Pizza related storytime: A public hearing to considera the Boy Prostitution and Pornography

Some time ago, I found a document about an old fbi investigation related to gay bars, child prostitution, blackmail, soviet, british and Israeli interests.

I will transcribe each page (102 pages) I think we should put special attention at the names of people still living, the places and the practices of those groups.

If the thread is not of interest, I will stop.

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SENATOR MARINO: Good morning. I would like to introduce the panel here this morning. To my left is the ranking Minority Member of the Committee, senator Abe Bernstein, and to his left is the Committee Counsel, Jerry McKenna.
On July 2nd if this year, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the Marino-Lasher Child Pornography Law enacted in New York State to prevent the sexual abuse of children and their commercial exploitation. The Court rendered it's decision in response to the Ferbor Challenge involving the sale of published materials depicting underaged boys engaged in sexual performances.
Unchallenged were sections of law addressing the performances themselves. Since 1977, public policy without interruption has prohibited the employment f children for sexual porposes; yet in New York, the law appears to have had little effect in controlling the traffic

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in child flesh, especially that involcing young boys used for homosexual purposes. They are known to be employed sex performers, as models for pornographic films and photos, as prostitutes ancouraged to ply their trade in gay bars, movie and burlesque houses, exchanged like merchandise by organizations and pederasts for the purposes of lewd exhibition, molestation, intercourse, sodomy and sado-masochistic abuse.

It is clear that children do not initiate or control this type of commerce.
Adults do. Who are they, and how do they operate out of the reach of the law? ow widespread is the traffic in childre? what re the problems the law enforcemen community had in prosecuting criminally involved adults? And what can we do to control this multi-million dollar industry?
In seeking answers to those questions, I want to emphasize that this committes is not here addresing the larger question of obscenity or censorship involving the sensibilities of the community but rather the

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How the hell did this not get national outrage?

Why are you so anti Semitic op?

depraved use of children that often leads to permanent psychological and

physical damage.
Out fist witnesses will be Carl Shoffler and Anne Fisher, both detectives from

Washington D. C.

Having been first duty sword bt the Chairman of the Committee, testified as


SENATOR MARINO: You are detectives from Washingtong D.C.?
SENATOR MARINO: Jerry McKenna, Counsel for the committee, will now adress some

specific questions to you, and I will appreciate your responding.
Do you have any objections to your pictures being taken?
MR. MCKENNA: Detective Fisher, you used to woek under cover, so if -- you have

Beats me

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no objections?

Mr.McKENNA: Okay. We'll start whit you, Detective Fisher. Can you tell us what

your backround was in the washington Metropolitan Police, specifically whit

regard to juveniles?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: Okar. In 1978 and 1979, I worked out of the Division

SENATOR MARINO: Could you please move the microphone closer to you so that we

can hear you.

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: In 1979 and 1979, I worked out the Youth Division at the

Metropolitan Police Department in the Juvenile Prostitution Division. In

1980, I worked out of the Sex Squad, whica is part of the Criminal

Investigation Division, Metropolitan Police.

MR. MCKENNA: Could you tell us, just give us some ideas what that Juvenile

Unit was and how the approached the problem of juvenile prostitution?

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Pedophilia has been going on since boomers came

This Joel Burke a crooked Jew who runs an ad agency in Vancouver, Canada called E-Port Interactive.

His father, now deceased, was a Jewish doctor in Winnipeg, Canada.

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Basically, in Washington under the Youth Division, the Juvenile Prostitution

Unit assignement was to go out into the city, both in the street, in the club,

in the book stores, find where juveniles were being used either for

pornography or for prostitution, investigate how they came into the city, who

brought them into the city, how widespread the problem was, and, perhaps,

where they came from, why they where sent to Washington.

MR MCKENNA: And Detective Shoffler, could you give us some idea of your

background in the area of juvenile prostitution and pornography?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: For approximately the past ten years, I have been an onrganizes crimen investigator whit the Metropolitan Police Department, and approximately 1975 or 76, we began to examine oganized crime's relationship to the pornography industry.

MR MCKENNA: Were you connected whit the project that developed intelligence on

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Keep going

the involvement of organized crimen in the pornography industry?
MR. MCKENNA: Can you just give us some ideas of that project, what was entailed?
DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: As a result of law enforcement and media contentions that organized crimen, particulary the traditional organized crimen, the Mafie or whatever name it's used, the contention was that they controlled the pornography industry; and in examining the basica for this, we found that ir lacked a lot of documentation. So as a result of an area of the law enforcement intelligence meeting, we decided to determine the validity of those allegations. We hoped that we would produce some documentation that would not only answer that question but also in matters whit regards to pornography, child pornography, et cetera. It seemed to be a low-priority type prosecution, as we hoped that if our document did produce documentation of

I will do it fully.

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assist prosecutors and other police departments in viewing what was going on in ther communities; because, generally, if it's a dirty book store or something like that and you dont have any idea that there's a connection to, say, organized crimen or something like that, it receives a low-priority investigation. That's essentially what we tried to do, then.
I guess the methodology that we employed, we devised some questions that we felt if answered from public records, the answers to what we were after would be there. So across the country, local law enforcement provided answers to the questionnaires that we sent out after two meetings that we had; and as a result of the questionnaires of that material came from public reccords in those jurisdictions -- we were able to produce a document which you have.

MR MCKENNA:Is this the document, "Organized Crime's Involvement In The Pornography Industri"?

>It starts rather slow, but keep paying attention.

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MR. MCKENNA: And this was the product of how many years of work?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: Approximately a year and a half of documentating the facts, but some of the investigations in the pas had been in other files over years.

MR.MCKENNA: Okay. Can we deem this marked as Exhibit 1 of this hearing today.

MR.MCKENNA: Ad could you tell us -- I guess, do you need this in front of you? Do you have a copy?
Okay. Can you tell us, from your knowledge and in this investigation, the significance that New York has in the network of pornography that is controlled by organized crimen?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: Well, as the book will illustrate, we were able to determine that information pertaining the organized crime´s

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holy shit this happened

involvement generally led to corporations or individuals in New York. The

largest distributor of pornographic material that the law enforcement and the

media called organized crimen was a company here in New York. The largest,

quote, "mafia" figure involved in pornography industry in the country at the

time of that study was Michael Zaffarano, who has been identified as a member

of organized Crime.

MR. MCKENNA: Who's now deceased?


SENATOR MARINO: What were the companies? You mentiones one or two companies in

New York City.

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: The main company in New York City was Start Distributors.

SENATOR MARINO: Where are they located? Do they have a location?

The ride just begun

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Why do you keep transcribing crime as crimen though?

the area of juvenile crime and the use of children for pornographic purposes?


MR.MCKENNA: Was organized crimen involved in the distributions of that sort of material?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: For the most part, what we found out there was that organized crimen-- while there are instances where organized crimen did benefit from the distribution of this material, for the most part, it appeared to be a group of collectors who would trade material and trade male prostitutes back and forth. We weren't able to really succesfully document organized crimen as running the day-to-day activiy as regards child prostitution, no.

MR.MCKENNA: Can you tell us either of you on this question, can you see a correlation between juvenile prostitution and juvenile pornography?

DETECTIVE FISHER: Yes, very much.

I speak burrito, some words are to similar and I just make mistakes. Im typing this right now.

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so. Normally, the individuals that we would pick up or bring into police custody or question regarding that activities were brought into the area of prostitution or pornography almost simultaneously. They did both, alternating.
They usually where from different sections of the country, runaways, people who where maybe leaving various organizations they had been placed into by state, and once they got into the city and once they were used, they were used in both of these areas.

SENATOR BERNSTEIN: By the same procurer?

DETECTIVE FISHER: That's correct, sir.

MR.MCKENNA: Detective fisher, did you see evidence of networks, more than just individual procure, operating in this area? Was there evidence of an organization at work?

DETECTIVE FISHER: Yes. Now, we found this both whit juvenile prostitution involving girls and juveile prostitution of

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Bump, shine the light. Forgive my ignorance would this be subject to FOIA?

I saw theyre selling sex dolls that look like kids as young as 2. Zionist will start the pedo push sometime within the next decade.. A bloody civil war is this countries only hope

pederophilia involving boys. Do you want me to address both?


DETECTIVE FISHER: Okay. Back in 1977-78, we discovered down 14th and K Street, which is the center of Washington, Nortwest, an area where there were a lot of yound ladies that were being brought in from California.
Investigation was done on this, and there was found to be what they called the "California Connection". It was a group of pimps that had gotten together; and, basically, they would transport there girls between D.C. and California.
Juveniles were being used in this business, so to speak; and they were switched back and forth. When it got too hot in one area for them, they were sent back to another area-
As far as pederophilia or the use of young boys, we had a connection in Houston; and we were able to find out that there was a definite circuit, whic encompassed Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York,


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Giuliani served as United States Associate Attorney General from 1981 to 1983.
Look up West Point satanic pedophile case and Giuliani


Don't stop. Keep poasting.

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and Washington; and these boys worked the circuit and they went from once city to another. In fact, some of our sources in houston were able to give us phone numbers that the boys in Houston had for areas in Washington, where they could call a specific number and a young boy would be provided as a call service.
In this aspect, we found that it was an organized circle. It was controlled by people. You could call a phone number in Houston from washington and have a young boy delivered to your room in Washington, using an American Express Card or another business card to charge accout.

SENATOR BERNSTEIN: To whom was it charged? Was it a hotel charge or...

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: What we found is there would be fronts. I am certain that the major credit companies didn't have any idea that their--

SENATOR BERNSTEIN: I am not concerned whit the matjor credir card companies,

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can i get a tl;dr

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and i'm not casting any dispersions.


SENATOR BERNSTEIN: But if a credit card was used, it had to be charged to some

specific credit account.


SENATOR BERNSTEIN: This is the question i am addressing.

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: The individual who could procure that service. We are not

in a position to give you names at this time, but the people would procure

that service would use their cards. Is that what your're-- your answer?

SENATOR BERNSTEIN: In other words, the people that supplied these young boys and young girls had credit accounts whit some of the credit card companies--


SENATOR BERNSTEIN:-- and they would charge and the collect from these credit card companies.

No, get in or get out.

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DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: Under various guises, like being photograpy studios, book stores, models, model agencies.

SENATOR BERNSTEIN: Now whitout revealing any names at the moment, did you ascertain names and address of these accounts, these times that were using these charged accounts?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: Yes, but I am not in a position to go into specific details on that aspect.

SENATOR BERNTSTEIN: No. I just wanted an answer to that.

MR.MCKENNA: That seems to be a technique that was being used. Apparently, you have yo operate this area whit credit cards?

DETECTIVE SHOFFLER: You don't have to, but it makes it certainly convenient for your operation to be able to have a credit card.

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Keep going. Maybe post all the transcript scans ahead so we can archive in case your service is cut. Or transcribe but please continue. Thank you

Sure man, the pdf is here.

S.B: Let me ask one other question. After you ascertained that credit cards were being used, did the police ever notify any of the credit card companies?

D. SHOFFLER: In instances in our jurisdiction. Okay? In P.G. County, Montgomery County, Virginia, Nothern Virginia and in Washington, D.C, several sex industry operations that utilized credit cards in that fashion, we did notify the credit card companies; and to my knowledge at this time, where it could be specifically proven that the cards were being misused in that fashion, the credit card companies took appropiate action.

S.B.: What was the reception to your notifications? What was the attitude of the credit card companies?

D. SHOFFLER: I could characterize it in a general term that it was one of agreement whit our position.

S.B.: So you can characterize this also as sex on credit.

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D. SHOFFLER: Yes, sir.

Mr.MCKENNA: These intercity networks in the pederophiliac area, would they send children around or was it like a central place? I am trying to get the idea, is it a loose confederation or did it seem more structured and organized?

DETECTIVE FISHER: I would have to say sort of a combination of both; in that, the youngster could stay in one area, let's say as long as he wanted to, but if things started getting to the point were police were starting to harass him or there was possibility that the operation, wich was covert at that time, would also be exposed, then they would be sent somewhere else. It wasn't a regimented type of thing, where you spent a certain amount of time in one area, then went on. But there was a control. There were numbers. There were people that you would contact in each city when you went to that city, and this was made known to these young boys.

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Most of these young boys, I think it should be added also, were runaways; and they would start at the age of -- maybe at the age of 12 or 12}3, and they would work this circuit and tyey would go from town to town, and let's say by the time they were 18, they would have probably encompassed the whole circuit a couple of times.

S.B: Is there ane evidence of forcing these youngsters?

D. FISHER: I think it's a point where, in different ones that were interviewed, at the time that they ran away from home, let's say they come to a city like New York or California, they have no funds, they are vulnerable. Okay. They are opened up into this. After they get in ti, they don´t like it, but they cant see a way out. They'll all tell you the money is good. The dont like what they're doing, but they font want to go back home because they dont that to face their peer group. They dont want to face theur parents. They don want to face the pressure that will be put

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on them, so they stay, and in that way there is coercion.

S.B: Would you, then, conclude or assume that these who had been using them did not put pressures on them or force them to engage in these activities?

D. FISHER:I thin it's almost like if you get into this area of mind control. You take someone, you get them out of their normal society, and you bring them into this area. Perhaps, you start coming down on them a little hard, and then you treat them whit niceness, and you have them basically sucked into you. They might want to get away, but tey cant get away because they see no alternative, and that's a form of coercion, even if it's not a stric, harch coercion. It's mental coercion.

S.B.: Along the same lines, in conjuction with your investigation, did you ascertain wether any of these kids were involved in the use of narcotics?

D. FISHER: Yes. I would

This is nothing, get ready

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Interested. But I have to wake up for work in a few hours, will read the archive

There was an old gay porno mag.. I think it was called "Blue Boy" or something to that effect. It came up on a dig a while ago, child prostitutes were being sold in advertisements in the magazine. I forget how exactly but it was connected to some congressman who wound up suing one of his campaign workers whose name was Peter Parker (no shit), and it also fucking connected to fucking Stan Lee (I'm serious).

When I was digging I just kept finding all this shit and it was such a tangled web that after a while I lost sight of what I was even trying to dig for in the first place and just stopped.

I would not be shocked if that shit is connected to this.

find that basically this ran concurrent whit the prostitution and the pornography. They were a lot of times the younger ones, especially, were places on drugs to keep them under control of the people.

S.B: So then, in effect, there was a pressure of the supply of drugs wich these kids would need in order to keep in line, so to speak.

D.FISHER: Initially, and then once they got them hooked onto it, then it was a voluntary thing hit them, as far as I Know.

S.B: That is similar whit prostitution wich girls, too, isn't it?

D. FISHER: That's correct.

D. SHOFFLER: I may add a comment, if you dont mind, on that. I have interviewed people, and I'm certain Anne has too, in wich they'll tell you that they dont go to law enforcement because they have been told they will receive bodily harm or be killed. I mean,

It has! It has everything on that.

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Pedophilia as a free-love political ideology: Leftwing academics fucking their own and eachothers kids at communal daycares, write about it in their self-published 'zines; some rise to political power outside of academia in the Green Party:

Queer Theory utterly exposed as pedophilia promoting and BTFO:

The left is desperate to memoryhole their pedo pursuits in the 70s/very early 80s. We have to document it all. A documentary movie covering the material would be badass.

they are told as part of the operation not to talk to the police.

S.MARINO: Did you ever encounter any list of clients for there youngsters? Were you ever able to secure a list of clients?

D SHOFFLER: On a number of ocassions, we have been able to as result of raids on alcohol services, both male prostitution and female prostitution, simply because of using creditcards; and for security reasons, they do mantain lists, and we have seized--numerous times, we have seized-- well, we havent's seized lists per se. We've seized card insex, 3-by-5 cards whit names and statistics or data on the clients, yes.

S.MARINO: Were you ever able to pinpoint places where the actual prostitution took place or the pornography was being filmed or whatever they do? Were you ever able to find the actual locals or site where these activities were taking

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D. SHOFFLER: Well, when you talk about juvenile prostitution, traditional law enforcement methodology is handicapped in terms of investigating those alleations; because if you are investigating narcotics or if you are investigationg robbery or something like that, you can get informants. You can put them into the organization. You can get the facts you need. But when you're dealing whit a situation that involves a juvenile, it's vey hard. You cant. You cany take a juvenile and place them into a ring thats making movies or utilizing his services, because youre just as wrong as what you are trying to adress. So law enforcement is really in a position there where it cant answer a lot of questions that im sure you would want answer to. We an only guess from interviews as yo how it goes on and what happens. There have been rare occasions in out Metropolitan Area, where we have been ablo the identidy where children have been filmed or things like that, but it's usually

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This was real common in the gay area of Houston called Montrose. The older gay men paying them were called chickenhawks. There still is a street kid scene there and they arent just exploited by gay men anymore. I did community counseling work with street people about 7 years ago and overhead one street kid who just turned 18 talking with a female homeless prostitute who was around 25. He told her about rich old ladies who would pick him up and pay him for sex.

Its just real common when kids are living that life. They want money/clothes/drugs and dont want to work a real job.


after the fact. I am not aware now in the last two years that we have made any cases of that nature that i Know of.

S MARINO: Do you have any other questions?

S BERNSTEIN: What happens to these youngsters when they reach the age of, say, 18 years?

D SHOFFER: Some of the ones that I have encountered, they have alreadt sort of got themselves on a road of crime. The older they get in male prostitution and in female prostitution, the less their demand in most cases; and its like anything elf, if you set out in life to have a profession and then all of a sudden you dont, and they are into narcotics, the seedier aspects of society, and they enf up a number of the ones that I am familiar whit end up ccommitting larceny, crimes of that nature.
They grate into extortion rings, where they sat up males. Say male prostitution, they set them up, and pretend to be policemen and shake them

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down and things like that. They just end up in that same atmosphere but on another side of it.
D. FISHER: We have also had information that we really havent been able to verify that some of them have been killed.
We've had things that have been reported to us by confidential sources that such and such person was killed. The person never showed up again, and the body was never found, so that leaves conjecture there as to whether it did or not.

D.SHOFFLER: And that's the problem in general. Because when you are talking about juvenile runaways, law enforcement is not in a position where it has the means of computerizing where these kids areand where they turn up. If they turn up in California and they're missing in New York, it's a hot and miss if you cant find the New York place where they belong whit their family. I think law enforcement is just in a position not to really ever find out what happened to thse kids. You find out in instances where like in Chicago, in

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Texas, where there are twenty-seven or thirty bodies found in a basement of a ohuse. All right? That's generally one of the ways you find out. It's too late.

S.B: Do they also become pimps as they grown older?

D. SHOFFLER: I know of a few people that have been in that profession who have ended up whit one or two people that they put on the street; for the most part, I can't really determine that.

MRMCKENNA: Have you had occasion to investigate an operator in Washington named William Oates?

D. SHOFFLER: Yes, sir.

MR MCKENNA: Can you just tell us what operations he was running in Washingtong?

D. ShOFFLER: Well, again. I would have yo preface my remarks that that allegation that we reveiced whit regards to his conduct,some of them are the subject of an ongoin investigation,; but for the most part, we

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>It has! It has everything on that.
Well hot fucking damn. I remember when I was digging into that shit I knew it was a smoking gun but couldnt find all the pieces.

were not able to validate a lot of the allegations for some of the reasons that I alluded to earliers.

Mr MCKENNA: Did he have a business in washington?

D. SHOFFLER: Yes, he did.

MR MCKENNA: Can you tell us what kind of business?

D. SHOFFLER: It is a business that we characterize as a sex industry business. It caters mainly to --wall, for the most part, it caters to male homosexual clientele.

MR MCKENNA: And was there any indications received by the -- developed by the washington police that was some sort of a extortion being practiced in this type of industry?

D. SHOFFLER: In the industry in general, yes.

MR MCKENNA: Yeah, and whit regard to any places taht Mr. Oates was involved wich, was there any evidence that films where

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being taken of the costumers?

D.SHOFFLER: No, there wasn't any evidence, but there were allegations and indictations.

MR MCKENNA: By indications, were there, you know, rooms, et cetera, withsetups for making films?

D. SHOFFLER: I think the incident you're talking about cant be directly attributed to Mr. Oates, no.

MR. MCKENNA: But was it in the business he was--


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Sliding a little to close to baleet territory, bump

D. SHOFFLER: With regards to his conduct? We arrested a ring about two and a half years ago and, again, almost by accident, that, in fact, set up a sophisticated system where they would offer a young-looking male to a person desiring sex whit the males, and then they would run into the room, the older members of the rings, identifying themselves as police, and naturally, the client would try to pay his way out of it, and this ring was fairly successful until they mer a person who didn't want to pay. For the most part when we looked throuf records that that operation entailed, most of the victims you could tell from their professions and all werent going to be complainants.

MR. MCKENNA: When you finde a juvenile or somebody under the age of 16 who tells you that they have been into prostitution or pornography, are there places in the metropolitan washington area that the police can lidge them? What do you do whit them other than


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Was on page 7.

huebump my patagonian fren

arrest them?

D. FISHER: No. There really are no facilities. We have court system, as such, that if a young preson is picked up and brought into court-- let's say they are in an area where prostitution is rampant, they are brought in as underage, they probably could be charged "fugitive from parent" or what we call "PINE", "child in need of supervision" The're referred to the court. The courusually just sends them back home, or there are detention chanter in the district. But as far as social facilies available, no.

MR.MCKENNA: New York has the sam problem. That seems to be common throughout the situation.

S.B.: Detective Shoffler, I would assume that the detention centers are similar to those in New Tork, where it merely aggravates--

D. FISHER: The problem is their places.

Oh shit thanks

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S.B: -- the basics reason for the detention in the first place.

D. SHOFFLER: Yeah, they're places whit individuals who are charged whit criminal acts. I mean it's-- it's not a good situation.

S.B: And you find as a result that they become more acclimated to criminal acts, to sexual deviations and everything that goes along whit it.

MRMCKENNA: Is there, at the present time, D. Shoffler, any ind of intelligence network among law enforcement dealig whit child prostitution or child pornography?

D. SHOFFLER: At the local law enforcement level, there is an informal communications network where information is exchanged but it's--

MR.MCKENNA: Is that because you happen to know somebody, you call them on the phone and vice versa?

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D. SHOFFLER: Exactly.

MR.MCKENNA: But there's no formal mechanism that you can plug into for assistance or intelligence when you find somebody from out of town working in your area?

D. SHOFFLER: Not that I am aware of, no.

MR.MCKENNA: D. Fisher, what would you like to see in place for juveniles involved in pornography?

S. BERNSTEIN: Assume that tere0ll be sufficient funding for them.

D.FISHER: That's a los of assumptions, huh. I think the first thing is the public, the legislative branch, the media, all have to recognize that there defitively is a problem; ans I think, right now, they dont really realize the magniude of the problem- Think that legistlature has to pass laws that makes it more feasible and easiear for law enforcement to get into this type of investigation, be able to do something about it.

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From 32, to 43 they talk about how to legislate whit this problem at hand. I will not post them and wil continue whit page 44.

In page 44 another Detective is summoned, Dale Smith.


Mr. Smith: Our area was juvenile prostitution and pornography in New York.

Mr.M: In 1977, did you assist the New York City Police Department in making an arrest of a juvenile call service operator?

Mr Smith: In 1977?

Mr.M: Or ´78.

Mr Smith: Yes.

Mr. M: Do you remember his name?

Mr. Smith: It was Paul Abrams.

Mr M: Can you tell us what he did?

Mr Smith: Mr. Abrams was running a call service that was being operated from a-- form the west side of New York.

Mr.M: And the call service was for male prostitution?

Mr Smith: For male prostitution.

Mr. M: And did Mr. Abrams use children in that service?

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Mr. Smith: Yes, he did.

Mr. M: And Mr. Abrams was arrested?

Mr. Smith: Mr. Abrams was arrested.

Mr. M: Do you know what the disposition of the case was?

Mr. Smith: Yes, He was-- he pleaded guilty and received probation.

S. B.: What was the charge?

Mr. Smith: Prostitution.

Mr. M: Prostitution is a felony, and promoting prostitution. After this period of time whit the committee, did you leave New York City?

Mr. Smith: I had worked with the Policy Sciences Center.

Mr. M: That was an investigation of organiced crimen?

Mr. Smith: Yes, it wsa, under Dr. Rubenstein, and then I left for Washington.

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Mr. M: Did you return to New York City in early 1982?

Mr. Smith: Yes, I did.

Mr. M: Can you tell us what the purpose was when you came to NYC this year?

Mr. Smith: Yes, I was employed by the Committee, again as a staff

investigator, to update the material developed during the 1977-78

investigation on child prostitution and pornography.

Mr. M: Did you go back to look at the child prostitution operations you had

observed in the previous years?

Mr. Smith: Ys, I did.

Mr. M: Can you tell us what you saw and where?

Mr. Smith: Certainly. I had made a survey of all the locations that we had targeted in the 77-78 investigation. I'd also visited places that had opened since the 78 investigations, including a bar on the upper East

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>Mr Smith is our guy

side by the name of Dallas and the Follies Theater.

Mr. M: Where was the Follies Theater?

Mr. Smith: The Follies Theater is on 48th Street on the West side near the Minnesota Strip

Mr. M: And Dallas?

Mr. Smith: Dallas is on 53rd Street near Second Avenue

Mr. M: And what did you observe at Dallas?

Mr. Smith: Dallas was primarily a homosexual prostitution bar that was well-known for underage kids. I was able to sight kids between the age of 13,14,15,16 years old, working directly out of the bar. There was also indications that a call service was being operated in some way connected whit the bar.

Mr. M: Can you just tell us how that service operated? Did you observe?

Mr. Smith: Certainly. The call

>Dallas, on 53rd Street near Second Avenue
>Follies Theater on 48th Street on the West side near the Minnesota Strip

Forgot pic

Attached: NY_Sex_Trafficking_page-0048.jpg (1275x1650, 300K)

>now it begins

service-- the calls would come in to another location, and from sources in the bar that were working. Some of the juveniles were talking. The calls would be called into to bar. The boys would be waiting at the bar for their pickups; and a limousine mas sigthed, picking up the children and taking them to calls.

Mr.M: What did you observe at the Follies Theater?

Mr Smith: The Follies Theater, there where live sex shows, involving underage kids. The performers in the live sex shows were available for prostitution before, in between, and after the performances. Interviewing some of the performers and some of the patrons, there were reports that child porno films were being filmed in the Follies Theater. These reports were similar to the ones that have circulated around that operation-- around a-- the operation in Washington.

M. M. Do you remember who it was or did you-- were you able to determine

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who it was that was running or managins or operating the Follies Theater?

Mr Smith: It was Mr. Williams Oates.

Mr. M: Did he have any operations going in Washington?

Mr Smith: Mr.Oates had a theater operation, the Cinema Follies, in Washington; and he had an operation in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, The Best Of Both Worlds.

Mr. M: That was the name in Pittsburgh?

Mr Smith: Yes. And all three of the operations were pornographic dilms and burlesque houses, involving live stage performances by dances who where also prostitutes. Some of the boys, not all of the but some of them, were underage.

Now whis this operation, on of the things that was uncovered is a circuit where the kids are being transported from, by Oate's operation between Florida-- I mean, between New

> Cinema Follies, in Washington
>The Best Of Both Worlds, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. They would work, let's say, two or three weeks, whatever, in Washingston and go from Washington to New York, from New York-- they'll work for a few weeks in New York, then the'll be transported tto Pennsylvania-- or the Pittsburg, yes.

Mr. M: Where you ever invited to participate in any child pornograpic films while you were in New York.

Mr Smith: No.

Mr. M: Was there any other place you visited in your investigation earlier this year that appeared involced whit child pristution area?

Mr Smith: Yes, quite a few.

Mr. M: Is there a bar called the Haymaker?

Mr Smith: They Haymaker Bar, right.

Mr. M:What did you observe at the Haymaker?

Mr Smith: The haymaker Bar is

>Haymaker Bar

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bolivian bump


Mr. M: Well, first of all, it's located on Eight Avenue?

Mr Smith: It's located on Eight Avenue

Mr. M: Approximately 47th Street, 48th Street?

Mr Smith: Between 47th and 48th.

Mr. M: What have you observed in the Haymaker=

Mr Smith: Basically, it's a male prostitution bar. There are many underaged youth there. One of the things that was observed at the Haymaker is a procurer. A very well-known New Tork procurer was working behinf the bar. This oerson has been known to the Committee for a number of years as prividing underage boys to the pornography and prostitution industry.

Mr. M: And were boys working in the bar? I mean--

Mr Smith: The boys were working

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in the bar, right.

Mr. M: By working, I mean they were soliciting costumers.

Mr Smith: They were soliciting.

Mr. M: Did there come a time this year when you went to Florida?

Mr Smith: Yes. I was on assignment in Fort Lauderdale on a project, on a project involving juvenile prostitution.

Mr. M: And did the Florida investigation reveal contacts back to New York.

Mr Smith: Yes, it did.

Mr. M: Can you just tell us what those connections were?

Mr Smith: The targets in Florida were-- there was a hotel in Florida, in Fort Lauderdale that-- we hace reveiced reports in 77 and 78 concerning possible connections into

Attached: NY_Sex_Trafficking_page-0053.jpg (1275x1650, 311K)

organized crimen in New York and also connected whit the juveniles pornography and prostitution industry. There is also a publishing-- a magazine that was being published in south Florida that was reported to be controlled by organized crimen; that also has ties to New York.

Mr. M: This was developed from interviews of the people who where involved in the operation?

Mr Smith: Yes, it was.

Mr. M: Some of them were juveniles.

Mr Smith: Some of them where juveniles.

Mr. M:What magazine was involved in these operations?

Mr Smith: The magazine involved was BLUE BOY. The hotel involved there was the Marlin Beach Hotel.

Mr. M: Can you give us an idea about how many boys were involved?

Mr Smith: Yes. The project

>Blue Boy Magazine, search that

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there, we interviewed underage boys in all three bars of this hotel resort. Some of the boys interviewed were working for call services. They admitted to having been sent to New York and to Washington on calls that had originated in South Florida.

Mr. M: Did ther come a time when you were contacted by the Arlington Police in Virginia to assist them in an investigation of organized male prostitution rings?

Mr Smith: Yes. In June, I was contacted by Detective Chapman of the Arlington Police Department on recommendation of Detective Shoffler.

Mr. M: Can you tell us the names of the operations concerning which your assistance was asked?

Mr Smith: They were two male call services in Washingtin known as the Friendly Moderls and the Stables

Mr. M: And as a result of your assistance to the Arlington police, did

>They were two male call services in Washingtin known as the Friendly Moderls and the Stables
>Friendly Moders and The Stables. Need to check that out.

Is anyone reading? Should I continue?

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Sounds like Desmond Is Amazing kid.

>Friendly Models / The Stables both in Washington

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Yes. Good stuff OP

keep going

something happen?

Mr Smith: Friendly Models had already been raided, and the client list and everything had been seized by the police department. Very complete records were taken. As a result of my cooperation with the Arlington Police Department, they were able to obtain a warrant for the search and arrest of the Stables operation in Washington.

Mr. M: What was the Stables operation?

Mr Smith: The Stables operation was a male homosexual call service that from reports over the past three years appears to have been a final product of a least one local call service and two New York services. The New York call services-- infact, I will have to go back a number of years there. In 76, there where two call services from New York that opened operations in Washington. These call services were operated out of New York. Now around 1078, call services merged, and-- these

Yeah, the whole thing is really scary.
This is a lesson on lgbt story that you wont get anywhere else.

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call services merged and then merged again into an opearion that was already in existence called the Stables.

Mr. M: Did you have occasion to get close to a principal involved in the Stables enough to talk to him about those operations?

Mr Smith: Through an investigation I worked on in washington, I was able yo go in under cover and interview the owner, onw of the oweners of the Stables0 call services.

Mr. M: Did he tell you anything that surprised you conserning their operation?

Mr Smith: Basically, this individual confirmed several vital pieces of information that I had received from other sources. He also added that a lot of the money from the call service was being reinvested into real estate in the washington area.

Mr. M: Did he discuss with you any sidelines that had become very profitable?

>He also added that a lot of the money from the call service was being reinvested into real estate in the washington area.

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Mr Smith: The operator of this service, no.

Mr. M: Did you ever have occasion to talk to a Mr. Koehler?

Mr Smith: Yes I did.

Mr. M: And what was his function in these operations?

Mr Smith: Mr. Robert Koehler is an accountant for several years of several

call service operations in Washington.

Mr. M: Did he discuss whit you the profitability of these operations?

Mr Smith: Yes, he did.

Mr. M: Did he tell you they were they making progits besides call service


Mr Smith: Yes, they were.

Mr. M: How were they doing that?

Mr Smith: Through the sale of information on the sexual proclivities of the clients to agents of foreing intelligence.

>Robert Koehler is an accountant for several years of several

call service operations in Washington.
>he sale of information on the sexual proclivities of the clients to agents of foreing intelligence.

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Mr. M: Were there any other call service operators you were able to interview?

Mr Smith: Yes, there was.

Mr. M: Do you remember what his name or theur names were?

Mr Smith: One call service operator in Alexandria, Virginia, by the name of Johnathon Christopher Reynolds, III.

Mr. M: And what was the name of his call service?

Mr Smith: It was Brian's boys and Fantasies Unlimited.

Mr. M: Ans was he also selling information out the call services?

Mr Smith: He stated so.

Mr. M: Did he say who he was selling them to?

Mr Smith: To British and Israeli intelligence.

Mr. M: Did you have occasion to investigate in Washington a person by

>Johnathon Christopher Reynolds, III.
>Brian's boys and Fantasies Unlimited.
>Sell to To British and Israeli intelligence.


Attached: wew.jpg (1854x500, 511K)

the name of William Oates?

Mr Smith: Yes, I have.

Should I continue?

Mr. M: Did he have any operating going in Washington?

Mr Smith: The Cinema Follies.

Mr. M: And can you just describe to us what the Cinema Follies was in Washington?

Mr Smith: The Cinema Follies was a male homosexual pornographic live stage shows whit boys, some of whom were underage. The boys working for the-- for Mr. Oates were also male prostitutes available before, between, and after the shows.

Mr. M: Did any of those boys discuss being involved in child pornographic movies?

Mr Smith: Yes. At one time, sources indicated that Mr. Oates had been

Attached: NY_Sex_Trafficking_page-0060.jpg (1275x1650, 355K)


>Dallas, on 53rd Street near Second Avenue
>Follies Theater on 48th Street on the West side near the Minnesota Strip
>Cinema Follies, in Washington
>The Best Of Both Worlds, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
>Haymaker Bar
>Friendly Moders and The Stables
>Brian's boys and Fantasies Unlimited.

>Blue Boy Magazine

>Robert Koehler is an accountant for several years
>he sale of information on the sexual proclivities of the clients to agents of foreing intelligence.

>Johnathon Christopher Reynolds, III.
>Sell to To British and Israeli intelligence.

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Im going to make a thread about this video I am sharing. I think it is cut throat to the point about this entire subject of child trafficking


involved with operations in California; however, at the time of the spring

Investigation of this commitee, at first it appeared that he had not any

involvement whit California pornography; but after interviewing employees for

Mr. Oates, and some of the male prostitutes who had worked in there films that

were being filmed in Mahattan, it appeared that Mr. Oates was, in fact, still

associated whit these California Organizations.

Mr. M: Did you ever develop information as to any other intelligence services

that were buying information foreing intelligence services?
Mr Smith:

Mr. M: Yes.

Mr Smith: Which one was that?

Mr. M: The Soviet Military Intelligence was named as one of the agencies of the foreing intelligence services that was purchasing information from the call services in washington.

Mr Smith: Did you ever more or less confirm that on your own?

>he Soviet Military Intelligence was named as one of the agencies of the foreing intelligence services that was purchasing information from the call services in washington.

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The Russian Mob is actually Jewish. Thats one of the things that broke the antisemitism wall for me

Wow nothing to seevthere, i'm sleepy

Don Semyon, the Jewish boss of the Russian Mob, was actually listed on the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted list and then removed because he is "currently living in a country which refuses to extradite to the United States" (Israel).

Name one other person who has ever been on the FBI Top 10 Most Wanted list, located, and then dropped from the list because "lol too tough to arrest him."

When they found Osama Bin Laden they sent in two full teams of the top operators in the entire US military backed up with full access to the combined arsenals of the armed forces including helicopters we didn't even know existed until that raid, on a kill-no-capture mission without giving any heads up to the local authorities and when they complained afterwards our response was "lol get fucked".

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Great thread, followed whole morning

Yeah great thread OP.
I'd expect running child sex slaves for the elites became a matter of national security after this. No wonder CIA took it upon itself from the late 80s onwards.

Here's a good analysis of pedos in politics: