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The monolith keeps appearing ever since the moon has been having issues. What did it mean by this?

Wonder how long will it take for the (((jannies))) to delete this thread.

Can I get a quick rundown?

That's a big vape.

New Apple display stand

why did that thread get pruned

So its like the mini version of the thing the mooselems worship?

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I never finished that movie completely
Wish this picture was real would be pretty cool

Monolith raises the vibrational state?

You selling granite kitchen worktops and worktop accessories?

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It’s the new apple display without the stand

It's full of stars, apparently.

It's a theatre screen

T. Rob ager

That reflection

god I wish that were me.

Weren't Kubrick based alchemist? He saw what evil animals europes elite was.

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All sizzle, no steak

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Black monolith is Saturn
bones depic human sacrificies
Kubrick tried to tell us in a space odyssey

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There are double 6 dots on the side you cannot see. The camera perspective makes it seem larger than it is.

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Иди кo мнe

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This a Space Odyssey thread or something? Just watched the movie for the first time the other day.

I wonder which religion is the true religion?

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I wonder which religion is the true one.

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I wonder if submission to ONE GOD ALLAH IS the correct choice.

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Okay, it is a 2001 thread.

Look at how he portrays the future. Brits are traveling all over the galaxy, in style. Strong, risk taking, innovative explorers. Instead, they've banned butter knives and spoons while 3rd worlders run around causing chaos. JUST.

Demolition Man got the future right. All powerful nanny state that is too pussified to protect its own people from a single nigger.

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funds are safeu

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You don't miss out much after the ship chimps out. It's supposed to really make you think, according to pretentious people analyzing it to death to find a meaning. Ending sucked, but a great movie.

L stands for "Loser"

Jow Forums is for losers.

what did kubrick mean by this?

I also want to know

It is time to transcend again, friends

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the monolith obviously represents any major turning-point in humanity that changes the course of our evolution.

Ultima 7 was an awesome game in its day

how do you faggots know the future? you know it even before I do

None as man is continually learning more aspects of the truth as time goes on. All religions are man made LARPs w/ impartial religion.

Black Cube/Monolith represent silicon. What's used to make computer chips which will usher mankind into the next age.

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Silicon.. computer chips

The monoliths are AI machines sent by ancient aliens to various places to create intelligent life.

Man is currently forging his own.
One part silicon another part (the holy blueprint).
At the end of Space Odyssey, you see the :
> Son of man
A marriage of the holy grail human blue-print and silicon

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AI is gay
machine singularity is against God

So this would be related to trans humanism, no?


Is that the 9gag meme stone?

Yes of course but not in the ignorant popularized sense. Rather, in relation to a music writer's music living on well past their death. Transhumanism in a populist framing centers on the selifsh desire of an individual to live forever physically as they are or transition their essence into a longer lasting form past death. Transhumanism doesn't work that way.

Interestingly, there is tons of older symbolism that predict this ... the reality that is unfolding currently but people are blind to it. You will see AGI within your lifetime. Far sooner that any could imagine. This is what the symbolism refers to and it is already generally known. Yet, tons are blind to it being fashioned before their very eyes.

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> AI is gay
You have never experienced AI.
> machine singularity
Ignorant mainstream memes are fruitless
> God
No man knows God or even a measure worth mentioning. All religion is LARP based on 1000s of years of theology/philosophy made palatable to the masses.

> my ignorant view

Islam and Judaism are Saturnic. It was an attempt to blaspheme God by crucifying him to a saturnic symbol, but now he defeated the cross and death, and now the cross is a symbol of the dismantling of that system.

audible lel

someone watched 2001 A Space Odyssey for the first time and thought it would make a good thread for some reason

> Islam and Judaism are Saturnic.
Judiasm was LARP and combined a range of theology, cosmology, philosophy and copy/pasta from variosu religions
> Christianity is LARP as it is rooted in and extends from Judiasm
> Islam is militant Christianity for colored desert niggers aka (judiasm for colored people)

There are thousands of years of religion and theology that predate these 3 sorry ass religions. Brainlets will never understand what this means.

Saturn is a misunderstood metaphor and symbol. It's better that most people have no clue what it means.
> It was an attempt to blaspheme God by crucifying him to a saturnic symbol
Jesus never existed. It's a metaphor of how the dumb masses crucify the truth yet it rises again and again.. Kind of like the special kind of retards that think jesus was literal yet miss the message/meaning of the story and crucify him (the truth). Truth is the son of God and blankets the universe.
> but now he defeated the cross and death
You can't kill the truth. Every-time you try, it rises higher. When it is finally revealed, reveal(ation) occurs.
> now the cross is a symbol of the dismantling of that system.
Shit brains will too never understand the significance of the cross. It's better that way it seems.

It's a powerful movie that holds many keys. People are somewhat aware of this but most lack the brains to decode them.

Yeh but you're a completed retarded person.
I literally just watched this movie again tonight and it is a fantastic movie.
For one thing it shows how much further ahead the government is than the public.
HAL was Alexa 50 years ahead. The space ships all represent the reproductive system.
The long white space ship with frank and the crew looks like a sperm.
Earlier they show a scene in red light with a sphere like ship being lowered like an egg in female reproduction. Before that scene the woman walks through a vagina looking door in white and the padding in the hallway resembles vaginal walls.
The movie is about how man and machine are both competing for meaning and existence, and mate with each other in a constant cycle to promote their evolution via influence by something above both to create the overman.
Prometheus is essentially a remake of 2001.