What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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just a stupid, degenerate larper


>A leaf saying "cringe"

What did she mean by this

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pic related

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Gays are possessed by Satan.

>we will not be erased

Do we have data on fertility rate of demons?

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she means she smoked some bad lettuce


always such a remarkable coincidence just how uniformly nearly every group of people across the surface of the planet for all of recorded human history have agreed with everything leftists think is untenably evil

*Honk honk*

They spread by molesting non-demons at a young age when they're defenseless.


Holy shit, how did I never notice that logo before?

Checked and almond-activating.


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Literally demons are revealing themselves

What a tortured life he must have lived. I'm not much of an LP fan, but do they have any songs with lyrics about dreams, or being trapped in a dream (or a nightmare, for that matter)?

No idea.

It can't mean anything it's incapable of thought.

Good. I always wanted to fight demons. I think subconsciously every man wants to fight beasts from the seventh circle of Hell and impale their severed heads on wooden spikes.



I've been trained for this moment my entire life.

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Femin virus infected demon. Anon5 was right.

>Then he will say to those at his left hand, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels;
Who said anything about being erased.

I unironically used to have dreams about it when I was like 5


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Y’all know what a walk in is right?
Lord Jesus have mercy

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Delusional power hungry freak.
It's an insignificant retard with dreams of grandeur like most of his ilk.
What he doesn't know is that, whoever wins the tug of war (muslims, globalists or nationalist/identitarians/whatever) they are all going to live Hell on Earth.

holy shit mang this is INSANE.

Fucking demons get cucked you abominations.

In the mighty name of Jesus, I compel you back to hell demons

Thanks for the link you one poster

2019, when this guy gets shilled in the New York Times and makes millions of dollars a year indoctrinating children.

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What a brave ogress

Deranged faggot thinks its a demon. I'm glad I live in a ruralish area and we assault faggots like this on the regular.

Q Lazzarus predicted this.

Kek’d for truth.


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I send demons back to hell where they belong

> A transwoman attracted to the thought of being a man
We need more Zyklon B

raise your hand IF YOU GIVE A FUCK

metally ill larper

But we've known about the jews since the 30s...

Youre retarded

Lel, what's the matter? Afraid of going up in flames?

Leave Out All The Rest
Carousel (Not much of a dream per se, but does seem kinda entrapped)
Can't think of any other ones.
t. Former edgy pre-teen.

So basically a failed man who went Trans because it was easier?

demons are real but your pic is just a mentally ill man looking for more attention because wearing a brazier isn't doing enough for him

Twitter allows everyone on the planet to make tweets. There are some crazy people in the world.

The end.

it means she doesnt know any banishing spells cause she got possessed like a dumbass.

>Twitter allows everyone on the planet to make tweets
Except if you’re right wing

A man larping as a woman larping as a man, what kind of fuckery is this exactly? 5d gender dysphoria?!?

She means that we should have killed the Jews earlier because now it's too late

They are living in plain sight now.

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and you willingly feed them your children.

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>some degenerate freak admitting to being a demon
Not even slightly fucking surprised

because you haven't accepted christ

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