Is it bad I still want her back as a friend?

I seriously didn’t mean to expose her like that
I sent screenshots of our convos to group chats on social media asking advice on what to say to her, they were also cropped so they couldn’t see the username
The only reason they found her was because her name isn’t a common one

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Oh my god leave the poor girl alone, just stop.

I have, but I still want her back as a friend

Keep harassing her until the cops get involved and then you become a bad boy instead of a nice guy and then you’ll be swimming in her pussy

Stop bevor become a stalker.. Seriously...

I don’t harass her, I just come back every few months to ask her if she wants to be friends again, if she doesn’t, I leave her alone

Dude, stop. Please.

I said I DID stop, but how do I get her back as a friend

No, I mean leave her alone.
Never ever have any interactions with her again, you're obviously just going to end up being the worst thing in her life if you continue trying to force your way to her.

Stop talking to her, leave her the fuck alone.

Did you not read what I just typed?
I said I have left her alone, but I still want her back as a friend

Who said anything about forcing anyone?

You fucked up. A similar thing happened to me recently, had a breakup after a year and against my better judgement went to our shared friends for support and basically bitched to them about how selfish and narcissistic my Ex had been in the relationship causing me real anxiety and depression issues but I still wanted her as a friend because without the relationship I don't have to be affected by those issues she has and we can just have fun with eachother like how we were before the relationship.
Guess what parts got back to my Ex from my fucking traitorous friends? She refuses to speak to me ever again.
I'm giving it a month or so, normally no contact is a terrible idea since it causes the person to stew in negativity about you, but my ex is clearly so angry there is no point pushing it until it dies down. I'm giving it a month or so then I'll probably try bump into her out at a club or bar and just try have fun with her that night to put what happened in the past under the bed and try remind her why we were friends in the first place.

She doesn't want to be friends, you're still trying to be friends, that's forcing her.

It’s been a year and she still doesn’t want to talk to me, even after following me again

You are lying.
You are here still focusing on and talking about her, that's not leaving her alone.

How am I “forcing” her, all I do is ask

I’m not bothering her, am I? Haven’t tried to talk to her in a while
Just trying to find out how to get her back without being pushy


But she was my friend
This ain’t something you forget about like it’s nothing

If she was really you friend and you cared about her you would not have been a toxic presence in her life?
If you think you care about her at all the only thing you can do for her is never contact her again.

I didn’t even mean to be “toxic”, it was all an accident
Also, If you cared about someone you’d want them in your life

Not if you're bad and toxic (even accidentally) for them to be around, then you let them go.

I was NEVER toxic
I never TRIED to be toxic
I was NEVER a bad influence or a bad friend to her
It was just an accident
You don’t let go of a friend, after all those good times, you can’t just let it go like it was nothing

But she let go of you...

But I still care for her

So? Move on, you creep her out.

I’m trying to prove I’m NOT creepy

Keep messaging her when she’s made it clear she doesn’t want you to so she knows you’re not creepy

That ain’t gonna work
I tried everything, gifts, apologies, trying to talk things out

That is literally forceful, pushy and creepy stalker behavior.

I didn’t mean to be stalkery, I just tried to win back her friendship

you mean normal male behavior. oh but you left out men are braggarts and why they share everything related to any interaction with a female

You haven't tried giving her space

It's usually perfectly normal male behavior, but not when it's a toxic creep who can't let go like this guy.

Then again, that was all last year, I haven’t tried talking to her much this year

How am I toxic? It was an accident


To answer the OP question, yes it is bad, now fuck off you creep.

I’m NOT a creep
I don’t try to be a creep
I just want her back as a friend


She doesn't want you as a friend
Wanting her "back" as a friend means you can't respect that.
We have all lost friends before. It happens. Get a new friend.

What would you do if a close friend cut ties with you after making a mistake?

Leave them alone and cut ties with them too.

But they were your friend?
It wouldn’t be creepy to try and be their friend again, right?

If the friend wrote a message like the one in the first post about you, it would be very bad and creepy to try to be friends again.

Yes. I have done that many times. If they cut ties, it is up to them to reconnect.
I know it sucks but it is creepy to not understand that you should leave them alone when they ask you to.
It is a Chinese finger trap. The more you try, the less she wants to be your friend. Male friends work the same way. Calling whatever you did a mistake instead of saying what it was you did also means you want to distance yourself from your mistake and that makes you a creep too.

Understanding that I made a mistake makes me a creep?