Why don't you like tattoos?

I see nothing wrong with them, as long as they're sensible. Only degenerates get tattoos of shows, or people, or other stupid shit that they won't care about in a couple years.

There's nothing inherently wrong with getting some badass tattoo, especially if it pertains to your heritage and the Race.

Pic related is not me

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it looks a space alien treasure map

Tattoos are gay af and you're a dumb fag kys

It is family tradition that I do not get tattooed.

Permanent marker like a cookie you can't delete. Real smart

that's cool, I respect that.

first of all, trips
second, I'm not saying everyone should get norse rune tattoos especially if they're not of Scandinavian ancestry

That's far too sensible. You must be new here. You need to get triggered and bitch about everything like a massive faggot if you want to fit in here.

Gives you cancer in your lymph nodes
Also look at me I’m so tough
I put myself thru pain
To show you all how cool I am

It’s vain, dumb, and immature

T. 3x tattoo in my early-20s-fag waiting for some advancements in Laser surgery into my 30s

cuz it's gay and shows that you are insecure and want to be noticed. you want to be "unique", tattoos are for sailors and whores end of story

Romans didn't get tattoos.

Soldiers did. Arguably one of the few things I can understand getting a tattoo over. And I have some dumb tattoos. I was dumb as shit. Regret it everyday among other things.

its for low IQ retards that didnt get enough attention from their parents when they were young

I hate scabs on me, always try and pick them. I'll pull off dry skin after a sunburn. I'm just very like.... particular when it comes to things on skin. It just seems like tainting something intended to be your skin. Your skin is not for coloring, if there's a point/message/whatever you want to display to other people just put it on your clothes.

a degenerate defending degeneracy, i am shockt.

Yes idiots put on signs on your body that you never will get rid of, put retarded slogans on your skin or even better faces and pictures that fade out over many years stretch out and you have a atrocity on your body.

>boo hoo scabs make my skin look ugly
what are you, a woman? want a tampon?

The only acceptable tattoos are military ones you've earned, and cultural ones that are being passed down to you and act as a marker.

Personal tattoos are garbage.

Best post.

People who get face tattoos are fucking stupid. I don't mean entire arm sleeves, in fact I think this guy in the original picture is a dipshit for getting something so visible. Getting stuff you easily hide with clothing - chest, back, maybe shoulders - is acceptable to me, otherwise you're just dooming your chances of ever getting a job.

>Why don't you like tattoos?
Because I don't want some demon branding me as its bitch...you know, like you.

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I hope you drown in nigger piss you shit eating tattooed bugman.

I would love to get an ss tattoo so gays would fuck off from hitting on me.

Your tattoos look like filth from a distance and ugly up close, you're stupid for getting them, you and every other herd following air head.

They didn't get tattoos, they got branded roman property in case they were runaways. It was a mark of shame to hide that would get you crucified.

I know a guy who has a tattoo of the Noid from the old Domino's commercials.

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Funny that picture doesn’t say anything about tattoos, interesting.

>shilling for degenerate tatoos
absolute state of mossad

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Tattoos are for people with weak and feeble minds

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Things you can get a tattoo of without being a degenerate:
>Cultural tattoos
>Military tattoos
>Sentimental tattoos
>Traditional tattoos
>Tattoos of the Noid from Domino's

*teleports behind you*
"Nothing personal kid."
*hucks a milkshake at your head*

good list

>cultural (degeneracy)
>military (welfare queen crybabies)
>sentimental (cant move on - is a faggot crybaby)
>traditional (traditions that dont exist anymore)
making excuses for retards

Also know a guy with a tattoo of a rooster in a noose on his calf. He would always say "I have a cock that hangs below my knee."

you are doing the melodramatic

oh look a namefag, the equivalent of an internet tattoo

hows the autism treating you retard

>here's nothing inherently wrong with getting some badass tattoo
I don't give a fuck what you think, and I won't hire anyone who has a visible tattoo in a t-shirt. Instant disqualification.
Enjoy social security.

and who cares, doesn't go back to my identity, but only helps to focus the opinions of an individual (me) here

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hows that butthurt treating you nigger?

wow for someone focusing on being an individual you seem to want the opinions of everyone else
you are a conformist retard afraid of going against the majority
you should get a tattoo to symbolize how different you are

I, however, had not said that I was in favor or opposed to tattoos, but it is an exaggeration to say that it is an atrocity only to give weight to the thing

fuck tattoos
you are a faggot trying to be different from everyone else
you are nothing but a disposable taxpayer just like everyone else, go be as unique as you want but its laughable when people think they are above that label

what label?
in any case, I know that people are unpleasant if they think they are above others with non-existent pretexts :-/ but if I had to do something like this in my case they would be just lightning from the shoulder to the chest made with Branding