Have you ever realized if life were a movie, you'd be a villain? It dawned on me that to others I'm basically snape

Have you ever realized if life were a movie, you'd be a villain? It dawned on me that to others I'm basically snape.

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Can't tell if high or just autistic

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Yes and I fucking love it
I want people to fear and hate me, those two emotions are way more powerful and run deeper than love and respect

Well, duh fucking duh, you guys are on Jow Forums.

You're all my enemy.

Karma is a bitch.

Twofer mutilated coke heads

>incel with oneitis
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This would apply to tons of people around here but let's not forget that Snape was a professor who was very good in his field.

I may be narcissistic but I see myself as the hero of my own "movie".

Snape was the real MVP of the whole franchise

Yeah being smart is cool and all, but I'd rather be able to have friends and sex.

Snape ain't a bad way to go, O.P.

i think snape was the real hero of that movie, because his defiance of his own nature was the catalyst of this entire plot

Movies are stupid as shit desu

First 3 were great.

Movies in general retard

true, but im talking in context. snape experienced the greatest change because he actually dealt with the hypocrisy of his views. he was le racist but fell in love with mixed girl, then experienced his racist drumbf killing her so he became conflicted and eventually turned against drumbft overlord. he realized that world wasnt such black and white as he thought, which none of other characters did. cant tell if it's shit writing or intended though, but i appreciate the detail nonetheless

Im not gonna be the ref! Im a villain cant you see?!

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Snape isn't a villain, he's just an asshole.

The entire premise of his character is to draw a distinction between genuinely evil people like Grindelwald (Wizard Hitler) and Voldemort (Wizard Hitler 2.0), and people who are just selfish dickheads.

If you can not inspire love, inspire fear. It is better to be loved than feared, but if you can not be loved, it is better to be feared.

Grindelwald isn't evil in the books.

Rowling fucked up by making the racism metaphor with people who are pretty much a different species. Given the superiority of wizards, there is zero reasons they should hide from muggles and ignore their problems.

Isn't the Deathly Hallows treated as a taboo symbol? Isn't Grindelwald explicitly referred to as a "dark wizard" or "evil wizard" on the chocolate frog cards?

But Trashman turned out to be a hero in the end by defeating the real villain.

The winners write history.

He seems more of a revolutionary figure than someone evil who murdered for the lulz like Voldy. His ideology was just wizard supremacy and end of the whole secrecy bullshit.

As edgy as this is I have to agree. I'd much rather be the evil in ppl's lives rather than the light. I have no real reason other than I dislike ppl to the point where I'm down to actively cause their downfall. Though evil is subjective, I would say I fall under its definition. The only reason why I havent let it loose is simply because I lack the means to cause meaningful lasting pain to a large group of ppl over the course of a few years. Like 9/11 evil is the level I'm shooting for.

It is and it strikes when the damage is long past done

But snape is not a villain...

Its the classic character whose lost their way but is still a hero trope.

I would kidnap, torture, and rape countless women, fat, ugly, beautiful, young and old.

I would use them up and when I become tired of them systematically remove their organs from a small slit in their abdomen. Once they expire, I would separate the bones from soft tissue, boil the bones until clean and dispose of the remains in the desert.