Should I kill myself?

> be 33 years old
> single
> shitty job
> dumb. I mean, legitimately dumb. Have had people call me dumb. Girls lose interest after I open my mouth. My brain is just...dumb.

Whaddya say, end it?

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You could find a way to live in this world and minimize your own suffering

I guess stop caring?

But how dumb are you, really?

What do you do for work?

If you have the self awareness to consider that you are dumb, you aren't dumb enough to off yourself.

Not sure. I am interested in physics and literature and esoteric shit. But when I'm conversing with someone, I'll forget what they said 15 minutes later. Or I'll be at the bar and my friends will be making witty banter, and I'll sit there like an idiot because my mind is blank. My brain feels like it runs MS-DOS while everyone else is on Mojave. Sometimes jokes go over my head that other people get immediately. Because of this I have no self-esteem, so people hate being around me.

Financial Assistant. I simultaneously feel like I am the next Elon Musk and Lloyd Christmas. I work in an office but they ignore me. I get paid to sit and do nothing forty hours a week.

You have tons of time to improve your job situation. A far as being dumb; say, even if you have low intelligence, you can still do something with your life that's meaningful. You can acquire wisdom; as much knowledge as you can. Regardless of how bad things are right now, they'll inevitably improve.

It's possible that you could simply have some sort of learning disability, and are actually not dumb. You could have a low functioning memory, autism, Asperger's, etc. Maybe see a doctor and/or a psychologist? You don't seem particularly dumb when you articulate yourself through writing. Again, maybe some aspects of your intelligence may be lacking, but you may have an IQ > normal.
Also, don't predicate you confidence and existence upon self-esteem. Self-respect is far more important. If you do the best you can possibly do, regardless of your inherent abilities, your confidence will naturally improve.
Most likely, people don't hate you. You simply perceive it that way since you're lacking self-confidence.

You don't seem to be degenerate, so I see no reason why your death would improve things. If you're unhappy, there are surely better ways to go about fixing that than permanently ending your life.

>I get paid to sit and do nothing forty hours a week.
That sounds awesome, kek

no please do not end it, there's a lot more to life than that. and endless possibilities down the road that you don't know of yet

Do you take any medication?

I am like this too. I’m much better at expressing myself through writing — and not instant messaging, but taking the time to actually sit and figure out how to translate my thoughts into language. Sometimes when I think it feels like I’m not even thinking in words. Do you know what I mean?

Thank you. I needed to hear this. I guess things aren’t as bad as they feel.

No. I was prescribed Vyvanse but stopped taking it. It helped. I probably should go back to it.

Yes, just how you described. It’s a slow, lumbering gear that turns feelings into coherent thoughts, but always behind schedule.

If you identify yourself as dumb, you're probably not as dumb as you think. Seriously though, if you're really dumb you're probably too dumb to realize you're dumb.

If that makes sense.

Yes. Thank you. Sounds like Dunning-Kruger effect.

Nah, you just haven’t found your passion yet.

Ever seen the secret life of walter mitty?

Life is short all on its own, go do shit.

Yeah, that’s a great movie. Thanks for the inspiration.

>If that makes sense.
and no it doesnt