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Honk honk

So post nazied out Ronald’s then

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>@McDonalds official account on twitter with Nazi-fied Ronald McDonald pics with #ImLovinIt

>Reply to each tweet with the same thing


>Profit or some shit

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>watch those wrist rockets!


>Kek approved

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Co-opt the “im loving it” and change it to something else? Or keep it the same but just alter the images since the catch phrase already has traction on social media platforms? Whatcha think?


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>Picture of a McDonald’s full of just white people and their kids, like in the before time
>I’m loving it

Idk im thinking keeping the #Imlovinit will cause more of a rukus and have more visibility

Just take those tranny pics everyone loves posting and photobomb it with a Ronald or something and hashtag ImLovinIt.

That has a better chance of redpilling normies than obvious nazi imagery would.

Exactly this. Also Family of honklers at McD’S eating on tendies and fries

exploit this?

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Ronald is white.
And Im loving it!

low key genius

its not about redpilling is about making it a hate symbol

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Macdonald's alone is not that powerful

There's already a history here. Moon man is the character "Mac Tonight" from McDonald's commercials starting back in the late 80s.

McDonald's is one of the cuckiest companies out there. I like this idea.

This, huwhite fields and huwhite families

I'm baking (((it)))


Seems like a good opportunity though. No one is taking advantage of faggot month to show people how degenerate they really are especially trannies.

Pic related would go good with a Ronald for people on Twitter to see.

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