Why are incels such a failure with women?

Why are incels such a failure with women?

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Cause they have a detremental mindset.

Why do you care so much about an exaggerated boogeyman?

Because they are very dumb.

They hate women. Who would've thought that was a turn Off?

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Vicious cycle/Self-fullfilling prophecy

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Because they don't even try to succeed. The vast majority of them never ask women out.

Raised by women.

Doing anything that might even accidentally get them a gf is forbidden by their religion.

They think they are so above everyone else- that they deserve to gain the attraction of women without putting in any of the actual effort or work involved in transforming themselves to be attractive. They think women should make the move to go to them- which if they just studied the world, would know that hasn't been the case since history began.

Incels are lazy guys who seem to have high IQ, but not much in terms of common sense. They over-analyze and don't consider the basics. Just observing black people and how some of them start from poverty and end up successful in life- even women should be a hint. It has nothing to do with looks or money, but everything to do with effort, confidence and the right mindset.

Mental illness.
In my case I'm a failure with people in general, not just women.

I finally got a beat on what exactly is wrong with me but I'm 28 so the ship for ever being a functional human being has long-since sailed.
I wish my parents and school had been observant because if I'd actually gotten therapy at a formative age I might not be such a fuckup.

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>high IQ
Lolwut. Every incel is dumb as bricks.

Nah, they are pretty capable individuals. Low IQ just look at some people from the ghetto. They still get laid. Incels come from good families or wealth at times yet they can't figure out how to get women. They overthink and focus on the wrong things. They believe it is everyone else's fault but their own.

>confidence and the right mindset.
these two have always been bullshit and everyone fucking knows it

Incels are failures in life due to their low intelligence. If they actually were of at least normal intelligence they would be able to figure out how to get girls. Pretty much every incel is a NEET or in a min wage crap job. An intelligent incel cannot exist.

>An intelligent incel cannot exist.
In a world of legal prostitution.
There fixed that for ya.
You'll see stories on here of kids that are 22 make 250k$ a year and say there's no point in life because girls don't like them. Some niggas are just born ugly and some are just fucked in the head. You can't blame it all on them.

If incels were smart, they'd be mgtows, just sayin'

Never heard of such "stories".

Low social intelligence or ugliness

Ugliness on the inside, not physical.

Nope, some of them are actually REALLY ugly. And i'm not saying there aren't girls who go beyond looks even in such extreme case, but they're extremely rare and will maybe never even meet one. Let's be pragmatic here, most of them are just jerks but there are actual lost causes

Yet ugly men can get girls, they just have to try slightly harder. If an incel is physically ugly, it doesn't change the fact he would be an incel if he looked decent as well.

Ex redpill incel retard here.

Inceldom is basically the result of catastrophising social anxiety that manifests itself eventually as extreme depression. When you have catastrophising anxiety you basically get stuck in your own head trying to work out every "dialogue tree" for a conversation you are having which makes you basically functionally autistic when it comes to social situations. Throw in also extreme lack of self worth and paranoia from the depression and you have an individual that just has an aura that people don't want to be around.

Incel propaganda plays on the catastrophising anxiety and depression as well, it's flow charts and statistics to basically make you feel like shit and get stuck in your mind when you're interacting with women further fucking you over with your over analysis and catastrophising instead of being in the moment.

The fact is, I see guys who look way worse than me get laid by hot chicks all the fucking time and I'm not good looking, that's when I realised I had mental health and personality issues rather than whatever Tinder statistics bullshit I got fed from r9k and plebbit and oh look once I put in actual effort to improve myself, just by going to dance classes and actually just naturally trying to engage with people, suddenly I was getting my dick wet.

Also most incels are actually above intellegence, it's actually that over analytical mindset that tends to fuck them over.

Not attractive or charismatic enough

>most incels are actually above intellegence
I think you proved the point there. Everything shows that incels are way below average intelligence. It's not possible to be both intelligent and incel.

>you basically get stuck in your own head trying to work out every "dialogue tree" for a conversation you are having which makes you basically functionally autistic when it comes to social situations
What if you actually do have autism?
>and oh look once I put in actual effort to improve myself, just by going to dance classes and actually just naturally trying to engage with people
And this sounds like hell on earth?

I think I'm also too old for this shit to work.
>Throw in also extreme lack of self worth and paranoia from the depression and you have an individual that just has an aura that people don't want to be around.
No one wants to be around an incel, but what if that person is also pushing 30?

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lol why are you so insistent on your retarded theory that incels are dumb? Fuck off, you're not contributing anything to the discussion with your autism. I'm sure some incels are stuipid, some might even be on your level.

Most men in the coming two to three generations are going to be genetic dead ends.

Dude I'm 32 was an "incel" my entire 20s didn't bother self improving until I was 29
I know dance classes and shit sound like hell, but honestly they are pretty fun when you get into them and you're surrounded by supportive hot chicks so it's basically win win.

>supportive hot chicks
pro tip: they can still smell the incel on you and they make fun of you with their chad bfs

Why so triggered by the truth? Literally nothing supports your claim that incels are intelligent. Everything shows the reverse is true. You do not have successful incels. Incels are NEETs and dropouts. You can literally not find a single incel with an IQ of above 100.

being a NEET or a dropout aren't hard indicators for general intelligence, there's a plethora of reasons for these to happen. I think what you might be trying to say is they have low verbal intelligence, which is very much apparent with incels. Generally however you will find incels have above average cognitive reasoning abilities and the ability to analyze... just look at their wikipedia shit dude, they are practically pushing the boundaries of sociology all by themselves. The fact that no one can actually disprove any incel theories speaks volumes I think.

As for these ridiculous statements
>You can literally not find a single incel with an IQ of above 100.
>You do not have successful incels
Da Vinci, Newton, Tesla, Pascal, Leibniz, Boyle, etc. + many more in society who are never in a million years going to admit to this because of the shame it would bring. You could argue they are volcels but this argument would also apply to pretty much every incel alive other than the ones who look like the elephant man

Because they are afraid of rejection.

I still believe in you. You’re a smart and interesting person and the fact that you can even see your situation clearly tells me that you still have potential.

Do what you can where you are today.

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>Da Vinci, Newton, Tesla, Pascal, Leibniz, Boyle
Not a single incel in this list. You are just proving the point. An incel cannot be intelligent or accomplished.

Being a NEET or dropout would indicate you are a fucking retard. Incels are fucking dumb.

Lel. The incel wiki is full of pseudoscience and outright made up bullshit. The few legit studies there do nothing to prove any of the incel talking points. Incels have been challenged repeatedly to pick just one legit study that supports their point. They never have for some reason. There is nothing to "disprove" when the whole of incelism is ad legit as flat earth science. Even now you will not be able to provide a single legit link.

Like I said in the end of my post, if you are saying they are volcels then the same exact argument could be made for any incel currently.
There's a bunch of reasons including anxiety and such for dropping out, has nothing to do with being a 'fucking retard'. You will probably find anxiety and mental conditions as the primary reason for both of these, as work doesn't exactly take any intelligence at all in most jobs, even skilled jobs are just doing the same reptitive shit over and over. Same with college, in my university some of the dumbest people passed due to studying constantly whereas some of the more intelligent people would drop out due to various reasons.

talking from personal experience?

To be honest I've not looked through their whole wiki and there may be a bunch of theorizing in there which makes 0 sense, yeah, but I went on it yesterday for the first time to see what the fuss was all about, this is where most of the sourced studies, etc, that incels base many of their beliefs is located: incels.wiki/w/Scientific_Blackpill

It's hard to discount many from there, some are just 1 simple study done - so the conclusion they draw is probably exaggerated or incorrect. One example is the napoleon complex study, it seems a bit too simple to draw any real conclusion. The important thing though is that these are repeatable studies, with predictable results.

The whole problem with people who take a reactionary oppositional stance like you and incels I believe is that their points are poorly defined and they are still coming to terms with what they are getting at. When you go on incel boards it's full of shit yeah, full of emotional reactions and their 'points' mostly revolve around hating things. What I'm talking about are the few who go out and try to connect the dots between those proven studies.

Like said, the legit studies there do not support blackpill at all. You said they have legit points, why can't you post just one? Like scientific proof for the 80/20 meme?

What made you possibly think Newton or Tesla were incels? That's a completely ridiculous claim.

It's pretty common knowledge that Tesla was a pidgeon-fucker and died a virgin.
Hans Christian Anderson too, although he was also just a presexual pedophile like Lewis Carrol.

Tesla was the definition of a volcel. There were literally women begging for his d and he turned them all down. Why would anyone think Tesla moped around in the basement all day long whining about women?

incels are future suicide cases
literally no value whatsoever
just like me

>t. lying roastie who would laugh at you while you tried to ask a girl out
liar liar pants on fire

Incels are just garbage human beings who should kill themselves. They just play the victim and play the victim and play the victim like weaklings and pussies. They're worthless human beings who'd do the world a favour by killing themselves instead of letting their disgusting failure weakness run rampant
they do not deserve to live because do not have a single argument
not a single talking point
incels are coddled man babies who should grow up or just kill themseves
they have absoluteley no value in this world and people should laugh at their pathetic existence and hope they kill themselves (normal human beings do this automatically if they see a worthless failure try to be a human being)
incels should all kill themselves
they have absolutely no value
you say it yourself
incels do not have an argument
incel talking points are just bunch of manbabies bawling over not getting a tit to suckle on
that's all there is
incels should crawl in the closest ditch and wither up and die
like all normal people want those failures to do.

It's going to take a long ass time for me to compile multi studies, validate the sources, and relate them across in a scientific way to one specific incel concept which even THEY haven't fleshed out yet - what you are asking of me here is pretty insane lad. Either way I don't actually believe the whole '80/20' thing as stated by incels, the number they use there is clearly pulled out their ass, however the underlying logic to it is quite sound. Women pair-bond up the social ladder, that's the gist of it, the repercussions of which is the only real point of contention.

The only thing I'm interested in is the research they collate, I just find sociology interesting.

>Jow Forums - Advice

They don't do any research, they just post whatever random articles they stumble upon.

well it is advice
and it would be a final solution to all those incel threads
my advice would basically kill the board..

incels are just retarded pussies
they should man up

pretty much, that's why I made sure to use the word 'collate', either way you won't publicly find a compilation of this kind of research anywhere else really, all autistically validated by themselves looking through sources and such

i hope you can find peace one day

Do you seriously believe they read through even half of the articles they put there?

sure I imagine some would, I managed to get through 10 or so of them yesterday and I'll read more when im really bored again. Here's one thing I find strange right, when you look through most of these articles, the information contained in them isn't just useful for incels trying to justify their existence. People who've had sex and even the illustrious nemesis of incels 'Chad' could stand to benefit from some of the insights into human evolutionary behavior found on sites like these. Whether incels exaggerate the effect of these or not, it doesn't undermine the truth to many of these studies (not all, like the napoleon complex one i mentioned previous)

Bro, I'm a guy and I’m being serious. Try not to be so skeptical.

Im gonna give you some homework now.

For the rest of today, I want you to focus on all of the things that you like in the people you meet and the situations you find yourself in. Focus solely on the positive. Its not too late for you and I don't give a shit that you don’t understand that yet.

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Because it's really hard to succeed when you're too afraid to try.

Looks don't matter to girls. Incels don't know that. They try to improve their looks instead of their shitty ass personality.

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>i hope you can find peace one day
It hurts that you would lie and pretend. Why not be honest? Humans do not wish good to other people. I don't understand why you would lie.

Emotional abuse by one or both parents.

I used to be someone who didn't wish good for others when I was a teenager, then I had to see what that felt like from the other side during my depressed early 20's, completely changed the way I see the motivation and ego of people generally. This is one reason I find some incel ideology interesting as it tries to break down to the root of human nature. You have most likely surrounded yourself with the wrong types of people who want you to fail and it's fucked you up, all I'm saying is I sincerely hope you can find yourself out of this one day because no human deserves to spend the 1 chance he has at life in complete abject misery.

>Looks don't matter to girls
Looks do matter. They certainly help. They're just not as important as incels claim.
But if they admitted that they'd also have to admit to being partially at fault for not getting women when they refuse to improve their personalities.
It's easier to say you're fucked because of bad genes and women are at fault because they're all shallow whores. Nvm that most of them demand at least 8/10 looks from the woman they claim to be owed.

Personality doesn't matter either. Having the balls to talk to women is the only thing that matters

>talk to woman
>she's receptive because you're well presented and attractive
>conversation dies immediately because you're a personality-less husk and a void of charisma that has nothing to say, if you can even form a sentence
Well done.

>Bro, I'm a guy and I’m being serious. Try not to be so skeptical.
>just trust people, that never backfired
honestly why do you think people stay isolated? Their trust was betrayed and they learned to not trust is better than to trust and get betrayed again and again and again and again and again

Your advice is sound though, some positivity would be good
sadly, I'll be in my room for the rest of the day, not talking to anyone so no chance for me to see the positive side of people..
>Its not too late for you and I don't give a shit that you don’t understand that yet.
This is only meant to hurt since you know that that sentence alone conveys more 'love towards me' than I show myself. For some reason I've always hated that, when people stay positive when I'm not, it's the same feeling when people give me compliments. It's not that I don't like them, I just cannot accept them. Well whatever, it's sweet to say but can't be accepted.

Two things matter to women. Confidence levels(which is portrayed by personality) and Social Status. Those two go hand in hand most of the times but there are some people who are confident without having shit in their lives. These guys still get women. Others get confidence and status from their looks(hence claim that looks matter).

To a primal level a woman only cares about a man's ability to face uncertainty and danger hence allow her and her child to survive. The only thing that portrays that is confidence.

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I'm the exact opposite. I always wished the good for others. Now I can't look at others without thinking they must hate me as much as I hate them.
I had friends, I abandoned them all so I could do nothing but hate myself.
I'm the wrong type of person I surrounded myself with. I want myself to fail.
And by saying that no human deserves to live in abject misery, all you've done is made me wish I lived in abject misery. Just a horrible failed person whom no one would even want to talk to.
I don't think there is a way out, or well just the one.

I would drag you to the lake to come swimming with me if you were my friend.
The world out there is pretty great, people are kinder than you think, and care less about judging you than you assume.

At least go outside once today, walk around your yard and tell jokes to the squirrels if you have to.

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