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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Why is it that gay men are completely obsessed with penises, but most straight women only like / tolerate them circumstantially?

Because men are pigs, no matter what set of genitals they're into.

re-post since last thread seems dead:

There is a girl who is very attractive, easily a 9/10 who is in my class. She seems to be very popular with guys, but good looking guys, but she talks to me sometimes and its 90% of the time just joking around and she sometimes initiates when she sees me because she knows I'm funny. I tried talking to her seriously one time and she seemed a bit awkward, like she was struggling to come up with what words to choose. Coming from a popular girl like her, I figure she'd be more used to guys talking to her and she'd feel more comfortable, but with me she isn't and I'm by no means a model or anything like the guys that talk to her. I'm quite confident so maybe that is the reason.

Are there any signs that she might be into me based on how she acts? I know its vague but its all I got. Is it even a good idea to ask a girl like her out? she's very good looking and somewhat popular, I'm the opposite but not ugly, just not a fuckboi standard. I feel like there might be issues with constant validation and all that.

How do I even approach a girl whose been in my class for 2 years that I just have occasional banter with but never really talked to properly and I know she's already awkward around me? coming out like that and asking her out after 2 years seems weird in my head but I also lack experience so what do I know. Any help?

try reading the OP for once in your goddamn life

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Why am I not allowed to call out sexism when women are the perpetrators?

>for more answers
I'm content with fewer answers. Don't wanna read, then don't reply

What's stopping you?

How does one ask a girl out?
in these scenarios:
>where you never met the girl and you just found her attractive the first time you see her and wanted to ask her out
>where you already know the person and have been friends with but not close friends, on a "hi" basis

You are.

This is a super retarded question but have any girls here ever gotten oversensitive/overdone clitorally. I think it's a little bit swollen still since last night and I think if I go to my ob-gyn with this I will die of embarrassment.

Girls, a girl I used to be fwb with, and who I liked a lot, fell in love with me, asked if I want to be serious with her, and I told her I don’t get into relationships, because I don’t get into relationships.
We then stopped talking, and seemingly moved on, but after a few months, she offered to meet up again, and we had hot and awesome sex, like we used to.
Meeting her again made me remember how nice it was to spend time with her, and I wanted us to get back together, but then she told me that because I’m not looking for anything serious, she doesn’t want to waste her time with me and is actively dating to find someone long term.
I know the attraction is there, and she told me honestly that her best sex is with me, but now we’re both stuck playing hard to get and not talking.
How do I break this deadlock? I would consider dating her, but for that, we would need to start spending time together again.

Reach out to her and tell her you want to try having a relationship.

If you're not sure, don't waste her time and respect her needs. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to engage with someone if your expectations for the relationship between you two are different (friendship vs relationship, casual vs serious, marriage and kids vs just momentary).

Yeah it happened to me once. Just don't bother it for a while and it should go back to normal.

I feel like offering to dive right into a relationship would make it short lasting.
I would like to at least reignite the spark first?

Fair enough, so I'll just try and be good today. Thanks user, I felt pretty embarrassed.

I wouldn't waste my time with you unless you said you changed your mind on the relationship thing.
I'd feel like you're just looking to fuck, and disrespected my wishes.

It's not socially acceptable.

Yeah it is.

Help me I'm desperate. I need to be with my ex, hes my soul mate.

This is messy and its my fault I know so don't hit me too hard.

The only thing I ever wanted was to be married to my ex and have his children. We were childhood friends and lost our virginity (I think) to each other at 16. Almost 4 years together and he brushes off any marriage talk and I'm angry and hurt so I listen to my mom (bad mistake) and she said to find another guy to make my ex jealous enough to propose.

So I return attention I get from guys I had formerly shunned. Start to be flattered by a coworker and if feels good to be desired and he says what I want to hear. Marriage and family talk. I develop a huge crush after allowing him to kiss me so before I cheat I tell my ex there is another guy that really wants me. It didn't go well. He said have a nice life and walked away and made me even more angry and hurt so to make a long story short I married the coworker within a month.

I'm happy for a week or so and happier to find I am pregnant but then depressed the baby isn't my ex's. Well my mom is a nurse so she said the baby is probably my ex's as we count days but I had sex with my ex the day I told him about my coworker crush and had sex with coworker crush the next day when I told him I was available to him.

So do you think my ex would want me back if the child is his and do you think he would ever take me back if the child isn't. My new husband is a horrible guy and never home.

Sorry for the novel I wrote

My friend has been acting strange around me lately. She's been abnormally, uh, free spirited. Doesn't really seem to care how little clothing she's wearing when I'm around. Hell, one time recently I was driving her to the beach and she changed into her swimsuit in the passenger seat. Is she interested in me, or is she just comfortable with me?

So, do I just offer her to meet, and tell her I’m open to a possibility of a relationship?
I feel like if she wanted to have her revenge, that would be a great time to tell me she’s not interested

Just comfortable, sorry user

is it ok to not have sex with a girl for about a month into dating?

it usually takes me awhile to find out if i like the person before i can say i do like them/find them compatible, and then i don't mind having sex. 9 out of 10 times i didn't end up liking the girl i dated though, so i would feel weird having sex with them initially.
I feel like girls get impatient though, and just want to fuck to 'secure' the guy and that makes me nervous and anxious about dating that girl further

I mean that's not necessarily a bad thing. At the bare minimum she trusts me. I can work with that.

Paternity testing should be mandatory all of the time.
If it were me I'd not take you back and it sounds like he was done with you even before the marriage and kid. I think if you keep persuing ex you risk going from bad husband to no husband

>So do you think my ex would want me back if the child is his and do you think he would ever take me back if the child isn't.
No and definitely no.

I usually act like that with guys I'm really comfortable with, I can be close to naked and I know it will never turn awkward or sexual cause he's a good friend.

So, I'm a guy, and I was together with my ex for 4.5 years. We broke up in november of last year, and stayed friends/having sex after that.

Our relationship wasn't perfect, but I don't think we fought any more than the average couple, and I'd actually say it was probably less.

We went to another city for a few days and pretended to be married to get free stuff from a hotel, and we both had a lot of fun. We both said we're still in love with each other during that trip (was at the end of April). She then moved halfway across the country to the ass-end of nova scotia, to live with her family.

We kept talking, on the phone about once a week, and text messages between that. Had phone sex about a month after she left, and then mid august she told me she's still in love with me, and that she wants everything she wants in life either with me, or not at all. I said I'm still in love with her too, we had phone sex again. Before that we also both confirmed neither of us had had sex since we did in April. Talked about it the next day, agreed there are still things we need to work on to be together, but we do want it at some point. She asked me to blow off work to go explore the island with her, and while I was trying to coordinate buying the ticket and getting my shifts covered, she didn't respond very much. Told me it was hectic there (her family likes hosting family/friends a lot, so there's a lot of partying with related people), so she hadn't had a lot of chances to talk. Felt a little weird to me, but I left it there.


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A week later, she stopped responding to me. I sent her an email, thinking after multiple texts/calls that she'd lost her phone or something, and she responded "hey i'm alive, i just have some things in my life to figure out, not looking to talk about it and would appreciate some space."

I gave her a few days of space, but emotions got the better of me, and I asked her just to have a 5 min conversation to explain what happened so I'm not sitting here confused. She didn't respond, I ended up bombing her phone with shit. Apologized the next day, she responded in a really cold/callous way that is completely unlike how she's been in the past.

About a week later, a hurricane went pretty much right over her house, and I struggled with whether I should contact her, ended up sending an email just asking if she was alive and okay. "i'm fine. please cease contact"

Two weeks from when I bombed her phone, I sent her another email, asking if she felt comfortable having a quick conversation now (couple days before my birthday, so I said to call it a birthday wish/gift), because though I'd calmed down, I was still confused. Replied "no thank you". So I sent her a bunch of shit that I had on my mind, and she replied with a proper email; first time it felt like she was actually the one typing since she cut off contact. The gist of it was that she's in love with someone else, that love with me was difficult because we had fights and some differences, this is "different, it's simple".


>So do you think my ex would want me back if the child is his and do you think he would ever take me back if the child isn't.
He would be the biggest retard in the history of retards if he ever went back to you, I'm saying that as a woman. Also fucking fix yourself you're a walking cliché and make the rest of us look even worse.

Imagine being friendzoned this hard. Why are women so cruel?

And of course it's simple, she's known the guy a month, I'm pretty sure we didn't have a fight for 3 months when we first met.

So what I want to ask is: do I have a chance of getting back together with her, here? Before she cut off contact, I was ready to buy a ticket and move out there the next day. I still would; I'd leave behind everything I know, quit my job without notice, etc, all to go out there and marry her.

Was she just keeping me around in case nothing else came around? She never gave me this impression before, and always seemed to genuinely be in love with me. She's also very attracted to me physically (fuck knows why, but I'm not complaining that she thinks I'm incredibly handsome). She's always been a deeply caring person, and has never aimed to hurt me in the past.

Is it possible to fall deeply in love with someone in the span of two weeks? Or to 180 your personality?

It's worth noting that she's always been pretty reasonable, but impulsive. She's also said this summer has been one of the best times of her life, and it wouldn't surprise me if being as happy as she's been, she's feeling more impulsive than usual.

This shit is tearing me up inside, and all I want to do is go out there and see her in person. Or just have a goddamn conversation.

She wasn't just close to naked though. When I say changed into her swimsuit, I mean she was wearing normal clothes and underwear when she started.

Even if its his and I tell him my mom kinda pushed me? He knows how my mom is.

But, and I hate to think of this. Say I accept he won't take me back, should I even tell him the child might be his or have my husband sign the birth certificate and never ever test for paternity? I already plan to divorce after my child is born even though my husband does want to be a father. I just cannot stand him touching me.

There aren't usually times for me to change completely in front of my friends that's why I said nearly naked, but the sentiment remains the same.

How did you end up marrying someone you've started to hate pretty much immediately
I literally don't understand how that's possible

I've had a bad experience with a very good looking girl recently, who I thought was interested in me and since I've never attracted a girl like that, it boosted my self esteem to the "right" level but since the bad experience like I mentioned, my self esteem went back to what it was before I met her.

Recently I found out my teacher might have a crush on me. She's pretty young, maybe late 20's. I asked one of the girls I'm friends with to check if my teacher is staring at me in class and often times she did to the point where even that girl said that I'm my teacher's "crush". She's very good looking and since my self esteem is down, I'm struggling to convince myself that it means anything. Not that I'd ask my teacher out, but does her staring sometimes, indicate any interest? I might be content with that alone and knowing girls stare at men they find attractive would boost my self esteem back to what it was but currently, it just won't sink in

Well we had some rough spots when he thought I slept with a neighbor but I didn't, no way and he went away for college and it was really hard only seeing him on weekends but I think me hitting him unaware about another guy flipped a switch in him and made him push me away.

I asked another user. Should I even bother with a paternity test since my husband really wants a kid. I do not plan on staying with my husband and will probably go home and stay with my parents.

Your ex didn't even want to think about marriage, what makes you think he values family/kids at all? Only way would be if he's magically changed as a person during the time you've been separated. Best you can do is try force him to pay child support if it's his.

So, I wouldn't take you back.

I also think you should not be a mother in your current state; you need to seek help.

You made a bad decision and you're blaming your mother.

The correct way to deal with this would have been to talk to your first boyfriend, and tell him that you want to get married, etc.

You can't turn back time though, and unless you get an abortion, you can't put yourself in a position where most guys would be interested in you. However, you're the kind of woman no one really wants. You went and, not only fucked, but married someone else because you were angry/hurt.

You're a child. You should not be the guardian of another child.

> my teacher
I'm gonna have to stop you right there mate.

I was stupid, angry and hurt and had all these fantasies of being a wife and mother but this coworker was not the love of my life and I didn't really know anything about him really. Like I had known him all of 4 months but he had been hitting on me from the start.


Sorry to say but that seems incredibly retarded and I very much doubt your ex would take you back - if he wasn't interested in marriage or kids earlier, why would he be interested now that you come crawling back after having married someone else and not even sure whose kid you're carrying.

read on, I said that I have no intentions of asking her out or anything, just want to know if it means anything or not, for me