Our nation is under attack by Iran and he cucks out and refuses to respond militarily...

Our nation is under attack by Iran and he cucks out and refuses to respond militarily. Bush or even Obama would have been a much stronger leader in this situation.

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>Drumpf is bad if he attacks Iran
>And also if he doesn't

Our nation is under attack by millions of foreign invaders, and he feeds them. Gives them free healthcare, vows to admit millions more.

always take the opportunity to kill muzzies

Did he say we arent going to attack? I haven't heard anything

He should order an immediate nuclear strike on Israel instead

Please, I implore all of you. Push for war with Iran. I'm going to need you to lie. to say things that you know are wrong. but please, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, help push the US into war. there only need be one final push. we are so close. we MUST drive the US to war with China Russia and Iran. even in limited scope. with reticence, know this is the right thing.

((( )))
Hispanics are Aryan


They're persians, and much more sane than the Saudis, whose dick Trump sucks.

They're fucking niggers, you parasite.

OP is a faggot and this thread is cancer

Oil tankers owned by foreigners get attacked, retards wonder why we dont engage in yet another middle eqstern war.

Fucking N.P.C.

We don't need another war. If he does that I'll vote democrat just to spite him.

I thought we didn't want what Hillary offered. You shills are so bad at this game. No one but newfags believe your bullshit!

I just want something to fucking HAPPEN already. All this fuckin edging man.

Iran is the biggest threat to Israel in the region.
Ask yourselves, what the hell does America gain from going to war against Iran?
More goiym sacrifised in the name of Israel is what.
Bonus: More refugees for Europe.

Fuck the jews, let them fight their own battles.

Iranian through proxies have also funded potential terror attacks in Europe. Iran just funds extremists on the other side of Islam to the Saudi's

I agree fellow white brother. We need to start this war NOW and make sure we kill as many goy-... I mean, honor as many fellow white men in battle as possible.

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What a pussy... i bet he never ever goes to war with anyone!

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Iran must be invaded. they are the only regional outlier left. we are almost there. keep your head up it's coming soon.

You niggers are absolutely dedicated to turning this board into nothing, but anti trump posts huh?

It's not changing any minds.

>What are laws
>What is Congress
Stop playing stupid. It's cringy

3/10 b8 to with those digits but is successful

Strong leadership means not folding for the Israel lobby.

I hate you war mongering kikes so fucking much

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Meme flag....


Trump is being a bad goy, but kushner and his whore shiksa wife, trumps daughter, will have a chat to daddy about baddy Iran. Good goyim!

No more fucking wars you piece of shit.. Is it so hard?

And stop sending 8 million per day to Israel...

The Iranians are not the ones funding all the fucking mosques that's radicalizing the muslims in europe. Try again schlomo.

Based marine

Forgot to cover your flash goy..

Army Infantry user.

You are under a false flag attack by the CIA.

Fucking boomer.

Get off of Jow Forums, John Bolton.


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Look at you glowing in the dark.

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>Our nation is under attack by Iran

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Good to see that discord tranny's are still hard at work trying to demoralize againts Trump 2020, when there is literally no other option.

Let's hope Trump isn't a kike cock sucking faggot. Leave Iran the fuck alone.

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I'm not sayin Saudi's aren't, but they literally both pull this shit.


Show your flag kike. I can't wait until we gas you for real.

Potential terror attacks against Israelis, yes. How was passover for you and yours Moshe?

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sloppy torpedo mossad!

No more wars for ZOG.

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