He did nothing wrong

He did nothing wrong

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Why is his hairline so fucking straight?

Murdering 50+ Americans is pretty wrong.
>inb4 queeeeeeeers

All homos died he’s an ace in my book

It was only a homeless woman

I bet the cops killed most of the victims, just busting in there guns blazing; then they blamed 100% of the deaths on this guy.

He's got some real sanpaku eye going on there, though.

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Anyone remember that guy that said he went to some training camp with this dude and he was going to shoot up some pride event? What ever happened to him?

He did a lot wrong apparently because he looks that way


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>training camp
What like in Pakistan?

idk I cant

I swear Omar Mateen is sitting on a beach somewhere

>I bet the cops killed most of the victims, just busting in there guns blazing
This 100%

Also his dad is a fed.

cant find the article. he turned himself into the FBI for his own protection cause he was told him and the pulse shooter wouldnt die after

who is this muslim?

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Haha he was a closeted gay man.. Was pretty funny telling liberals a gay muslim shot up the club.. Every time a mass shooting takes place i say the same thing " please dont let it be a honky"

His name is
>Omar “You Pack Fudge, Allah is now Your Judge” Mateen
>Omar “Suffocate a fag with a plastic bag” Mateen
>Omar “Dump a Mag into Every Fag” Mateen

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>Disco Rage

Jesus Christ, what the fuck is that thing?

This was probably Omar favorite part in GTA VC.

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That happened in my town. Seven years four months inprisonment.