What does this make me?

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Also political compass thread.

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A fag

A fag


>fellow burger; "fag"
>britbong; "fag"
>fucking leaf; "based"

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A good goy

Primitive ecofascist barbarian i suppose

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what test is that


What does this make me?

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What does this make me

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based kiwi

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Man, I've softened on a lot of stuff recently.
I went from ancap to monarchist

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what does this make me

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what about me?politiscales.net/en_US/results/?m1=69&m0=12&b0=10&b1=83&comp=100&t1=12&t0=67&e0=31&e1=50&anar=67&s0=7&s1=86&c1=98&p1=67&p0=17&j1=45&j0=43&mona=100&prag=67

how to get 100% on constructivism

retard learn to post a screenshot

>88% essentialism
>81% rehabilitative justice
Are you legit retarded, user?

I like your flag

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I said that sexual orientation is a social construct tho because God can give you up to a reprobate mind and you can then become a fag.

nice keywords

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by being a faggot

>my flag

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I think this looks quite nice. You should all take a page out of my book

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A jew.


What does this mean for me?

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A Jew.

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I don't know how I feel about being this close to a kraut ideologically...

Based Nazbol

You want to throw commies out of helicopters, don’t you?

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Straight up national socialist my friendo.

>Arbeit macht frei

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>he thinks i'm german

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kill yourself die Linke voter


so where are all the nazis Buzzfeed warned me about?
I see only republicans and lolbertarians here, along with few german lefty faggots

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kys commie

shit meme, free is 'gratis' in german

>He doesn’t know not wanting your country to become nigger-land is actual nazism in Europe
>He doesn’t know not wanting your sons to have a vagina is actual fascism in the US
>He doesn’t know

>more rehab justice than punitive

HAHA you know it, man!

>45% laisse faire
Implying you're not a commie yourself.

it's fucking 5 percent, I just want it to be equal combination of punishment and rehab. There are always irredeemable fags who deserve stone bag for the rest of life, but our current penal system is fucking soviet shit. There was a prison riot recently cause prisoners were given literal garbage instead of food.

That you are truely based and german.

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gtfo hohol scum, arbeit macht frei - work makes you free; frei - free FREE AS IN FREEDOM BUT ALSO FREE AS IN GRATIS AS IN WITHOUT PAY

>There was a prison riot recently cause prisoners were given literal garbage instead of food.
But your assertion that there are only lolbergs on here is retarded.

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A man about to be arrested

you are retard
free of charge == gratis
free as in freedom == frei
gratis != frei (except in some occasions)
so what is the point of meme when kikelberg says 'frei'?
anyway, let krauts have a say. Is gratis have the same meaning as frei?

Maybe you should worry about fixing your flag first. Gookmoot fucked it up and gave you some faggy blue and yellow one, rather than your proper toothpaste.

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So what am i?

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>The gypsy had to use the low-quality test
Kek. Nice result though.

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idgaf about flag, it's ugly anyway (as every modern flag) and was ripped off of some kraut OPM.
fucking charge your phone

Pretty based. What does this make me?

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>memeflag for a meme country
Sounds about right.


>a fucking crime statistic of a flag
you're throwing stones from a glass house, mutt

fuck off, it was the one I already had laying around

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if there was a meme country that would be america lol. How's your day going "white man"?


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You're all commies
Watch this:

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shit why

I wish l had a flag as cool as the monarchists

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So how about that

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It's going fine. How about your, Ghengis bin Muhammad?

Pretty normal to me

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you get an ok from me

A deciple of Pinochet

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Tranny flag fag


Says the amerimutt

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Therefore you are a fag

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fuck niggers fuck trannies and fuck jannies

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What did I miss here?