How do I improve my looks?

How do I improve my looks?

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you look fine man pretty eyes.... But if you want to experiment try shaving, get eyebrows threaded, grow out the hair and get it styled

>do something about the incel stare
>get rid of the hair on your back
You look fine, faggot.

Get a surgery

Start with a noose around your neck

Seconding cleaning up those eyebrows. It's a simple yet efficient fix which makes a lot of difference.

Fucker, you're an 8/10 already. You'd get a 9 out of a friendly smile.

Wow, it actually worked. Thanks Jow Forums!

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What the fuck. I didn't expect it to have such an effect. Would be a total Chad with another hair cut.

That shit is ugly as fuck that’s the school shooter starter pack haircut. OP cut her hair or leave it at that length. Your a good looking man

You look fine user, handsome even
If i were you though i would grow out my hair another inch or so but not more than that, and then trim down the beard a little bit.

>fishing for validation the thread

Just trim the beard, you look like a lumberjack

Why would anyone want the validation of a bunch of retards and incels

Shape up every place with hair on your skull. Especially the eyebrows.

Don’t listen to this, guys that do their eyebrows look like fucking faggots

You didn't touch your eyebrows. *_*

You're a fucking faggot for liking unkempt eyebrows.

OP here, virgin btw

>doing more for eyebrows than ensuring there is no monobrow
What's next, using hand cremes and shaving legs and arms?

I swear you fucks need to buy some fucking ears

good gosh you have freaking gorgeous eyes and nice hair. smile more my man, wear some nicer clothes. you are absolutely attractive

Develop more charismatic, masculine mannerisms and affect.
Personality counts for a lot. At least the parts of your personality that you put on display and use to interact with people (it's not what's on the inside that counts in this case).

The best way to do this is by interacting with people which can also be a pitfall because this can also entrench you deeper in undesirable roles.

Pretty cute!! Just need better haircut and a cleaner beard look

Are you Indian?