Gamers rise up

gamers rise up

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You say that, but it's the same incels in OP's picture who are raging about people like lauren southern.

The incel problem is growing to epidemic levels.

>marriage offers something that modern women don’t even want anymore
>woman tries to get men to get back on her side with shaming and feelings of inadequacy

The infamous hacker known as incel is destroying our society


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I want to have sons but damn me if I ever touch a woman

Most women are not marriage material. That's all there is too it. If you find a good woman, one of the 1-5% then sure, get married. Otherwise just be celibate, practice Christian meditation, pray the Rosary every day, and wait for the end of all things.

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>die childless

Marriage is no guarantee of one's fertility.

>single father

What if the wife dies or leaves?

>be a cuck

Getting married prevents this how exactly?

Why are you arguing against a woman in her 20s advocating for children and family?

Raise someone elses kid without knowing it?
>put a baby in me or i'll cheat on you
And she wants me to put a ring on that?

Because when she's in her 30s her eternal itch for Chad will flare up again.

better to address the elephant then pretend it's not there while it ruins your living room

does she have children and family?
then what the fuck is she doing shitposting online instead of spending time with her kids. she should be too busy to be shitposting online. dumb cunt.
then she isn't advocating for anything, she is virtue signalling for money and I have less respect for her than I do for shaniqua working fifth and main, giving blowjobs for 10 dollars.
tradthots get the rope

protip: a man can have children without getting married. you dont have to marry a woman to impregnate her. lol. you can pump and dump slags and if you choose acoordingly, some will not be on birth control and not resort to abortion. you can have all the benefits of having kids with zero of the responsibilities! they cant force you to pay child support if they dont know your name!

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Just find a good woman bro

What garbage advice

Why would a woman waste her fertility on a selfish man child who doesn’t want kids? I’m not even a woman but I would understand if she did cheat because of that


its always the same response
men point out that the system only
benefits women while men dont only get
the women then try their scotsman fallacy
followed by the blame and shame game to
get men back into the line

Every single “trad” e girl turns out to be a fucking thot anyway
These girls are never married or have kids, they just look pretty on the camera and says “Guys we need to like have kids and stuff not with me though”

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>find a good woman
i'd have an easier time finding the lost city of atlantic or el dorado

>find a good woman

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and then there's the matter of actually getting them interested in you

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but marriage doesn't give you children, any more than it gives you free sex
she just aborts any fetuses you happen to plant in her, and instead makes babies with some unemployed black guy and forces you to pay for him and his babies

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>Marriage only way to have kids.
I've mortgaged my house to buy a high IQ European eggs and a surrogate. I'm lucky to have both a father and a half-sister who want to raise more kids.

t. Kikeservative that doesn't know Lauren Southern is a fucking coalburning whore of a kike

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>The incel problem is growing to epidemic levels.
"incel" is just a shaming tactic and a false boogeyman. drop the narrative if you actually want to help.

>find a good woman
Probably more chance of winning the lottery

>get married men, put a ring on it hurr durr
>exploits men and bows to israel, is not married, has no children
i wish someone would put these women in jail

You cant even imagine yourself as a chad in 10 years

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These cuntwhores pretend to be muh traditional and shit but off camera they're the typical femwhores who believe every retarded feminist shit like how wage-gab and rape culture exist and they retardedly blame everything on the muh "evil" patriarchy. But of course fucktards like MIGAfags are too retarded to notice that those skanks are two faced bullshitters who only want shekels.

can i put a ring on any women and have children?

>find a good woman


i have an asymetrical face and I'm average height.
ill never be chad
i cope by hating women so much that i dont even want their attention.

she is trying to get her friends married. So they can hang out together again.

>bows to Isreal
Because the worthless whore is a kike just like Lauren Southern

her friends read her twitter?
then they are degenerates too.
they need to gtfo the computer, stupid bimbos

Of course! And then your only legacy will be fucking criminals and psychopaths that were ruined because women can't raise sons. Goddamn it user think harder.

So I get all the downsides of having to deal with a woman 24/7, the threat of losing everything in a no contest, the threat of a woman just saying I did something abusive and losing in a no contest, work extra hard. All so I can ALSO take care of a child! What a deal! Or I could just pay X dollars to a surrogate and make them sign a contract so iron tight that the mother can have nothing to do with the child if I just HAD to have one.

The sad thing is I do want a kid some day. But marriage is just the worst gamble a man can ever make.

It's rather obvious that traditional women dont whore themselves out for attention or money, yet all the beta faggots deny that their e-whores are whores right until the reveal

When an average looking woman is not married by 30 there is something wrong.
Now that men are checking out because sex is cheap now so no need to hang around and deal with their bullshit.
>her friends read her twitter
Of course they do. Then they congratualate her on her btfo of men.

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Well said user
Actual traditional women (all three at this point) don’t whore themselves out for attention online

>When an average looking woman is not married by 30 there is something wrong.
i'd say married by 24. if she is 24 and not married or very close to being married, then she is an old-maid and has psychological issues.

Speaking of which guys, if you do end up siring daughters, dont send them to college and arrange their marriage while they are young

>criminals and psychopaths
This is good, because it means your children will be more likely to attract women and continue your legacy

In the current society there are many more government benefits for single mothers than there are for married couples.
My cousin got a divorce on purpose just so she could get cheaper health insurance for the kids, it's pretty fucking ridiculous how single moms are showered with all the free shit in the world.

Kek based Sasha

Open boarders for chads

There is a scam in USA where orthodox jews don't get a civil marrage. The wife collects single mother benefits and pays "rent (section 8 check)" to the man who owns the house.
The man who owns the house is her marriage by religious ceremony and the kids are all his.
Orthodox jews and welfare fraud puts the bullshit blacks do to sham.
Search Lakewood nj welfare fraud. They only caught the ones that got greedy.

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Ayyyyyy lmao

>tfw got a gf recently who's family are raging libtards and who hate me because me and their daughter get along great and I'm slowly turning her

here's a good one

Why your society has more AIDS than Africa