How does an open relationship work? Why would you ever decide to do it?

How does an open relationship work? Why would you ever decide to do it?

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To get more attention, to have sex with more people. Keeps your energy up and life becomes less mundane. How it work specifically depends on the people involved.

I'm pretty sure it is for dysfunctional people in the head.

1.)You get cucked.
2.)They are Cucks.

It works if you have two people who like each other but do not want to commit.

is it really a "relationship" then? what is the difference between this and friends with benefits?

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It IS friends with benefits.

If you are a well adjusted man that takes care of his health and has normal testosterone levels, your nature is to be polyamorous. No one will ever admit to this in real life, or even on this board, because everyone is now a moralfag that lives by whatever constructs society dictates at this time to convince themselves that they are "normal" and to feel adequate. The reality is that attractive men want to fuck multiple women, they just suppress that desire because everyone (mostly women desu) is shaming them for it.
Women are actually, naturally monogamous. They do not have the desire to fuck multiple men, they want 1 good and worthy dick. That's their nature and it makes sense for it to be that way, if you think about it.
For an open relationship to work, everyone involved, especially the woman, needs to have truly scraped their ego and realized that being with someone doesn't mean possessing them and their body, and that "commitment" has more important aspects than "Ok, from now on I will only fuck you, even if I do want to fuck other people as well. This is the sacrifice that shows that I love you".
It is also a huge step for a man to scrape his ego and allow his woman to go out and get fucked by other men, but the thing is that, if you are able to do that and be such a man, and you are in a relationship with an open minded woman that understands and accepts your nature, you become extremely attractive to her, and she may end up not seeking other men at all, as she's already got an attractive one at her side. If she does end up doing it, it's only fair anyway.
The moralfag retort to this is "but if you let your SO fuck someone else it means you don't care about them at all!". Just stop and think for a moment how shallow that is.

people who are in open relationships would tell you that they are not just friends, they are in an actual relationship. so clearly you are misunderstanding the concept of an open relationship.

t. actual cuck

t. entitled retarded that thinks being with someone is possessing them

Open relationships are for people unable to have a committed relationship. All it will do is weaken a relationship in the name of being modern.

Deluded people will try to convince others open relationships are great, in reality it’s just 2 unhappy people too chickenshit to break up

All relationships are open relationships with or without the man's consent. I PROMISE I can have sex with your girl. It's eye opening. They'll throw themselves at you

Roastie gonna roast don't get married biz

That’s dumb. People cheat because they are missing something in the relationship. Not missing anything, no desire to cheat

I am in open relationships, but do keep telling me you know more about them despite never having been in one.

What is the point of an open relationship? Your gf’s pussy isn’t sufficient?

You’re obviously missing something

Yeah, I'm gonna cheat on you because I want to fuck a bitch with big tiddies once or twice, and you don't have big tiddies yourself. Sorry baby, I guess that means all aspects of our relationship other than sex don't matter.

People cheat because they're GREEDY

>No desire to cheat

Lolol its kinda cute it's naive

Exactly, you cheat because you’re missing something in a relationship. If you have everything you want, why cheat

Because she's not someone I want to commit to, just occasionally hang out with and have sex. The sex with her is okay but not great.

One partner is willing to live with the object of their affection fucking other people as a compromise to remain in their life.

Hey look a moron who lives life without any higher thoughts at all. I’d say ignorance is bliss but I know you suffer with it daily

You're mentally ill, on top of having no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Keep it up

you extremely selfish

Exactly. You’re missing something from the relationship. Thing is, what do you think having sex with others will do to your relationship together? Repeated Sex bonds men and women together, like it or not

Open relationships are always going to cause pain, jealousy, recriminations and intimacy bonds formed with other people.

It’s a complete clusterfuck and it means you have a shitty relationship. Every time

Now here is the thing, you mentally ill cuckold; whoever I'm with is mine, I own her body, and funny enough, she wouldn't have it any other way. You mentally ill cuckold.

Just stop talking. You have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about.

Right right, fucking other people is perfectly fine and you can have a long term healthy loving relationship while doing it.

You’re fucking dumb


It's funny because I'm trying to help you...I think you're a great guy. As long as it makes me look good

You don't know me.....who gave the federal agent in his cell his food tray? Was that me or you? I'm just telling you the truth. EVERY ONE CHEATS

No woman will ever be able to fully satisfy me sexually, that's why. Sometimes I want to fuck a bitch with a big ass, sometimes I want to fuck a bitch with a small ass. You are projecting how you feel about and perceive sex onto how I look at it. It's a need of mine and me going out to fuck a girl with a big ass that you don't have, isn't much different than me masturbating to porn with a big assed bitch. Or is masturbating also cheating?
>ad hominem
Ah, the retard's argumentative tool.
But are you only hers, you fucking idiot? You never think of fucking other women? You don't do a double take on the street when a girl with a nice ass passes by and imagine yourself fucking her for a split second? Are you THAT fucking suppressed that you don't even allow those thoughts into your mind? Or your testosterone levels are so abyssmal you don't even get such thoughts to begin win?

Nobody was talking about a "loving relationship". Why do virgins like you always try to give relationship advice?

>thinking about fucking other women is literally the same as fucking other women

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>How does an open relationship work?
mostly not at all
>Why would you ever decide to do it?
because commitment requires sacrifice

>imagine actually believing this

>Imagine thinking she's not a whore

Unless shes your mom shes a whore

but your mom *is* a whore

It's obviously not the same, you fucking foaming at the mouth incel. Why do you have that picture saved on your computer anyway?
I'm asking if he thinks about it all to begin with. I know that if he does, he wouldn't do shit about it anyway, because he's a bitchboy that can't get that girl anyway. It's obvious by the way he's reacting.

Refute my point

Y'all dont deserve advice


Said the white man

Whatever you do don't get married. Nut inside a bitch, have a kid or whatever BUT DO NOT GET MARRIED IN 2019 DONT DO IT

Nice explanation desu, will never get into it cuz too much of a narcisist asshole but i understand going beyond the social construct of possession
And it's hard not to simpatize when the only answers a legitimate argument gets are the usual buzzwords

I think open relationships are only manageable if you don't have children.

Once you have children, you pretty much need to pairbond into a monogamous relationship. Open relationships with children involved will create way too much drama and instability which can hurt them in growing up.

But again, if you don't have children together and you never plan on having them i don't see a problem with it.

>All it will do is weaken a relationship
That's just wrong. It requires much more trust and communication to even begin; things most relationships fail at. Besides, it's built on the idea that both are free people and not someones crutch or last option, which minimizes the chance of the usual shitfest of settling.

Only if you still date kids. An adult who still gets jelly is a hopeless case for any sort of relationship.

I know a couple that went into an open relationship like a year ago. They will marry at the end of the year. I am holding out to see if their relationship will crash and burn or if they will keep at it.

I don't get why people would want to marry of they can't even stick with one partner...
enjoy the show though

there is a girl in my class who has a bf but talks about open relationships a lot and since her bf isn't in town with her, since she moved for college, she's been going out a lot and kept telling me there was this guy in her bed with her, or that some guy at the club kissed her or something and she seemed proud of that rather than awkward or upset over it since she has a bf. Why have a boyfriend then? is it the security? why if she can get a guy at any time if she goes out? I don't understand the idea either

>why have a holiday home and travel abroad if you have an apartment

Girl will beat you out 10:1 on sex, guaranteed.

You provide boyfriend duties while other dudes just get to fuck her.

So you provide boyfriend duties and have sex with a dirty whore you call 'yours' (except she isn't because you're letting her sleep around) and your life is a joke.

Only time open relationships are truly on the table is when the girl loses interest and wants to fuck other people while having the main guy as a fallback. Don't fall for the meme.

>You provide boyfriend duties
It's called being a friend. Pretty fun stuff, incel-kun.

Look at this virgin being an expert on relationships and sex.

It's not a relationship to me. It's a broken pact between two people that will end in chaos within some months-years.

How fucking low have we sunk that not wanting to degrade your relationship with infidelity and be a LITERAL cuck means you're a 'virgin' and don't understand relationships.

Neck yourself, lmao

Honestly, the fact that my point of view got across to even just 1 person who didn't entirely dismiss it because it doesn't fit his/her narrative of how the world works, is enough for me.
As to yourself mate, if you ever decide to move in this direction, my advice to you is this - let go. Life is so much easier and simpler when you understand how many of your actions and feelings come from your ego and sense of entitlement for something, and you simply let go. It changes you as a person

Open relationships are about MORE SEX with MORE PEOPLE, and a woman will always always always have an upper hand in this.
Men: You'll have to be suave and attractive, physically fit, interesting, the whole nine-yards. If you're telling girls you're already in an open relationship, that cuts your numbers significantly. You must then maintain relationships with these girls at the very least, take them out for drinks or dinner, get them comfortable, even harder if your main lady has a problem with this.
Women: You have to open tinder and send a message to someone you fancy. That's it. They will come over and fuck you and leave and you won't ever have to hear from them again. And you can do this nightly if you so desired.

When you're a man in an open relationship, prepare yourself for long and lonely nights. And when you're together, don't expect sex. She'll be "too tired" or "not in the mood". Trust me, I've been there. I tried it. Women go on a fucking power trip with this. Be her shoulder to cry on, but never expect the same niceties in return. She doesn't have time for you anymore. Just grow a spine and break up, preferably with no notice. If you live together and the place is under your name, pack her shit and leave it outside the door. Whores who practice open relationships and non-monogamy deserve no respect, they are pieces of meat and should be treated as such. Unless you find a virgin girl, do NOT get married, do NOT cohabitate, do NOT start a family with someone you don't completely trust wouldn't do this.

You are a turbosperg virgin because you put pussy on a pedestal. If you actually had ever had sex you'd know it's not hard to get for a guy.

Literally every incel meme in this post.

People are weak minded as fuck in this generation. I saw a video of a guy getting cucked and tried to eat her pussy while she was getting fucked by another man. Before he ever made contact the dick and balls fell in his mouth.

Yeah call me an incel, but show me where I'm wrong?

It's not putting pussy on a pedestal, it's wanting a NORMAL and HEALTHY relationship with a girl you care about. If you want to start a family, it's probably a good idea to know you're going to be the father. In open relationships there's always a good chance the girl will become pregnant from one of her lovers, and you, being the doting husband at home, will raise the child. That is LITERAL cuckoldry. Get yourself together.

You are wrong when you say you should only marry a virgin. That alone makes you a low IQ incel.