Varg finally exposes anti-white shills

Varg finally exposes anti-white shills

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Based Gilgamesh

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He is so full of shit, it infuriates me.

Wow this guy is retarded.

>He is so full of shit, it infuriates (((me)))

>Wow this guy is retarded.
t. ((()))

Vargtard spotted. Hang yourself, you're a blight on European religion.

Isn't this the guy who brutally murdered someone because of a rumor that he wanted to kill him?

>A citizen of britbongistan and a mutt can't stand varg
Is anyone surprised

There's nothing European about a kike on a stick

You should come back to Evropa, Australia. You are on Aborigine land.

t. Barg

I never said I was a Christian, you low-IQ faggot.

Hey, you're just an upside down Anglo too

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Varg is a kike retard his worthless jewpinions are shit tier his anti Christian bill that of a mental autist his entire job as a shill it seems to toxify opposition to the Jews and reroute it to subverted or destroyed entities he is low info and low IQ and of course apart of Aquinos faggot little network

Kneel, LARPagans.

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Who cares about Varg tho?

I never said you were a christcuck either shlomo but we both know what you are threatened by antichristian ideology

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I'll never worship a placenta you feminist welfare leeching auld lech!
Deus Vult

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You very clearly implied that I had some loyalty to Christendom, which is something I never hinted at.

calling varg is your last resort huh?, go ahead make yourself looks fucktarded


Is it any wonder that the christcuck fears the paganchad?

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>bla bla bla argue irrelevant shit to confuse people like a typical kike
Id on't fucking care, kike. KYS

The guy he killed was a piece of shit, he deserved it.

>You are on Aborigine land.

t. Juden

Baptism is believed to replace the gentile European soul with a Jewish soul
I have no doubt this ritual fails on stronger souls who grow up to reject the jewish plot that is christianity but can we truly consider christkikes white? Of course not

>I am going to continue to be cantankerous because I have a very low IQ and I'm confused by syntax
Fuck you and fuck Varg.

Hey, I didn't say that. Varg did. I think you should stay, but he sure as fuck doesn't. You and the leaf have horrendous reading abilities.

Varg did say that you fuckers are on Aborigine land though. He said that Europeans should return to their homeland and stop entering "non white" countries and let natives have their land back. So follow your damn leader.

"Paganism is ancestral worship"

yeah, when a religion is so fundamentally fucking dead you can just twist into whatever the fuck you want I guess.

REAL pagans believed in their gods. youre just a bunch of cryptoatheist faggots who got tired of being called fedorafags, and you know it

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Stop shilling your dead hippy religion

You resort to irrelevant shit just like a kike would.
>hurr I never said I was a christkike even though I sound exactly like them that means you're low IQ
It's just derailing exactly like kikes do.

t. Leaf

Your leader is a lady who literally wore a hajib are you kidding me lol

You don't even know what you believe in, LARPer

Leaf "words of wisdom"

Dumb shit pedo cunt

Almost got me for a sec

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He looks so smelly ew

>the reason I can't read is not because I am a brainlet, it's because Jews
Double-digit IQ subhuman leaf.

I agree with Varg on a lot of things but he can get fucked if he thinks Anglo Australians should give up our land. I understand his reasoning but we built this nation. Aborigines would probably all be dead from AIDS or something by now if it wasn't for whites.

She literally put on a hijab. Why are you still talking

Fuck off kike

Can't trick me burgerfriend

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>be varg
>trick men into worshipping placentas and believing in womens rights
>invite these men to join his tribe
>cuck all the feminised men, wifeys have the freedom to have other sexual partner
>varg tricks the women into sending new sons into bear caves
>vargs leadership never challenged


L O W - I Q - L E A F

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Same can be said with Christianity.

>Europeans europeanize Christianity

That is a fact that you cannot change. Christianity is now more European than it is Middle Eastern. And all the rhetoric coming from Varg's mouth is bullshit.

paganism is for sub 120 IQ brainlets

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So what religion is for the high IQ people?

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>Christianity is on the rise in African countries
Really activates my almonds

I like Varg, but i'm worried about his children. They will grow up without peers around them, so i'm afraid they will "experiment" with eachother when they reach puberty.

Depends on the paganism. I'm a Mensan yet I'm staunchly heathen.


The Christianize African countries have higher IQ than the Pagan or Muslim Sub-Saharan African countries.

Fuck off pedo

>he is going to pretend that he doesn't know African IQ's

not an argument

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I bet they're more industrialised, too.

and what does that have to do with paganism being for sub-120 IQ larpers?

Thats what a pedo worshipping scumbag would say

its also on the skyrocketing in eastern China which is the highest IQ population in the entire world.
your point?

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Ahahahahaha oh my

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By the numbers, the average Catholic is a 90 IQ mestizo

>real baganism has never been tried
Your dead religion is made fun of because it’s all but dead and you guys are fucking gay
The most known pagan in the world is a dude who burnt down churches and killed someone, and currently lives on welfare, nice paganism figure there guys

>calls Jesus a sinner
>says faggots and atheists can go to heaven
>Ignores verses in the Bible that doesnt fit (((social norms)))
>says hell doesnt exist
>says faggots were made that way by God
Pope Francis is an infiltrator.
Jesus literally warned us of infiltrators and fake prophets.
>He was right again

pick one, and only one

Found a shill

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If it's for sub-120 IQ larpers then you must be a pedo, easy argument

>Now be a good boy and bend the knee so your social score doesn't drop! And make sure you aren't late for your gold farming shift tomorrow
What a great nation to use as an example :^)

So it's on the rise in the shit hole that is China, and tick-clack countries in Africa - where else?

>DNA shows these pre Euopean civilizations were European
>European sources in Antiquity
Next thing he'll tell me the Chinese were also European all along. And the Mongols too.

>t. sub 120-IQ drones who can't formulate a coherent argument so they use Jewish memes iinstead

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who ?

never said I made an argument. i simply stated a fact.

varg is the biggest anti white shill
he attacks white christians and praises non white muslims

Considering Israel exists, I wouldn't be so sure about that

He literally said it in the same post, read the rest

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>never said I made an argument. i simply stated a fact.
Going to start fudging semantics now? Who else does this tactic...?

Varg literally said you are on stolen land, brainlet. Why don't you listen to your idol?

Stop with spewing out bullshit.

>So it's on the rise in the shit hole that is China
Its on the rise amongst the smartest people in the world, which is eastern china and hong kong (which is not a shithole). cope

truth hurts

And so you can't really claim your religion is for the big brained when it most appeals to low IQ mongrels

Why haven't you cucks dealt with the pope already?
It's because he fits you perfectly, you want to be seen as modern and hip.

Fuck off I don't care what sect of judaism are you, the fact is the pope represents you

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high IQ

>let me tell you what you actually believe
Yea nah

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Government control is also on the increase in the genius country that is China, I guess that makes it a good thing!

Nice job conveniently forgetting that it's also on an increase in some of the dumbest countries in the world, by the way.

>Spewed by a (((leaf)))
Varg is right on the basic things, but as far as race is concerned, especially about whites, he is the LAST to be trusted.

>DNA shows that the Egyptian civilization was Euorpean

First civilizations in Europe weren't even European though. And funny that the most advance civilizations in Europe and in the world were Christian.

>They fear paganism more than anything
Is that why they promote paganism and use it as controlled opposition to attack Christianity? I've never in my life seen jews attacking personally or using their power to direct attacks against pagan cucks.

The pope abandoned real Christianity. Now go kill and rape your little girls like what you used to do in the past.

Varg is literally the snow nigger king of the white We Wuz movement. It’s hilarious to watch.

learn what semantics means
>religion is for the big brained
>appeals to low IQ mongrels
not mutually exclusive. unsuprising that you think this is a legitimate argument, considering your total inexperience with forming logical frameworks.

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> I've never in my life seen jews attacking personally or using their power to direct attacks against pagan cucks
They removed Vargs Youtube channel, and when he made another one, they removed that too. What are you talking about? Are you forgetting who owns Youtube?

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Checked and keked Greekbro.

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not an argument

slightly related, whats a good way to block porn on my pc?
are there any decent browser add-ons that would work with Brave?

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>Government control
yeah, because that helped alot in Rome ;)
hundreds and thousands are converting in China monthly now, despite the crackdowns. Copey-cope

Lol more mommy worship. The matrilineal nature he pushes reminds me of another religion,,, can’t put my (((nose))) on it though.

Well since China is so smart and they have very heavy handed (and increasingly strong) government control over the citizens, you must be in favor of that - right? If you answer yes, I won't be surprised since you're a Eurocuck

>PaganLARPers VS Biblethumpers
Where do traditionalist neoreactionaries who acknowledge the cultural heritage of both Christianity and pre-christian polytheism as a contribution to European culture fit in?