If you think bitchute won't be censorious like youtube think again

>Every comment I goes on "Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by www.bitchute.com."
>Been like it for weeks, emailed support no help, make a 2nd account, mention to others in the comments of a video regarding youtube censorship that bitchute will do it too it gets flagged as spam, message gone, take a guess what happens to that account next.
Face it we're screwed.

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This post doesn't reek of youtube shilling at all

Given the rise in Bitchute popularity recently, expect more threads like this

Fucked up, was meant to say, no messages have been approved since that started

Brighteon 2.0 will be rolling out in a few days... With new blackmail proof protections for creators. No live stream yet tho they're working on it...

Get fucked cunt, I come to bitchute because I got kicked off youtube, only to find bitchute has done the same damn thing to me too!

Don't worry lad.

I'm building a fully decentralized platform that CANNOT be censored or taken down EVER

Quick rundown:
The entire thing is stored on the blockchain, except for the videos - which the uploaders must seed (like a torrent) until they get enough traction.

The site is available through a new desktop browser that doesn't dns, or webservers or any shit like that, meaning it's fully decentralized and completely impossible to ban.

It's coming, user, have patience

Go Sweden !

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Eat my crusty arsehole you suspicious flag plagiarizer

Fucking underarm bowling koala fucker.

See, this is exactly why I get banned from everywhere, stupid fucks like you

how is this surprising? people naturally form echo chambers that reinforce their beliefs. it's going to be really exciting watching the internet split into two massive isolated circlejerks.
fuck off there's always some cunt "working on" a fully decentralized peer to peer blah blah for at least the last ten fucking years

Are you guys gonna make out now ?

Bitchute is not safe


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You fucking idiot memeflag

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Fuck no, that thieving cunt took Phar Lap from us.

What a Canadian accent lol
Trailer Park Boys times 10

Listening now

how about I underarm bowl you a tissue box sook

Why bother when you're going to at the end of the game

When will an user make A social media platform to replace twitter and face berg and just let it be laissez fairy asf? When will an user make a rival YouTube and not sell it googleberg incorporated and just let people share what they want without google trying to control fun or the narrative? When I ask you men of The west

1.) make own site
2.) create group owned site (not 1 boss)
3.) use p2p
4.) use .onion

I dont know about that, but bitchute is very shitty. The search is awful, the design is ugly, feature set is limited etc.

We need to decentralize this shit more than that. think self hosting and pingbacks etc like the good old blog days, but for video.

Obviously, they already have a fucking premium paid subscription plan

Bitchute is for some reason hosted in the UK so subject to all those bullshit laws

Why the fuck would YouTube need shills

Well that's because the owner of Bitshit has a telecommunications company in Tel Aviv, he's a jew. He's probably also the one who keeps spamming it everywhere lately

Why don't you name him?

Bitchute + dissenter

Why are you such a brainlet faggot?

Valid point, hopefully that will become the mainstream usage by others

>Bitchute is for some reason hosted in the UK
>Leave Soviet Union 2.0 for Big Brother's Pedo Isles.

>This post doesn't reek of youtube shilling at all
we need a GOOD youtube alternative,one that works well. it doesnt have to be bitchute, theres bittube etc, but it needs to WORK WELL
its time we all............
learn to code

Adolf Hitler - The Man Who Fought The Bank


Pressure your politicians to enforce tech monopolies to abide by public forum rules.

It sucks about what happened to Natural News.

Watch Dennis Wise's new film.
it's ALL about Freemasonry.
He is the Author, Director and Producer of
*The Greatest Story never Told: The Untold Story of Adolf Hitler*

The Secret Masonic Victory Of WW2 and How the World was Fooled.
"History is just a blanket of red lies to cover the bed of white genocide"
Banned from Youtube in a couple hours
bitchute.com/playlist/kWPH62jd7TXc/ (mirror)

18 and 19 are not on the playlist for some reason
The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Part 18)
The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two (Part 19)

the biggest problem with bitchute is that it's full of boring shit.
20+ videos about "redpills" on the front page.
yeah that's what i like when i have a free moment sitting down to watch a 40 minute video by some sperg about his shitty politics.
it's like if shitposts were read out by neckbeards.

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>literally ANY suggestion for an alternative to the status quo is made
>legions of threads appear trying to discredit said alternative immediately

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...but wad about muh Dow Jones?

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I found a fun Rhodesia and South Africa Channel but I'm into that stuff

name a better alternative

hashes of hashes of hashes

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a blockchain is not just hashes of hashes, brainlet. it's a decentralized database that cannot be changed

there's still physical servers hosting the blockchain nodes isnt there just remove/ddos them no more blockchain

what's a chute anyway

>phone rings
>Hello, Chaim? This is Susan. Yes, Youtube CEO Susan.
>Oh, Shalom, Wojcicki
>Yes Chaim, we have a problem. People are leaving. Its not a total exodus, but its happening
>Say no more, Susan. We know what to do

Yeah of course, but you can always spin up your own node and become your own server. It's highly unlikely that any blockchain can be purged of all nodes simultaneously. This is literally one of the biggest selling points of the tech.


Indeed, fun too.
To show my age, I miss the yahoo chat fight rooms of the late 90's.
It is sad that normies have stormed the internet and get very disturbed by such tongue and cheek

They signed off on a third p[arty censoring comments learn to read

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>oy vey just leave the platform where all the normies waiting for the truth are
>just talk amongst yerselves good goys and sing erika
there's a reason we should leave youtube. fuck paypigs and fuck ecelebs losing their shekels. the message is what matters, and they can't ban everyone.

VertigoPolitix on Bitchute being a honeypot:

>we shouldn't leave youtube

Imagine shills thinking this will work.

N00bs: if you see threads here against something it means they know it’s a threat. Proceed enthusiastically.

Yes they use Disqus, that is blatantly obvious.
The issue lies with the fucked up way selected users are being flagged for requiring approval on everything they post, and none of the comments being approved (no matter how timid or even pleasant of a comment), or taking weeks to be approved.

Fake and gay


So make good shit and post it or rip good shit from YT you lazy entitled cunt

>NZ poster being censored
>Blaming everyone but his govt for why it's happening
Fuck off brainlet

Look here fucktard, I'm not making this shit up.
I am a regular user that is being fucked over for being me.

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Phar Lap! Usually it's NZ's 9/11 you cry about (the underarm incident). Phar Lap is an even deeper dive back in time.

Who fucking goes to youtube's front page to find videos? Most of the shit I watch is linked from somewhere else.

So what? Comments are not video hosting. They can change the commenting product later - that’s not their core function.

Oh no u can’t comment. Nigger kys.

And more....

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>stay on youtube
>that's totally not a honeypot that if you even try to use a VPN you get kicked out of your accounts and it asks you to confirm that IP address is also yours.
I mean give me a fucking break. Yes, if something uses torrenting others will be able to know your IP address, but those people aren't going to be able to link it to your real world identity as easily as Jewgle of Facebook can. This is a fucking toy concern.

> spin up
onions detected

We will never forget - I'll make sure of that

That's not bitchute, retard, it's a Disqus comments section and Disqus is shit.

Bitchute is a centrilized shithole. We need IPFS video hostings istead.

The site defines the requirements idiot, disqus is just the service.
If bitchute decides that certain users need to have comments approved by them for "hate speech" disqus gives them the tools to do that.
Problem is bitchute have flagged me for approval on all messages, and then doesn't approve them. They have also flagged my mentioning of this by my second account as spam and now that account is in lock down too.


fake and gay shit

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No, disqus can and does maintain their own spam filter independent of whatever moderator privileges they give to their clients. Just don't use disqus - use Dissenter instead.

>use Dissenter instead.
But I can't post dark as fuck memes


>except for the videos - which the uploaders must seed
And this is why the decentralized platforms will never go anywhere. There are some videos that will be seeded by enough people to be watchable, but a lot of stuff won't be seeded by anyone after the first couple of weeks so it's basically a site to host a handful of popular videos YouTube has taken down and are already known, but it'll never be a site for general use nor will it attract a community or many committed content creators.

Here's the ideal video platform for me: a data dump. No interface, none of that bullshit. Just upload an .mp4, .webm, etc and link to it elsewhere. If people want to talk about the video, then do that elsewhere. I really do not give a fuck about comments sections or all of that other bullshit. They're almost always inferior to somewhere else, they almost always involve namefagging, voting, reporting or some other such stupidity.

So link us to your site. BitChute is real and exists and is not centralized hosting.

That's financially viable only if uploaders pay for the hosting.

And that's fine. I'd even be fine with some kind of dead link redirect that requests funding for that specific piece of data to be renewed.

The point of torrent streaming is that anyone with the file can revive it by seeding at any time.

I have no problem with torrent streaming either, but they'd have to, at minimum, fund or host one seed. I don't even care if people want to overfund it and some share goes to the creator. But what I don't give a shit about is fancy interfaces. Just host the damn files.

In other words, once you go beyond that these tech fags get big heads and start to consider it their responsibility to provide context and play God with what people see. If they were simply focused on providing the data, ensuring uptime, and selling raw blocks this shit wouldn't happen.

Can but won't. A P2P-based site is destined to be a fringe site with a lot of dead content and difficulty in attracting new content creators.


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Exactly, it is content communism.
It relies on a few idiots to put in the hard work to benefit the many at their detriment.

It is centralized hosting. Webtorrent is supposed to help offset costs for "hot" videos but since it's only active while watching and only works on mobile I doubt it's helping much.

the name is such garbage itself

I always thought it was "bitch ute" like some kind of worldstart hiphop platform
I thought ute was some kind of yeet

That’s what the central front page is for. You can have several of those front-ends, focused on different genres of content. That’s the entire plan with BitChute.

The UI/UX is critical. Make sure you do it right, consider writing it in Elm.

Hello there, jew tube executive, how are you today?

This is why crypto projects are trying to create financial incentives for hosting. I read the Filecoin whitepaper and it sounds cool but it's not usable yet afaik.

Private Bittorrent trackers used upload ratio as incentive, and that worked.

Even full communism in the P2P piracy era worked pretty well before copyright holders shut it down

doesn't work on mobile i meant

Idiot I've been banned from youtube, that's why I moved to bitchute

joshwhotv.com not only has a platform alla Bichute and Brighton but apparently a live stream option too...

Fantastisk sota bror, heier på deg!

onion is fucking shit


If there was a financial incentive for me to seed I would invest in that (as it is I do a little already, as well as bionic during winter for warmth)

What are you talking about? For the last month I am on BitChute watching re-uploaded videos from channels banned censored and deleted from JooTube. Maybe because the last few days traffic went up and there is some problems but for now its all good.


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Just wait until you get a bit 'over' interactive in the comments retard
Cunts like you get people like me banned BECAUSE I NUT OUT AND CALL YOU A FAGGOT

>Face it we're screwed
Sure you are, righties. Suck it up.

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It will be shut down.

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