Thoughts on polish people

thoughts on polish people

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Reminder that being a mutt honestly isn't that bad when you see what a pure slav looks like

based & redpilled

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Top 3 peoples in europe

Cheap food products. Unlike here

Pretty useless human trash, but for the 21 centure it is almost the best people

fellow brethren

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I like poles, but a even a slightly probing examination of the events of the 1930s outlines that they both triggered the second world war and received their just deserts.

Very shiny

I got a lot of polish blood. They seem pretty based compared to the rest of the cucktries in Europe.. Germans, frenchman, and sweeds are no doubt the softest from what ive seen..


Poland is relatively based but also butthurt over the wrong groups.

t. part Russian mutt


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I guess you've never heard of this

Daily reminder that poles are subhumans equal to jews and should be exterminated.


>Equal to jews
Uh user...

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Yeah, I did.
Still not as bad as what your own kings and nobles did when they invited in basically all of European Jewry at the same time

Look at my second post

They're alright. The women are sweethearts, and the men are usually cold and always seem to be skinheads by default for some reason.

Sane,unlike others.

Polished and biblepilled.

fast languages learners

Best folk on earth!...after us. ;)

That’s some serious mutt cope right there, look at your average Brit or German and they look no different.

Additionally there are plenty of good looking Slavs.

Take doctor mike the YouTube famous Russian doctor

But once again kill yourself mutt you’re hideous

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The poles are a cretin race of Slavic admixture. The Prussian poles can start in the fourth Reich but never forget that Polish nationalist murdered Aryan Germans and stirred up the mess of WWII which forever leaves them guilty.

Tommy Wiseau is polish. i have nothing left to say.

the thirld world mentality is in them.

>pic shows normal looking people
>as opposed to dios mio tier mutts seen all around the US
You can’t honestly be this delusional



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Why you sad German bro? Didn’t get any yous?

never met one

Tbh jews are incredibly successful, i'd say ethnic poles are far beneath them, not equal.

Hitler and Stalin should have teamed up to completely exterminate them.

>normal looking people
you can see the inbreeding in their faces

Real Poles are based. American Polish (pollacks) are retards.

White animals

Traitors to European union, selling it to american jude.

Bin your knife, bin your wife, bin your life.

Yea ok Pierre I watched the yellow vest protest I know what the average Frenchie looks like. It’s literislly no different, infact poles look slightly better than the average frenchie.

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White niggers and coalburners

The whitest looking niggers.

Kidding but at least they have a functioning country with traditional values.

You do know that the yellow jackets are literally all the niggers and poorfags, right?

just saying.

They're known to be unbelievably stupid, that's the consensus.
In the US they make tons of jokes about them, since forever. These insults are so prevalent in this country they've become their own genre: Pollack jokes. One of only a few jokes that have their own category, the others would be "knock-knock" and Chuck Norris jokes (a new one on the list), there might be a couple of others but Pollack jokes are one of the oldest ongoing type of joke in the US. Somehow this wasn't passed on to the zoomers since they seem to be completely unaware of their reputation. Hence this thread

You could have just said French, no need to repeat redundant terms.

they look like the average german, you delusional mutt.
only scandinavians are overwhelmingly pale, blond and blue-eyed, but they are still plenty of uggos.
your kitsch fantasies about some beautiful aryan volk of blond warriors on chariots in deep connection of nature and a traditional wisdom have nothing to do with reality or history.

post world war 1 tensions and especially the treaty of Versailles basically started it you brainlet.

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Listen here spaghetti, maybe you should try actually reading for once to get the context of the discussion. The argument that was given are that poles are somehow “ugly and inbreed looking”. I pointed out all average euros look like that and no reason to single poles out. Where the fuck did you get the blonde, pale, whatever argument?

If anything it’s the frenchie displaying some sort of god complex over other euros, with no substance to back it

All Americans are retards.

brits and canadians have already gotten to american levels of retard, shut up

i didn't read the discussion. my fault.

The fact that I have to remind them of their own 'americana' or "culture" if you could even call it that, I can't disagree with you.

I'm first generation and my go-to language isn't even english. They seem to suffer from mass ADHD. I think they might all be polish but who knows.. maybe it's on their results

>LARPing as a nazi
>buying into the untermensch slavs bullshit

White people in the US aren’t even mutts. Typically 100% Nordic with heritage from England, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, and Scandinavia.

I like them, just like most Europeans.

Now I feel checked and ready to rule the planet with Germany and Poland! Thx, fren!

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this, this shithole belshevik'd "nation" shouldn't even exist on the map.

this is awesome, he didnt even splat on the concrete!!

it's funny how the jokesters became the joke themselves,

how the mighty faleth. *spits*

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We're boring NPCs that never smile.
Poland is the most boring country on earth. Nothing happens there.
Not even terror attacks.

Here you can see Korwin and Konfederacja supporters. As you can see this is an image of Polish young alt-right.

Often drunk, always works in construktion, strong traditional values, too much faith on kike on a stick but overall ok people.

>strong traditional values
Depends what region.
>too much faith on kike on a stick
90% of people are mostly secular even if they are believers.


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They did, it was called ribentrop and molotov pact, not 1st time multiple countries tried to team up to destroy Poland. We are still here... and it looks like they will not be in the future.

God, I wish we were in V4. We are surrounded by fucking niggers. Just nuke this fucking peninsula.

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How is that an insult? It's not like most countries have such awesome economies that having a job automatically gets you out of poorfag zone. There are many poor people that are honest and hardworking.

>everybody wants me, but mom!

They should leave the EU

You just want us to be vulnerable for another bolshevik attacks. Thats the problem with russians. We would be with them in alliance long time ago but they just want to kill,rape and steal

>they just want to kill,rape and steal
That's just unfair and i for once am against it. They also like to lie and go back on their word.

You believe too much your TV, my nigga.

The low cost of food isn't something bad, you know?

Polish girls love BBC

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That's a total of 6 women in that pic

small, round euros so assblasted about being the lowest on the white totem pole that theyre sperging out pretending to be nationalists so senpai will notice them

here is number 7. should i continue?

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She's British

Magda pekowska is a totally british name :)

So is Mohammed

She lives in UK and probably british citizenship by now, so no longer Polish and good riddance.

>We would be with them in alliance


nah fuck them, Id sooner side with the Mujahideen. And we did.

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How many germans sluts did you count? You bring 6 photos on which 4 of them are just girls standing next to black person (not couple). Muslims rape your mother every week and your sister is so brainwashed that she hate you cose you white. You are skinny hopeless liberal twink who is lying to yourself that every country is the same. Nope goebbels, your country is about 200 yrs and soon its gonna disappear for good.

She left, she is british now, she cannot come back and she knows it.

Good people.


I like their sabers and hussar armour.

Future European economical superpower.
Great company for drinks.
Easy top 3 Europeans.

Why is Donald Tusk on that rally?

Donald Tusk is on german payroll. The most hated polish politician. Merkel gave him job when his political party lost election. Thats our democracy. Party lose election and merkel make him president of eu parlament without voting.

I would also love bbc if i was a woman, thoes niggers are nowhere to be seen there

>aren't niggers

exterminate at all cost

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No different from niggers and mudslimes run to western Europe for gibs while scearming about how amazing their shithole is, basically just another replacement army.