think of women on a scale of 1-10. This pedestalizes women and subconsciously modifies the way you interact with them.

E.G - If I see a ''4'' I will have no worries talking to her because I believe her to be low value.

If I see a ''9'', chances are you will become flustered and act as if you aren't enough. In attempts to rectify this you will engage in laborious self-improvement to allow your perception to align with your reality, when really the whole time you could have been capable of expressing your true self and been attractive to another.

Humans are attracted to eachothers rough edges, despite what popular culture tells you.

Believe me, if you can openly have the courage to be who you truly are, warts and all, women will love you. They are insecure people just like the rest of us, and will greatly respect and be attracted to someone who has overcome the bullshit conditioning that society puts upon us.

Appreciated. Yeah I'm already doing IF, I've lost like 30 pounds this year. Going bald sucks but being fat is 100% my fault. Going to lose another 20 I think and see how I look then.

Yeah I know it's a bad idea. I used to be way too cautious about dating and missed out on a lot of opportunities. I'm just trying to get back into the dating game and be open-minded. But yeah I don't want to use another human being just for an ego boost.

I don't mean the cliche ''be yourself'', which can be misinterpreted as continuing along the same path of inadeuqacy. I mean be yourself in discovering who you really are, what you want to do in this world and not fearing criticism from others.

The Alchemist is a good book that reiterates this point if you are interested. Short read too.

Well thanks. I don't mind the honesty from everyone I just want to know where I stand. I used to be 200, I'm around 170 now. 5'11". Aiming for 150ish.

Everyone is suggesting a beard so I'll try it, but I think losing weight will achieve the same effect of a better jawline.

I appreciate it man and I'll check out the book. I don't think I do too terribly in the social arena, usually if interact with people often they end up liking me. But I'm sure I've got a lot to learn (especially in dating). I'm not looking for a "9/10", just someone I'm attracted to and is a compassionate person with their life relatively in order.

>You'd be surprised at what women are attracted to. Remember that they aren't us - they think differently.

It was a woman who gave him that rating.

You OP? Unless your lass is one of those 600lb blobs growing barnacles on her underbelly I truly doubt she's anything other than at least 2 levels more attractive than you.
>early stages of jowls
>soft feminine cheeks
>beady black eyes
>do I even have to mention the dome?
And you're tightlipped, not sure if that's due to bad/yellow teeth or just general insecurity. That's nothing to say if you have a bad body, odd hair patterns (e.g. excessive leghair, shag carpet ass, hairless chest, etc.) or a teeny weiney. My advice would be to sincerely thank whatever girl you do manage to pull.

Settling is just a waste of time born out of fear and lonliness, and its actually mean to the person expecting reciprocated admiration.

You have very pretty eyes! You have nice and high cheekbones and what seems to be a fairly strong jawline. The more fat you lose the more obvious it will be. I wouldn't suggest taking completely straight on photos due to your rather oddly shaped head, 3/4 looks nice for you though. Your smile gives you a pretty cute dimple so I'd suggest at least going for a half smile in pictures as well.

You're not ugly but I don't know if I personally would date you cause I tend to like hair a lot. Date inside your league, I've dated mostly on par with mine and the only time I dated lower it ended horribly because he constantly thought I was interested in other people.

Good luck!

I did, she was skinny but face wise prolly a 4 to 5.
She was nice but kind of stupid and also way too needy and submissive.
Our personalities jusy didnt mix well though. Dated for like 6 months, i dont regret it.

Tried being friends with a 2/10 ugly girl. Our classmates thought we were "dating", her floormate accused me of leading her on. Needless to say it went terribadly.

It's cliche I know, but it really can look good. Honestly you'll stand out from the crowd just by grooming it and not going for the bushy old man look, which honestly is the most lazy and overdone version these days imo.

I do think your high and visible cheek bones look really nice, for what it's worth.

Yeah. Turned like some 5/10 girl into my girlfriend. She had a sexy fit body but her face and her IQ, not so much. I used her to practice at sex and was fun for a while. Last ex was about 8/10. But she was quite literally insane, so yeah ugly in my eyes just for that. I used her to practice getting to know girls/ethnicity similar to her.

Both I regret. Had I just went after what I actually wanted, instead of settling, I would have gotten somewhere. Should be landing 10/10 or atleast part of the time or above 8's on the regular. I think it's a tremendous waste of time to go for lower-tier girls because you think you'll be happier. But you won't. You would wish you got the nicer girls.

Grow a beard

A beard

What do you do if you can't grow a beard?
Not OP, but I'm infuriated with my shitty genetics; baldness is linked to testosterone sensitivity but testosterone is linked to beard growth. So why the fuck am I balding, but incapable of growing a beard? That's bullshit, it shouldn't work like that.

I think anyone happily dating a not so attractive girl wouldn’t be posting in a thread like this

Thanks. I'd love to grow the hair out believe me but balding + dark hair + light skin isn't a good look in my experience. I could try growing it out and doing some more styling but I'm really trying to avoid a life where I'm constantly afraid a strong breeze will put me in Costanza mode.

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