Dealing with a possessive/jealous girlfriend?

I recently got into college and have added some people from classes I share. My gf realized this and now wants me to delete every girl I met (and accepted on facebook) and won't talk to me until I do as she says.

I dont even use facebook that much, but its still good to catch up with old friends. How do I deal with this? I dont really wanna delete them because that would just be rude but I also want to be with my gf and if that makes her insecure, I'll do whatever I can to make her feel better.

I dont know what to do help me please

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Don't do it. She's being abusive and controlling.

What do I do then?
She wont talk to me unless I delete those girls, but that would make social interactions with these people very awkward cause they'll realize I deleted them and I interact daily with them

Tell her that you're not going to delete anyone off facebook. Tell her that you are willing to talk things out with her but she's being abusive and controlling, and you'll be waiting for her to reach out for you.
If she ignores you for more than a week, text her that it is over.

This is the kind of woman who will throw you dishes and weaponize your children against you in 10 years OP, move on.

Call her on her bluff. If she stops talking to you, let her. Don't chase her. She'll either take the time to figure out that she's insecure and has a man she can trust, or she'll leave you. If she leaves you, be grateful. Stick to your guns. This type of woman is not the type you want to marry. It's especially not the type you want to raise your children.

Not only is she at risk of weaponizing the children, but she's the type to control and abuse them too.

Tell her to suck your dick instead
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Thing is, I dont want to end our relationship, everything but this is perfect and we enjoy being together a lot.
>This is the kind of woman who will throw you dishes and weaponize your children against you in 10 years OP, move on.
I just cant seem to leave her. I am scared of being alone.

Im sure its not a bluff.
She has always been insecure, so im not sure if she'll get any better with me not talking to her.

damn really? Everything but this is just perfect ;_;

Cant atm

>I just cant seem to leave her. I am scared of being alone.
Being alone is better than being with a woman who doesn't care about hurting you.
This isn't "being insecure", this is being ABUSIVE. The silent treatment is ABUSE. Controlling your social interactions is ABUSE. And I'm sure she does other things, but you look at them through rose-colored glasses.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life next to a woman who doesn't love you enough to not go out of her way to hurt you? Do you want your children to be born inside this kind of relationship dynamic, so they'll seek out people who will hurt them? Do you want them to risk getting hurt too?

Good luck with. As I always say : you learn by suffering.

Try not to be a pussy in front of her and act more like a man. You're feeling good with her rn but it will probably not continue this way

Youre right user
Althought it does hurt a lot being alone

You're not going to help her feel more secure by catering to her insecurity by deleting these girls. You do it by taking the upper hand, standing your ground, but treating her all the same. She needs therapy because this is not normal behavior, it is abusive, even if it comes out of a painful place of insecurity on her part. She might not be toxic forever, but she certainly is right now. You need to stand your ground, offer to help her get help, but the process can take a really long time and isn't guaranteed to work. And if she refuses, you need to let her go.

If she would leave you over any of this, your relationship is not as good as you think it is. She should want to work on overcoming the insecurity. I don't say this to be an asshole and I truly wish you the best, but a relationship without trust is not a good relationship. It doesn't matter how well you get along otherwise. In a healthy, mature, adult relationship, you can both have friends of the opposite sex and it won't matter as long as you both genuinely trust and love each other and prove you can be trusted.

>Thing is, I dont want to end our relationship, everything but this is perfect and we enjoy being together a lot.
OP, usually I disagree with Jow Forums's advice, but they're right this time. Abusers tend to groom and act super nice at first. That's how people get into abusive relationships in the first place--you think a woman would willingly date a guy who was physically or emotionally abusive on the first date?
She is jealous and controlling. She is trying to isolate you from your friends which is a common tactic used by abusers. Read up on abusive relationships OP.

Tell her that she has to she has to lead by example and delete every male contact from her facebook and phone. And that you will go through her phone and verify this. Once she has done this have sex with her and then dump her.

say no and hold your foot down
if you oblige her she will cheat


Obsessive control is real bad and a thing that won’t just go away. Even if you deleted all the girls she would find something else, she is sick. So time to break up and save what you can of yourself.

Delete her and chat with the other girls. I'm saying as a woman to you that she is not suitable as a partner and you shouldn't waste your youth.

not based. it makes op as pathetic as the girl is acting.

Yeah I mean does she just not talk to guys or something? There's no way she doesn't. Ask her why it's ok for her to do it

Do NOT sacrifice your future leads, happiness and social life because of an insecure bitch that will drop you like a hat the first chance she gets. Be a man, stand your ground. Say " No, Bitch", "You do as I say, or you stay away!"

Power to the people

Damn, you're are one melodramatic, literal faggot. Yikes!
OP, explain to her that she's being unreasonable. My money is on the fact that she's deliberately trying to sabotage your relationship so you'll break up but that she can blame it on you. Expect more from the same category down then road, and soon. Or you can listen to the effeminate faggot over there, your choice.