Life is much easier for women

life is much easier for women

how do you cope?

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Be the woman uwu

By not being a pathetic lump.

>Ignoring it

Get dressed as a woman and compete in sports

Stop bawwwing/venting.

>But this thing that doesn't matter

>all these wrong answers
the correct answer is "power flips at 30"

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Lol have you seen women who get anemic because their periods are so bad? That stuff is tragic to watch; that and menopause.

People trivialize the physical advantages men have (size, muscle, not bleeding out our dicks) but they really are a huge deal.

Social advantages > Physical advantages every single time

Keep in mind that those differences often exist at the allowance of men. Cumbrains allow thots to trade sex for money, incels let women dominate their life because they can't stop worshiping women and women have more friends because they're not constantly neglecting their social circles to chase the opposite sex whilst we do.

The most bulletproof advantage women have is that they spend less time competing for men are more time picking which ones they prefer and this is common throughout most of the animal world.

I year 12 high-school students (Brits call it A-level, yankees call it a SAT) and some of them freak out towards the end of the year because they realise they might not get the scores to get into university. With the guys I can always comfort them by saying they can make a killing by going to trade school (labour is very expensive here) but I could never - with a straight face - say that to a girl who probably won't be taken seriously and can't handle the hard labour, so instead I have to cheer them up by talking about government access schemes or something.

You can comfort the girls because they can fuck their way through university or rope a successful Chad into marriage.

Fucking your way through university doesn't happen in the real world, at least not here (Australia-land), probably because the academics actually care about their jobs and you would have to sleep with at least 15+ people to raise your GPA by one grade.

As for roping rich Chads into marriage? That's really up to the Chad desu, if they're that rich they can be choosy, which is a poetic reversal of the usual situation even if I'm disgusted by their indulgence in thottery.

The icing on top is when the girl student is already in a committed relationship (high-school sweetheart kinda thing) and you can see them hope in vain that their bf becomes a lawyer.

Can we please stop with these incel threads
Just talk to women, but don’t get mad when she doesn’t choose you, move on to the other

sounds like you take a bit of joy in seeing female students get their dreams crushed.

lmao they can just marry for money and cheat

It is in some ways and isn't in others.
Sexual market value wise? Sure if they are like a 5 or above.
Is that all that matters to you though?

That's objectively the only purpose and meaning in life

>I don't have an argument so I'll call them an incel

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Nah not really, it's actually really painful to see students struggle especially when they suddenly realise how high the expectations on them are.

I'll admit it there is some catharsis in seeing a kid (keep in mind these students are 17-18) realise how naive they were for thinking they had everything sorted out (including their bf) before even graduating; I just hope they actually learn from it.

>I am not asking for advice but spewing my retarded incel mantras and lies
>Waaaaah stop calling me an incel


Imagine being treated as royalty for the first decades of your life so that you develop the most self entitled attitude imaginable and then one day people stop putting up with your bullshit forever, and you're forced to navigate the world with the personality and skills you've neglected to develop since you were always on easy mode. This is the fate of women.

take pride in being better anyway